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Common-Site Yield Studies PowerPoint Presentation
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Common-Site Yield Studies

Common-Site Yield Studies

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Common-Site Yield Studies

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  1. Common-Site Yield Studies Bryce Stokes Senior Advisor DOE Golden Field Office • Goal of Presentation: • Provide background and preliminary description of the concept • Initiate discussion among the teams • Start process of thinking about “how to make it work” -- leverage resources among ourselves and outside partners

  2. Background and Goals Background • Rational, scientific approach to provide quality data and to extent our research resources • Discussion point during program review • Need expressed by experts at herbaceous and woody crops high-yield scenario workshops Goals • Complement current Regional Partnership yield studies • Not “comparative yield studies,” but “comprehensive yield studies” for improved management options/decisions in landscape and feedstock diversity implementation • More systematic approach to modeling and validating America’s feedstock potential of energy crops with multiple options • Garner opportunity to enhance partnership

  3. Barriers Land – larger area: up to 20 ac per crop currently Logistics – “gaggle” of PI’s, equipment, cultural practices, etc. Experimental design – trees/crops mixed Research issues – site control, data access, publications, etc No additional Funds in FY10 or FY11? Opportunities Add smaller side plots to current sites New small, test plot design Potential in future large-scale studies Similar cultural practices to build on Use variety of research mgt models – multiple PIs or single PI with protocols Extend current resources Garner support and new partners Barriers and Opportunities

  4. Regions of Possible Common-Site Studies Hybrid Poplars Switchgrass Sorghum Switchgrass Hybrid Poplars Switchgrass Willows Hybrid Poplars Miscanthus Pine Sorghum Sweetgum Switchgrass Hybrid Poplars Miscanthus Sorghum Switchgrass Energy Cane Eucalyptus Pine Figure 1. Generalized map of potential rainfed feedstock crops in the conterminous US based on field plots and soil, prevailing temperature, and rainfall patterns [updated from Wright. 1994. Biomass and Bioenergy 6:191–209]

  5. What’s Next? • At this time, nothing formal • Sufficient interest at DOE-HQ to promote informally for now and hopefully integrate into future programming and budgets • Encourage informal discussions and even collaboration as possible • If needed, provide mechanisms for planning and facilitating collaboration