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6 COMMON ON-SITE SEO PROBLEMS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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6 common on site seo problems


Since the world of SEO is constantly changing and the most common

SEO issue found is the content that rarely changes. So, that’s why it is

so hard for the webmasters and the online business owners to tackle the

world of SEO without making some common on-site SEO mistakes. The

possible reason for that may be the lack of understanding. So optimizing

a webpage especially for SEO can be very easy to a webmaster having

a little SEO experience. So, in the age of "Panda," "Penguin,"

"Hummingbird" and other Google algorithm updates, to done SEO

effectively means publishing high-quality and unique content that earns

more backlinks.

Below are some of the most common on-site SEO issues:

Duplicate Content:

Almost all of the SEO professionals considered duplicate content as the

major concern. As we know that a duplicate content is a content that is

"almost similar" or exactly same as the content that resides on some

other sites.

6 common on site seo problems

Missing alt tags and broken images:

According to a survey 45% of sites have images with missing alt tags

and other 10% have broken images. Alt tags generally help to bring

some extra traffic and visitors to your site. Broken images provide a bad

and poor user experience.

Title tag issues:

Title tags are used to tell the search engines and visitors about your site

in the most accurate and concise way. As per the reports, 35% of the

sites have duplicate title tags, 15% have long text in their tag, 8% are

missing them and other 4% don’t provide enough text in their title.

Meta descriptions:

Meta description is basically the short paragraph of text or content

placed in the HTML of a webpage that describes the content of website.

The Meta description generally appears under your webpage’s URL in

the search results.

Broken internal and external links:

The research showed that 35% of the sites had broken internal links that

returned error of bad HTTP status codes. A further 25% of sites had

broken external links, which can seriously spoil your website’s authority.

Problems With the <h1> Tag:

Header tags, or headings, are very important for the search engine

optimization. As according to a survey, 20% sites had multiple H1 tags,

20% were missing H1 tags, and other 15% contains duplicate

information in their title tag and H1. So you should only use one H1 tag

per web page and break up the article with other several h2 tags.

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