9 th grade english n.
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9 th Grade English

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9 th Grade English - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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9 th Grade English. Please be seated. Begin reading handout. Fill in Summer Reading sign-in sheet Bring SOAPS tomorrow!. Mrs. Adams. 9 th Grade Canons/ Texts. The Common Core ELA Regents.

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9 th grade english

9th Grade English

  • Please be seated.
  • Begin reading handout.
  • Fill in Summer Reading sign-in sheet
  • Bring SOAPS tomorrow!

Mrs. Adams

the common core ela regents
The Common Core ELA Regents

One of the major curricular shifts demanded by the Common Core for English Language Arts is a focus on writing from sources using evidence.

  • The CCLS requires that informational text, in particularliterary nonfiction, take on a more dominant role in high school English Language Arts classes than they have before.
  • Part 1 Reading Comprehension will includetwo to five informational and literature texts.
  • Part 2 Writing From Sources will generally consist of up to two to five informational texts, and/or graphics or one literature text.
  • Part 3 Text Analysis will include either an informational text ora literature text.
materials for success
Materials for Success
  • Class Textbook (and independent reading text)
  • Laptop/ Tablet–charged, loaded, muted & ready
  • A plastic folder with pockets or a clearly marked section in a three ring binder
  • Loose-leaf paper (keep some available in folder/binder)
  • 2 packs of Index Cards (these may be kept at home)
  • Pens (blue/ black ink only) and No. 2 pencils
  • USB flashdrive
  • Plenty of rest and a positive learning attitude
laptop computers
Laptop Computers

Our class is a paperless classroom. Therefore, the majority of the assignments will be completed on the tablets, unless otherwise specified by me.

  • Students who chose to use pen and paper are responsible for either printing the materials off the student drive on their own time or ordering a copy ahead of time from me.
  • You are responsible to access class notes/ assignments via the student handout drive.
  • Laptop use will be monitored; inappropriate use will result in a zero class work grade for that day.
grading policy
Grading Policy

Throughout the quarter students will accumulate points from being prepared to participate and from submitting homework assignments, class work assignments, essays, tests, quizzes, and projects on time. These assignments will be averaged together to determine their quarter grade.

At the end of each of the four marking periods, students will take a grade-wide Quarter Final Exam worth 25%.

This test will consist of:

  • A brief argument essay (50 pts)
  • Identification of correct usage: grammar and vocabulary (25 pts)
  • Reading comprehension questions based on new short readings (25 pts)
grading policy continued
Grading Policy continued

Within-Marking Period Assessments: points vary, based on current assignments, and unique to each teacher.

  • Literature unit quizzes & tests
  • Independent Reading quizzes
  • Vocabulary (in context text and Sadlier-Oxford workbook) and grammar quizzes
  • Formative assessments on argument writing

Your Quarter grade will be divided as follows:

  • Essays/ Tests 40%
  • Quizzes: 20%
  • End of Quarter Exam: 25%
  • Homework/ Class Work Assignments/ Class Participation & Preparedness: 15%

  • Homework is assigned four to five nights a week. To maintain a good average in class, homework must be completed.
  • All assignments are checked. Assignments and projects that are collected must be printed and ready to hand in at the start of the period in order to receive credit.
  • Late homework is unacceptable and will only be accepted the next day for a 65 with the proper heading.
maintaining a strong average
Maintaining a Strong Average
  • Be responsible. Hand in all work on time.
    • Late Projects = missed presentation points up to 25 points!
  • Pay attention to details in directions to fulfill ALL requirements.
  • Be prepared to learn daily with a positive attitude.
  • Take accurate notes daily.
  • Keep accurate record of your grades.
  • Meet me for Extra Help periodically.
  • In the event that you are absent from class, due to illness or a school related event, you are responsible to find out what work was missed and make it up in a timely manner. Extra Help sessions can be used to make up this work.
  • Make up exams within 2 days in Testing Room 204
  • Check Unit Calendar/ Agenda to

keep up with missed work.

Extra HelpThe extra help schedule is posted throughout the building. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this time.

Mrs. O’Meara

Chairperson of English


Room 240

Mrs. Adams

professional ethical behavior
Professional & Ethical Behavior
  • Follow building and classroom procedures
  • Promote a Safe Environment
  • Common Respect for All
  • Appropriate classroom behavior
  • Take Responsibility
  • Use Common Sense
  • Cheating, Copying, Plagiarizing is unethical and will result in a zero and a student referral.
electronic devices
Electronic Devices
  • All electronic devices, including iPod’s and cell phones, must never be visible and/or heard.
  • Failure to comply with the school’s cell phone policy may result in a Saturday detention.
  • Inappropriate use ofTablet will be banned from class.
parent teacher communication
Parent/Teacher Communication
  • Main Office – 792-4101
  • Mrs. Adams– sadams@hewlett-woodmere.net
  • Back to School Night for Parents: September 29th
  • Parent Teacher Conferences: October 31st
to find out more about our current units
To find out more aboutour current units
  • Ask your student about the unit calendar and packet
    • ALL students have access to Student Handout drive via tablets, school computers, or Citrix from home
  • Go to Teacher’s Page via school website; click on:
  • Hewlett-Woodmere. net
  • G. W. Hewlett High School
  • Teacher Pages
  • Adams, S.