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Welcome to the Department of Informatics at TU München PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Department of Informatics at TU München

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Welcome to the Department of Informatics at TU München
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Welcome to the Department of Informatics at TU München

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  1. Welcome to theDepartment of Informatics at TU München Your contact persons: Ask first: Martina von ImhoffStudent Exchange Coordinator Dr. Angelika Reiser Academic Student Advisor April 19th, 2010

  2. Well arrived? • Semester Dates • Summer Semester: April 19th 2010 – July 24th 2010 Semester break: July 26th – October 15th • Winter Semester: October 18th 2010 – February 12th 2011 Semester break: February 13th – May 2nd • Holidays in Bavaria & semester vacationssee http://portal.mytum.de/studium/semestertermine_en • Accomodation(see brochure for tips)

  3. How do I schedule my courses? Web pages with course information for Informatics: • Informatics Module Catalogue • http://www.in.tum.de/fuer-studierende-der-tum/module-und-veranstaltungen/module-catalog.html • Course Overview ordered by study programs and semesters • https://campus.tum.de/tumonline/webnav.ini • https://drehscheibe.in.tum.de/studium/vvindex.html.en • Preview of lectures for Informatics • http://www.in.tum.de/fuer-studierende-der-tum/module-und-veranstaltungen/vorschau-veranstaltungen.html • All lectures of TUM, Search field for courses or a list of courses for the specific academic departments • https://campus.tum.de/tumonline/webnav.ini

  4. Additional University Calendars: • TUM Language Center • http://portal.mytum.de/studium/sprachenzentrum/sprache_info registration via www.elearning.tum.de • LMU Munich – University calendar • https://lsf.verwaltung.uni-muenchen.de • Fremdsprachen Fachprogramm (FFP) LMU Munich • http://www.fremdsprachen.uni-muenchen.de • Carl-von-Linde Akademie • http://cvl-a.de/

  5. Registrations and Exams • Lectures incl. exercises • no registration needed, every further information is given in the first lecture • Courses announced with language German or English • ask for English in the first lecture if you are not able to follow in German. • Seminars and labs • registration via email to lecturer • Register for exams via TUM-Online around Middle/End of June • http://www.in.tum.de/en/fuer-studierende-der-tum/allgemeine-regelungen/pruefungsanmeldung.html • The resits take place at the beginning of the next term either in the last two lecture free weeks or in the first week of lectures. You may ask the lecturer for an oral repeat exam if you leave earlier – but no guarantee! • This may differ in other disciplines, please ask there. • It is possible to do individual research e.g. thesis. • You need to find a supervisor at the Department.

  6. Learning Agreements and Transcripts • Learning Agreements (LA) First you have to do a preliminary choice of the courses you are interested in and intend to visit, advise is given by Angelika. You may change this, especially shorten the list. Angelika will sign your LA if needed. • Transcript of Records (ToR) The form of the TUM ToR will be sent to you by email. You have to fill in your data and your courses WITHOUT grades. After you received your grades, ask Martina von Imhoff for an appointment and the further procedure. You receive a ToR for each semester you attend at TUM.

  7. StudentCard • Student ID • validate at automat • Library card • registration form at library • Mensa Card • charge first and pay at refectory • Copy Card • pay your copies • Detailed information in your welcome package and at: • http://portal.mytum.de/studium/formalia/studentcard/document_view?

  8. Computer Access • WLAN access in the whole building • Access to TUM network (www.mytum.de) and lifelong personal TUM e-mail accountYou need your matriculation number and MWNID (Munich Science Network ID Number) for your first login, both are written on your student card. Follow instructions on http://portal.mytum.de/erstlogin/portalanmeldung_htm (see as well welcome package) • Departmental Computer account • Fill in form after presentation (see welcome package) • Get printer allowance of 500 pages

  9. German Language Courses • TUM Language Centerportal.mytum.de/studium/sprachenzentrum • Web-based learning platform ofthe Technische Universität Münchenwww.elearning.tum.de • Self-Study Center at Garching http://portal.mytum.de/studium/sprachenzentrum/selbstlernzentrum • Other Language Institutes in Munichportal.mytum.de/studium/sprachenzentrum/deutschkurse_en • Sprachduo München http://muenchen.sprachduo.de/

  10. Student jobsAt university and in industry • Mytum Portalhttp://portal.mytum.de/jobs/index_html • IKOMhttp://www.ikom.tum.de/jobwall.html • Check the Homepage of the chairswww.in.tum.de/forschung/lehrstuehle.htmlwww.ma.tum.de/Mathematik/Forschungwww.ma.tum.de/Studium/StellenAnzeigen • Check the Bulletin Boards • There will be an International Café at May 3 with this topic!

  11. Services at TUM • International Café at our Department • http://www.in.tum.de/fuer-studierende-der-tum/internationales/internationales-cafe.html • Tutors • excursions, regular meetings, events, … • German partner student = Mentor • You can ask questions about studies, living in Munich, etc. • Infopoint of the Department of Informatics • Sport possibilities at ZHS • www.zhs-muenchen.de • Social groups, advise and help www.khg-tum.de, www.ehg-tum.de, http://www.studentenwerk-muenchen.de/beratung/ • In case you get sick:See a doctor, in case of emergency go to a hospital • Your insurance card and 10 Euro are requested

  12. How to meet new friends • International Café • Regular meetings with tutors • Language Self-Study Center in Garchinghttp://portal.mytum.de/studium/sprachenzentrum/selbstlernzentrum • Sports at TUM (ZHS) www.zhs-muenchen.de • Orchestras and Choirs of TUMhttp://portal.mytum.de/studium/soziales/orchester • TUMInternational http://portal.mytum.de/international/tumi • AEGEE München-European Students´ Forumhttp://www.aegee-muenchen.de/ • Sprachduo München http://muenchen.sprachduo.de/

  13. Before the end of semester • What if you can‘t take an exam in case you get sick? • get in contact with the lecturer and Angelika • Re-register for next semester by paying 42 €! • Always have your most current address registered with the International Office and TUMonline • You want to extend your stay? Ask for confirmations from home university and contact Martina & the International Office

  14. After your studies at TUM • Go to Martina to sign your certificate of stay • Get your Transcript of Records providing a printout from TUMonline or certifications for passed courses („Scheine“) or ask the lecturers to write an email to Martina • Fill out and hand back the questionnaire!

  15. Before Departure • Cancel the lease of your room, hand back keys • Close bank account • Cancel your telephone and any utility accounts in your name • Give notice of departure at the Residency Registration Office (KVR) • Register for TUM Alumni!

  16. Back home: Be a messenger • Tell your friends about your studies at TU München • It is very important to apply in time at TU München, late applications will not be accepted • Send us your experience report

  17. Right now… • Register in attendance list • Hand in the application form for the computer account • Ask questions • Get your Learning Agreement signed. • After this meeting • we will meet with your mentors • and go to the ‚Mensa‘

  18. We wish you a pleasant stay and a wonderful study abroad experience in Munich!