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Sustainability Across the Curriculum

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Sustainability Across the Curriculum. Dr. Kauser Jahan, P.E. Dr. Beena Sukumaran Civil and Environmental Engineering. Rowan University Glassboro, NJ . Introduction.

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sustainability across the curriculum
Sustainability Across the Curriculum

Dr. Kauser Jahan, P.E.

Dr. BeenaSukumaran

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Rowan University

Glassboro, NJ



  • The USEPA has developed nine green engineering principles which engineers should follow to fully implement green engineering solutions:
  • Engineer processes and products holistically, use systems analysis, and integrate environmental impact assessment tools.
  • Conserve and improve natural ecosystems while protecting human health and well-being.
  • Use life cycle thinking in all engineering activities.
  • Ensure that all material and energy inputs and outputs are as inherently safe and benign as possible.
  • Minimize depletion of natural resources.
  • Strive to prevent waste.
  • Develop and apply engineering solutions, while being cognizant of local geography, aspirations and cultures.
  • Create engineering solutions beyond current or dominant technologies; improve, innovate and invent (technologies) to achieve sustainability.
  • Actively engage communities and stakeholders in development of engineering solutions.


  • To allow the students to develop an understanding of the need to go green
  • The website aims to show prospective and current students about the global, environmental issues that engineers encounter daily.
  • The website will act as both a portal and as an informative webpage.
  • Regarding the portal aspect of the website, the homepage will provide valuable links to direct students to other useful websites where they can learn and immerse themselves in the environmental aspect of engineering.
  • The website will function as an informational website, and provide descriptions of how each class here at our CEE program at Rowan University will strive to incorporate environmental issues into the student’s curriculum.
rowan university
Rowan University

Who we are...

  • The comprehensive state university of Southern New Jersey.
  • Located in Glassboro, NJ. Founded in 1923.
  • University renamed in honor of Henry Rowan after $100 million gift in 1992 to create the College of Engineering.
  • Rowan University consists of seven colleges
    • Business
    • Communication
    • Education
    • Engineering
    • Fine and Performing Arts
    • Liberal Arts and Sciences
    • Graduate and Continuing


the engineering clinic
The Engineering Clinic

Objectives: Design, Build and Test

Aquarium Project

  • Freshman Clinic I: Engineering Measurements
  • Freshman Clinic II: Reverse Engineering
  • Sophomore Clinic I: Alternate Fuel
  • Sophomore Clinic II: Sustainability
  • Junior Clinic: Multidisciplinary Design Project (semester)
  • Senior Clinic: Multidisciplinary Design Project (year)

Hybrid Rocket Motor

C o m p le xi t y

NASA mG Boiling Expt.

Automated Crash

Notification System

the sandestin declaration of green engineering principles 2003
The SanDestin Declaration of Green Engineering Principles (2003)

What is Green Engineering?

  • Transforms existing practices to promote sustainability.
  • Economically viable products, processes, and systems that
    • promote human welfare
    • while protecting human health
    • and elevating the protection of the biosphere
  • New criterion for engineering solutions.








Industrial Parks



Pollution Prevention

Design for Environment

Lean Manufacturing

Clean Technology

Ecological Engineering

Manufacturing plants




Process units





freshman engineering clinic i
Freshman Engineering Clinic I
  • Introduction to Engineering
  • 2 sections taught by Civil faculty to all majors
    • Power/Efficiency Concepts
      • Motor/turbine lifts weight
    • Alternative/Clean Energy
      • Chemical Battery
      • Hydro
      • Solar
      • Wind
sophomore clinic i

Microbial Fuel Cell

Lego® Mindstorms

Sophomore Clinic I

Alternate Energy Sources- Biofuel

sophomore clinic ii
Sophomore Clinic II

Sustainability Greenhouse Gas Action Plan

Rowan University has pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 3.5% below 1990 levels by 2011.


CAMPUS Project Goals

  • Calculate GHG emissions for the university from 1990 to present based on electricity, natural gas, and oil consumption
  • Perform an environmental audit of one aspect of the university’s operations
  • Perform a life cycle inventory analysis
  • Develop a plan for improving sustainable practices based on audit
  • Perform an economic analysis: report costs or savings
campus recycling
Campus Recycling
  • Areas of investigation:
    • Academic buildings
    • Residential buildings
    • Waste tonnage reports from waste handler
  • Transportation Audit
  • Campus Building Audit
  • Water Use
  • Alternative Energy Options
  • Environmental Purchasing
  • Green Dining (composting food waste)
  • LEED Certified Buildings
junior and senior clinics
Junior and Senior Clinics
  • Arsenic Removal in Drinking Water
  • BugPower: Fueling our Future with Microorganisms
  • Metal Removal from Industrial Wastewater
  • Developing "Green" Controlled Release Systems for Drug Delivery
  • Use of Jute in Strengthening Asphalt Mixtures
  • Stormwater Management in Chestnut Branch Watershed
  • Environmentally Conscious Disassembly of End-of-Life Computers
  • Chemical Kinetic Model Development and Flow Reactor Studies of Biodiesel Fuel Blends 
  • Long-Life Smart Structures for Laser Data Transmission 
  • Invertebrates as Bio-indicators of the Water Quality of the Maurice River
  • Design of Detoxifying Systems for Organo-nitriles Mediated by Cyanogenic Enzymes
wind assessments
Wind Assessments
  • Bayshore, Eachus, Lebak, Sheppard, Seagate, Sea Girt,…
  • 30 m Tower w/anemometer, SODAR
energy audits
Energy Audits
  • Ft. Dix National Guard Headquarters
    • Minor Investment
      • Lower Lighting LEvels
      • Occupancy Sensors
      • Bulb Replacement (T8)
      • Flood Lighting with LED
      • Computer Sleep Mode
      • Smart Strip
      • HVAC Inspection
    • Moderate Investment
      • Bulb Replacement (LED)
      • Ballast Replacement
      • HVAC Component Replacement
    • Large Investment
      • Photovoltaic System
  • Guard has adopted model nation-wide
electrical and mechanical engineering
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Incorporated into Traditional Coursework:


  • Networks Course: Efficiency of Electric Power Production and Environmental Impacts
    • <35% efficiency, Air pollution generated (CO2, SOx, NOx, TSP)
  • Electronics Course: Semester Paper Focuses on the Environmental Impacts of the Semiconductor Industry
  • Sustainable Designelective

ME:Address Design for Environment, Green materials and processes as part of Design Courses


Components of Website

  • Homepage with links to various Rowan University web pages, engineering websites, along with links to informative websites such as one to calculate your carbon footprint.
  • A web page that displays all of the Civil Engineering core classes along with the display of the green employee and student of the month. These individuals display characteristics that aim to protect and redevelop the environment in both public and private settings.
  • Each core class displayed has a link that shows what the class’s curriculum is along with how the class is striving to bring more environmental issues into the classroom.
  • Images of Student Projects that are GREEN


Statics, Solid Mechanics, Structural Analysis, CE Materials and Material Science Going Green

  • Use Green Materials that use recycled components such as salvaged steel, fly ash mixed with concrete, recycled asphalt
  • Compare them to properties for conventional materials
ce systems
CE Systems
  • Introduction to Systems & Models
  • Engineering Economics
    • Incandescent versus CFLs for student’s family home
  • Probability and Statistics
    • Raleigh Distribution (Wind power modeling)
  • Linear Optimization
    • Land Use Allocation / Open Space Preservation
engineering graphics
Engineering Graphics
  • Introduction to Graphics
    • Interpretation of Drawings
  • AutoCAD
    • Green Home Project
      • Memo on Green Home Features
      • Site Plan
      • Floorplans and Elevations
      • 2 Detail Drawings

Torup, Sweden

environmental engineering i
Environmental Engineering I
  • Green Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
      • Energy Use, Carbon Footprint
      • Wastewater Green Equipment-Oxygenator, Solar Pumps
      • Wastewater Reuse
      • Anaerobic Co-Digestion for Increased Renewable


      • Making Energy From Biosolids and FOG (Fats, Oil, and Grease)
      • Use of CHEAPET software- A Comprehensive Energy Analysis Tool for WWTPs
      • Select readings on contemporary articles
environmental engineering ii
Environmental Engineering II
  • Introduction to Sustainable Engineering
    • Triple Bottom Line (Environment, Economics, Society)
      • Ecological Footprint, Carbon Footprint
      • Earth’s Carrying Capacity: Mass/Energy Balances
  • Hydrology
    • Safe Yield, Salt Water Intrusion, Aquifer Recharge
  • Risk Assessment
    • Chronic Daily Intake, Hazard Index, Risk, Clean-up Triggers
  • Municipal Solid Waste
    • Recycling, Composting, Energy Recovery, Collection, Landfilling
  • Hazardous Waste
    • Love Canal, Superfund
  • Air Pollution
    • Control, Human Caused Climate Change, Ozone Depletion
engineers without borders
Engineers without Borders
  • Service Learning and Sustainability
  • Green Materials
  • Environmental

EPA P3 Grants

cee green student
  • One student to be selected every semester for displaying attributes for protecting the environment.
      • Recycling
      • Riding bike to school
      • Drinking water bottle
      • Promoting green engineering
      • Green dining

Robert Sheridan


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Making a Difference in Peoples’ LIVES!!

  • Making a Difference for the Planet