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Kazakhstan. Athens, 2 April 2009. Population: 15.7 mln. GDP: 146 bln. USD GDP growth: 3.2% GDP per capita: 8,450 USD HDI: 0.807; ranked 71st out of 179 countries FDI : 7,2 bln. USD People with income below subsistence minimum : 18.2% Unemployment rate : 7,8%. Country overview.

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Athens, 2 April 2009

Country overview

Population: 15.7 mln.

GDP: 146 bln. USD

GDP growth: 3.2%

GDP per capita: 8,450 USD

HDI: 0.807; ranked 71st out of 179 countries

FDI: 7,2 bln. USD

People with income below subsistence minimum: 18.2%

Unemployment rate: 7,8%

Country overview

Why to invest
Why to invest?

Investment favorable environment

  • Political & social stability

  • State support and guarantee of investments



Naturaland labour resources

  • Large mineral & renewable reserves

  • High education level of workforce


  • Hub Europe <-> Asia

  • Large & fast growing neighbor markets (up to 500 mln. consumers)


State strategy on industrial innovative development

State strategy on industrial-innovative development was adopted in 2003

The program «30 corporate leaders» in 2007:

In program, may participate foreign companies along with Kazakhstan's residents. The main requirement for participants - is the creation of «profit center» in Kazakhstan

The target of the program is consolidation of the efforts of business and the government in implementation of investment projects aimed on diversifying the economy of the country

The projects within this program receive state support

State strategy on industrial-innovative development

Special economic zones adopted in 2003


Tourism cluster


Astana – New City




Marine port Aktau



Company established in Special economic zone is exempted from paying corporate, land and property taxes and value-added tax

Business opportunities
Business opportunities adopted in 2003

  • Agro-industrial sector

  • Tourism

  • Renewable energy

Agro industrial sector

INVESTMENT CASE adopted in 2003

Access to large quantities of agri-and aquacultural resources (e.g., world's 10th largest wheat production, 20% of world's capture of sturgeon)

Vast agriculture land and favourable climate

Low processing costs (e.g., gluten* cost of production in Kazakhstan ~40% compared to Europe or Russia)

Competitive labor costs and liberal labor market rules

High domestic demand and attractive home market with 15.7 million inhabitants and 2nd highest GDP/capita in CIS after Russia

Proximity of export markets (Europe, Russia, China, and Eastern Asia); tangible growth of exports already in the past

State policy on intensifying productivity of the agriculture

Projects: drip irrigation, food processing etc.

Agro-industrial sector

INVESTMENT CASE adopted in 2003

Strong increase of Kazakhstan's tourism revenues (e.g., 41% to USD 1.9 billion in 2007) due to

Increasing touristic activities of Kazakhstan’s rising local middle class

Growth in number of foreign tourists (12% p.a. in 2001-2006)

Potential for further growth

2011 Asian Winter Games

Government policy: one of the six strategic clusters

Ambitious expansion plans projected to roughly quadruple number of tourist visits to ~440.000 by 2020

Increase in spend per tourist due to higher share of foreign tourists, growing wealth of Kazakhstan’s population (GDP/capita growth of 10% p.a. 2003-07) and extended service offering (e.g., hotels, ski schools)

Projects: city tourism, eco-tourism, tourism on the routes of the Ancient Silk Road, cultural-historical heritage etc.


Renewable energy

INVESTMENT CASE adopted in 2003

•Outstanding natural conditions –50% of Kazakhstan's territory has average yearly wind speeds of 4-5 m/s, with individual locations with average wind speed of up to 9.5 m/s

Existence of remote locations with high demand for non-traditional energy sources

Local electricity market of 76 billion kWh (2007), expected to grow to 140-170 billion kWh by 2030

~3.0 GWp of existing generation capacity requires replacement by 2015, with additional 4.0 GWp demanding replacement by 2030

~87% of Kazakhstan's power generation is based on fossil fuels, contributing to poor relative performance in terms of CO2emissions per unit of GDP

Legislative base to be defined within next years to set the base for long-term development of renewable energy

Natural risks of wind power generation can be insured

Projects: wind-power generation, solar energy, hydropower generation etc.

Renewable energy

Private public partnership

Potential opportunities adopted in 2003

Construction and electrification of railways

Construction and reconstruction of roads

Development of air transport infrastructure

Modernization of municipal infrastructure

Private-public partnership

Contact information adopted in 2003

Ms. Nessipbala Yermekova

Director, Department of Regional Policy and Inter-Budgetary Relations

Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning


Ms. Ainur Baimyrza

Programme Analyst

UNDP Kazakhstan