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Culture of Kazakhstan

Kinibaeva Maria,10 class,10 th march 2011. Culture of Kazakhstan.

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Culture of Kazakhstan

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  1. Kinibaeva Maria,10 class,10th march 2011 Culture of Kazakhstan

  2. Theeaglesymbolizesthepowerofthestate. ForthemodernnationofKazakhstantheeagleisasymbolofindependence, freedomandflighttofuture.ThenationalflagoftheRepublic of Kazakhstan hasagoldsunwith 32 raysaboveasoaringgolden steppe eagle, bothcenteredonaskybluebackground; thehoistsidedisplaysanationalornamentalpattern "koshkar-muiz" (thehornsoftheram) ingold;italsorepresentstheendlessskyaswellaswater; thesun, asourceoflifeandenergy, exemplifieswealthandplenitude; thesun'sraysareshapedlikegrain, theeaglerepresentsfreedom, power, andtheflighttothefuture Blue color has areligious significance representingtheskygodTengri, "theeternalwidebluesky". ThelightbluecoloralsosymbolizesculturalandethnicunityofKazakhstanpeople. Flag of Kazakhstan Thecurrentflag of Kazakhstan wasadoptedon 4 June 1992. TheflagwasdesignedbyShaken Niyazbekov.

  3. In Kazakhstan, people always respected this leopard as a strongest and proundest animal. Its favourite habitant is on mountain peaks of the Tien Shan. SnowLeopardshavelongthickfur, andtheirbasecolourvariesfromsmokygreytoyellowishtan, withwhitishunderparts. They have dark grey to black open rosettes on their body with small spots of the same color on their heads and larger spots on their legs and tail. Unusually among cats, their eyes are pale green or grey in colour. Snow leopard was chosen as a symbol of 7th Asian Winter Games which will be hosted in Astana and Almaty in January-February 2011. It’s called Irby. The name Irby is determined by the following characteristics: good, cheerful, bright, light, safe. Symbol of Kazakhstan is Snow leopard

  4. Kazakhstan location Kazakhstanisacountryofsuperlatives. ItsweepsfromthehighmountainborderregionsnearChinaacrossthemineralrichregionsofEasternKazakhstan, thenfurtherwestacrossbroadexpansesofplainstotheoil-richregionsofWesternKazakhstanneartheshoreoftheCaspianSea. Tothesouth, KazakhstanisborderedbytheAralSeaandthedesertsofCentralAsia. Kazakhstanisrichinoil, gas, andothermineralresourcesincludinggold, ironore, coal, copper, chrome, andzinc. MassiveSoviet. KazakhstanishometotheBaikonurSovietCosmodrome. KazakhstanisalsohometothemainSovietnuclearweaponstestingrange, notusedsince 1992, locatednearthecityofSemipalatinskinthenortheasternpartofthecountry. The population of Kazakhstan is about 16 million people. KazakhstanislocatedinthecenteroftheEurasianlandmassinwhatisknownasCentralAsia. It’s the heart of Eurasia. Peaceful and generous , the land of kazakh has always been famous for its hospitality . It’s not by accident, located on the crossroads of two ancient cultures – Europe and Asia. KazakhstanisborderedontheeastbyChina, onthesouthbyKyrgyzstanandUzbekistan, onthewestbytheCaspianSea, andonthenorthbyRussia. Withatotalsurfaceareaof 2,717,300 squarekilometers, Kazakhstanistheninth-largestcountryintheworld. ThenorthernborderwithRussia, whichspans 6,846 kilometers,isthelongestcontinuousbi-nationalborderintheworld.

  5. Winter Spring We have 4 seasons. There is extreme continental climate in Kazakhstan, therefore the temperature in winter reaches -350 C , and in summer 350 C of heat , in spring and in autumn from 00 C to 100 C. The steppe covered with tulips Summer Autumn

  6. Astana & Baiterek Monument Height: 97m, height with a spire- 105m; Sphere’s diameter: 22m. Astana, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 1997, is situated on a picturesque bank of the Ishim River. The Astana Baiterek Monument (Baiterek Tower) has become the city's symbol and its main landmark. The Baiterek Tower symbolizes a fairytale tree of life described in the legends of the Kazakh people. According to the saga, a magic bird called Samruk layed an egg in the branches of this tree. So this monument represents a "tree" with an egg on top (22 metres in size). The height of the construction is 105 meters. At the mark of 97 meters there is an observation deck providing a bird's eye view of the city. The figure of 97 was not chosen at random. It symbolizes the year (1997) of relocating the capital city of Kazakhstan from Almaty to Astana. The Baiterek Tower accommodates an art gallery, a large aquarium and a restaurant. In 1999 by decision of UNESCO, Astana was awarded the title of World City. This is quay of the Ishim River.

  7. There are some Kazakh phrases: Good morning ! = Қайырлы таң ! Good afternoon! = Қайырлы күн ! Good evening ! = Қайырлы кеш ! How are you ? = Қал қалай ?

  8. Baursaks are one of the main national dishes of traditional kazakh kitchen. If you want to prepare baursaks you need: 0.5 liter of milk; 2 spoons of mayonnaise ; 2 eggs; 1 spoon of yeast; 1 spoon of sugar; Mix salt, then sugar, yeast in warm milk .Add mayonnaise and eggs Carefully to mix knead the dough. Put it in warm place, in order to rise up. Then cut round pieces of dough. Their diameters have to be no t more than 1 cm. Fry them in vegetable oil , the pieces of the dough have to float freely in oil. Fry them until they become golden. Dish of national kitchen : baursaks READY!!!

  9. Shapan The shapan is man’s outer robe made of velvet, velveteen or velour. It’s decorated with patterns in traditional style. Usually the shapan is presented to a noble and honored guests as a sight of one’s special favour and attention. Takhia The takhia is a men’s everyday cap which covers the top and back of the head. Kazakh national clothes

  10. Abay Kunanbaev Abay's main contribution to Kazakh culture and folklore lies in his poetry, which expresses great nationalism and grew out of Kazakh folk culture. Abay Kunanbayuli steeped himself in the cultural and philosophical history of these newly-opened geographies. In this sense, Abay's creative poetry affected the philosophical thinking of educated Kazakhs. Abay was greatest poet on Kazakh land.He was born on what is today the city of Karaul, in Abay District , East Kazakhstan Province in 1845.The son of Kunanbay and Uljan, Kunanbay's second wife, they named him Ibrahim, but because of his brightness, he soon was given the nickname "Abay" (meaning "careful"), a name that stuck for the rest of his life. This is the monument of Abay in Almaty. It’s the post mark with the image of Abay.

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