delivering the land grant mission in an urban setting n.
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Delivering the Land Grant Mission in an Urban Setting PowerPoint Presentation
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Delivering the Land Grant Mission in an Urban Setting

Delivering the Land Grant Mission in an Urban Setting

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Delivering the Land Grant Mission in an Urban Setting

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  1. Delivering the Land Grant Mission in an Urban Setting A day in the life Greg Drury – Wholeness for Humanity July 14, 2008Happy Bastille Day!

  2. Urban Locavores: Small Changes The word of year 2007 according to Oxford American Dictionary – expand meaning awareness

  3. 300 Urban Stakeholders Stakeholders include: • US Environmental Protection Agency • City of Annapolis • DC Government • Service for Peace • Friends of the Earth • League of American Bicyclists • Cultural Tourism DC • DC Downtown and Riverfront BIDs • University of the District of Columbia • Potomac Peddlers Touring Club – Bike Club • OTHERS: IPM Centers, CCLC, Audubon International

  4. Next Six Slides List of organizations and titles Last few events in DC region Since January 2008 Become Partners and Stakeholders Leaders in regions to bring back information Spread word to join or request EcoTour Out of over 300 registrants only a few listed Building a movement rather than…fill in blank

  5. ’08 Participants: Company-Title 8A06 Anc-advisory neighborhood commissioner, AIA-Manger for Allied Organization Outreach, American University-Student, Anacostia Riverkeeper, Anacostia Watershed Society-Project Coordinator, Annapolis City Hall, ARINC-Engineer, Burt Hill-Graduate Architect, Cambridge Systematics-Transportation Analyst, Capital Sun Group-Vice President, Casey Trees-tree planting program coordinator, Centers of Medicare-Medicaid, Cesar Chavez PCS-student, Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind-Marketing Coordinator, cox graae + Spack Architects-architect,, DC City Council-Dir. of Constituent Services, DC Metro Police-Bike Division, DDOT-Dep Assoc Dir, TPPA, Delphi Solutions 

  6. ’08 Participants: Company-Title District Department of the Environment, doctors community hospital-mrs, Earth Day Network-Education Coordinator, EarthRights International-Managing Director, Earthwatch Institute-Learning and Communication Manager, Ecoagriculture Partners, Eco-Green Living-owner, ELEMENT Design, Elizabeth Aurelia Interiors, Emerging Markets Group-Development Specialist, Environment & Energy Reporting-Reporter, Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative-Campus Climate Challenge Coordinator, EOM Clean City-Program Specialist, EPA-sector leader, EPA-Regulatory Impact Analyst

  7. ’08 Participants: Company-Title EPA Water Office, Executive office of the Mayor-Program Specialist, FDA federal government-public health analyst, Fox Lawson & Associates-HR Consultant, Freddy Mac-Designer, General Dynamics GM Fuel Cell Car, hello-biker, HTO-Bike Shop Coordinator, ICRC-Assistive Technology Engineer, IEDC-Research Associate, IIE IMC, Phillytech, Indigo Engineering Group-Green Engineer, Keep Washington DC Beautiful, KGP Kimball Office-Business Development Manager, Live Green-President, Low Impact Development Center-Environmental Scientist

  8. ’08 Participants: Company-Title Low Impact Development Center- Executive Director, Meditative Spaces, Meridian International Center, MG & Associates-Principal, Mount Rainier Bike Co-op-Founder and Manager, Navigant Consulting, Ndemay Graphics-Owner, Office of Planning-Community Planner, Office of Planning (OP)-City Planner, OPIC-Senior Investment Insurance Officer, Outdoor Education-Assistant Director, PCG, Phoenix Bikes-Director, PPTC-Chair, Progressive Asset Management-Green Investing, Public Health Foundation-Program Administrator, Ralph J. Duffie-Director of Development, retired-supreme boss (or so I'd like to think), self 

  9. ’08 Participants: Company-Title Service For Peace-Chapter Director, Smithsonian Institution-Museum Specialist, Social & Environment Change-The Green Fairy, Social Security Administration-systems analyst, Social Security Administration-systems analyst, Spokes Etc.-Sales, Spokes etc-Mgr., Student Conservation Association, Teva, The Architect for the Capitol-Deputy Director for Planning, The International Ecotourism Society-intern, The JBG Companies-Senior Vice President, The Preston Partnership, TIES-Director of Communications, Trips For Kids PG-Program Coordinator, U of MD, U.S. Air Force-civil engineer

  10. ’08 Participants: Company-Title Univ of Pgh Cancer Institute-Director Center for Env Oncology, US EPA-Biologist, US EPA Office of Pesticide Programs, US Forest Service-National Fire Plan, US govt., US PTO, US Treasury-BEP-Police Officer, USGBC-LEED Coordinator, Wachovia, Wallace Center at Winrock International-Program Associate, Washington Gardener Magazine-Editor, Well Mind Association of Greater Washington-Researcher, Westar WaterWorks, LLC, WKDR-Attorney, Woodmont Asset Management, Inc.-President, Workforce Development Bureau-Staff Assistant, WWF-Program Associate, Zipcar-Regional Marketing Manager

  11. Locavore – local awareness sustenance • When Rebecca Hanmer, former Director of the Chesapeake Bay Program, • Recipient of the President’s Distinguished Federal Executive Award and twice received the President’s Meritorious Federal Executive Award.

  12. Locavore – local awareness sustenance In a pre interview as presenter at the 2006 WFH Environmental Conference (at UDC) one thing stuck with me, she said (paraphrased) “we throw millions of dollars at the Bay to clean it up and it doesn’t make a bit of difference.” (Bay Report Card is still low) Our goal: raise awareness for no fee, using little money, everyone does just a little bit in their “back yard” – and make a big difference.

  13. Integrated Theme • Give Broad View of Urban Opportunities for going green • Teaching, Researching and Extending Beneficial Information to Residents • Working together to implement “Green” programs and projects

  14. Wholeness for Humanity • Declaimer Not Technical • Bring many partners together from different venues to play nicely together • Federal and Local NGO/Government • Activist, Citizen, Intergenerational, Interfaith Wholeness for Humanity provides uplifting, practical and value-enhancing knowledge regarding health, environmental stewardship, social justice, and peace. (WFH) is dedicated to bringing together corporate, government, faith-based and other community groups to promote common goals, create strategic partnerships, and serve as a learning portal through conferences, fairs, lectures, media, service events and celebrations.

  15. Lifestyle – one example • Car less • Bike and Clean Transportation • Weight Loss – Body more efficient • Exercise – Better cardiovascular • Food Conservation - PU Daily vs. qty. • Local - More Interactive, connected with community and nature

  16. Hummer VS Vege • According to Environmental Defense, if every American skipped one meal of chicken per week and substituted vegetarian foods instead, the carbon dioxide savings would be the same as taking more than a half-million cars off U.S. roads. • Another eye-popping factoid is that eating one pound of meat emits the same amount of greenhouse gasses as driving a Hummer 40 miles.

  17. Nitrogen in Chesapeake Bay and tidal tributaries • One third comes from atmospheric deposition • Cars and trucks • Power plants • Small combustion engines • 25 percent from agricultural runoff • 10 percent from urban landscapes

  18. Conservation is a lifestyle • 1 Mile Ride From Home • More than one quarter of car trips in the United States are shorter than one mile, as we noted in Seven Wonders.

  19. Health Relationship: less meat • It takes 10 to 16 pounds of grain to produce a pound of meat. • The cost of raising this grain is enormous, requiring a great amount of land, water and fertilizer. • Animals can't digest this corn well; belching and farting cows are responsible for about 16% of methane,

  20. Health Relationship: not only meat Eating Green initiative regarding vegetables and fruits over meat (by the way, I’m an omnivore)  Mass produced chickens, turkeys, hogs, dairy cows and cattle all face the same issue of huge levels of antibiotics, bovine growth hormones, crappy feed, atrocious living conditions, etc. – it’s not just meat (beef) There is much activity going on with regards to purchasing your food locally from farmers via farmers markets and community supported agriculture]

  21. Health Relationship: long term What gets passed on to us such as steroids and 'stress' from abuse plus the effect of meat getting compacted in our colons over years which breeds toxins that cause sickness and the many other related deleterious health effects [and also poor immune and digestive systems, poor levels of good bacteria, too many antibiotics] Can this help us be in better shape to ride our bikes, to have a clear mind to make a bigger difference in society, and increase are longevity. 

  22. Health Relationship: all flows to the Bay through our lifestyle Just that - Health is the cornerstone of these EcoTours How do all these issues circle back and link to Environment, Social Justice and Peace?

  23. Local Food – what’s changing • Policy and funding recommendations by states, growing demand of restaurants and supermarkets for locally grown food • Nationwide this year market was $5Bil by 2011 year $7Bil according to Package Facts a publisher of food market research • Food sales were nearly $17B in 2006 up from $1Bil in 1990 according to the Organic Trade Association • Fresher food just tastes better, hasn’t been on a refrigerated truck for a week makes a big difference

  24. Local EcoTour • WFH EcoTour: Local municipality by bike, hike and/or boat ride (free and by clean transportation) that features successful environmental projects to duplicate in another region and additionally may include: planting, beautification, social justice, peace, music, food, town hall meeting, environmental play, school visit, and one or more host partners.

  25. Urban Environment Successes • Take notes - blueprints back to municipality and recreate • Public Awareness • What Government can do • What you can do

  26. Some accomplishments Annapolis repeated EcoTour many times Starting Cable Show focusing on the EcoTour program. I start my TV show on June 20th.  It's called "The Annapolis Green Team".  LEED certified Signs posted at National Stadium through Larry Silverman’s efforts St. Michaels EcoTour run by Potomac Peddlers Bike Club for the 10th year was transformed into an EcoTour and had 185 riders and next year is planned as an EcoTour for 400 rider capacity

  27. EcoTour-Community • Anacostia EcoTour-Social Justice • Annapolis EcoTour-Boaters • Green Building EcoTour-Corporate/work • Interfaith EcoTour-Faith based • 8 WARD EcoTour-Political • Embassy EcoTour-International/cultural • St. Michaels EcoTour-Biking • CHESAPEAKE WATERSHED ECOTOUR • Councilmember WARD/LGAC Eco&Toxic Tours

  28. 8 WARD EcoTour-Political

  29. 8 WARD EcoTour-Political

  30. “Whatever Happened to the Dead Zone” Cause and Effect Low dissolved oxygen levels in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries are a direct result of nutrient pollution, principally nitrogen.  Nutrients from sewage treatment plant effluent, agricultural runoff and other sources enter the Bay and stimulate population explosions, or “blooms,” of microscopic plants called phytoplankton, or simply “algae.” When these algae die they sink to the bottom, and the decomposition process removes oxygen from the water. Despite limited success in reducing nutrients during the 1990s, there is no evidence of overall water quality improvement in the Bay and its tributaries.

  31. Scorecard: Outreach, Education, Quantify Awareness, Results of Programs Green Landscaping Clean Transportation Energy Efficiency and Conservation Eating Green

  32. Proposed 2008 WFH Environmental Conference Platform whole program Chesapeake Watershed wide Within DC GreenFest with over 20,000 participants (busy election year combine events) Pre conference debate with US EPA and Friends of the Earth (UDC) Scorecard kiosks enter you in raffle for prizes Town Hall Meeting Educational Play – “Whatever Happened to the Dead Zone (of the Chesapeake Bay)” 80% of presenters Cultural Diversity, Female and Youth Partners and stakeholders in programs present and participate

  33. CHESAPEAKE WATERSHED ECOTOUR Includes developing similar local EcoTours as those above in each municipality

  34. 700 mile Chesapeake Watershed EcoTour Target Areas: Cooperstown, NY Oneonta, NY Scranton, PA Wilkes-Barre, PA Hazelton, NJ Pottsville, PA Harrisburg, PA • Lancaster, PA • Baltimore, MD • Washington, DC • Annapolis, MD • Salisbury, MD • Cape Charles, VA • Virginia Beach, VA

  35. 8 WARD EcoTour Model for Watershed EcoTour Program Long ride concurrent Clean Busses and 40 Bikers for 40 miles (hard ride) 8 EcoActive Stops with guides Involve Town Hall Meeting, Intergenerational Educational Play, Group Lunch, Networking, SAG Vehicles/Bike Mechanics, etc

  36. Future US Watershed EcoTours Great Lakes Ecosystem Gulf of Mexico Long Island Sound South Florida Ecosystem Puget Sound Basin

  37. Example of EcoTour in DC

  38. Anacostia EcoTour Stops • Virginia Ave Community Garden • US Department of Transportation Green Roof

  39. Sample Fact Sheet – US DOTGreen Roof Project Name: U.S. Department of Transportation Year: 2007 Owner: JBG Properties Location: Washington, DC, USA Building Type: Municipal/Government Greenroof Type: Extensive Greenroof System: Single Source Provider Roof Size: 69000 sq.ft. Roof Slope: 1.5% Access: Accessible, Private Submitted by: Wayne Mills Designers/Manufacturers of Record: Plant Supplier: Wayne’s Wholesale Nursery Architects: Corush, Sunderland, & Wright Plant Installation: Davey Tree Co. Soil Supplier: JK Enterprise Landscape Supply • Roof Contractor: Gordon Roofing • The greenroof includes various drought-resistant succulents planted in a mixture of sand and engineered soil. Approximately 136,000 sedums were planned for this project, 72 cell size and included • Sedum Floriferum Kamtchaticum • Sedum Spurium Tricolor • Sedum Spurium ‘Fuldagult’ • Sedum ‘John Creech • Sedum Album “Coral Carpet • Sedum Acre ‘Gold Moss’ • Sedum Linaris ‘Blue Spruce’ • The new Department of Transportation Headquarters facility is located near the Navy Yard in Southeast Washington D.C.

  40. What CES programs apply? Virginia Ave [SE] Community Garden Extremely local and cheap food; soil nutrient enhancement Uses freeway right-of-way space. Other comm. gardens sometimes use vacant building lots. In these cases, the garden adds helpful nutrients to the soil and can help control erosion Neighborhood grown produce helps: Create more consumer control over the produce sold in stores, Reduces transportation costs and pollution of market grown produce, Gives urban low income families the skills and confidence to grow produce in their own yard, Saves the resident money, gives them outdoor exercise, increases appreciation of Nature.

  41. Eastern Market • Judy’s Solar Home

  42. What CES programs apply? Eastern Market Bringing the rural economy into the city Local and regional foods by local farmers. Have a fresh tomato. Judy’s Solar House Home alterations to make it more energy efficient Solar panels on roof [hidden from street, hence no problem for a historical area] A number of salvaged materials used on the interior Energy efficient kitchen appliances installed; energy efficient heating system. Tankless hot water heater

  43. RiverSmart Home WARD 6 • Kingman Island

  44. What CES programs apply? Ward 6 RiverSmart Home Modifications to reduce water runoff. Very important in cities *rain barrels to collect rain runoff from the roof. *loose brick patio area - allows the rain the percolate into the ground easier [less runoff] *plants and grass kept healthy to help hold rain water. Kingman [and Heritage] Island Nature haven in the inner city *40 acre and 5 acre area created in 1916 via dredging of the river *many uses proposed for it over the years, including an airstrip and an amusement park *Current plan: Park, wildlife habitat, trails, and environmental education center

  45. Hydrogen Fueling Shell Station • Lady Byrd Johnson Park

  46. What CES programs apply? Benning Road Bridge and Shell Hydrogen Station Alternative transportation modes *Renovated bridge is bike and pedestrian friendly *Only pollution-free fueling [hydrogen] station in the metro area. Go fill up *Access point to Kingman Is. including Langston golf course

  47. Marvin Gaye Park • Anacostia Park - Urban Tree House

  48. What CES programs apply? Marvin Gaye and Lady Bird Parks A ribbon of green in urban Anacostia’s ward 8 *Part of a linear park system running into the Anacostia river *includes an extended bike path connecting many parts of Anacostia *Major upgrading to make it: cleaner, safer, and linked to other green spots

  49. Poplar Point • Nationals Stadium

  50. What CES programs apply? Poplar Point - on the Anacostia River eastern side waterfront *110 acres - now in grass and woods being transferred from Fed. Gov’t to DC gov’t *Proposal is to develop about 70 acres with 40 acres as a ‘urban park”. Some want no development Baseball Stadium/Park A newly constructed ‘green’ facility; seeking LEED certification *underground water filtration system *green roof; *drought resistant plants [conserving water usage] *energy efficient stadium lights. *many regional materials [less transportation costs] and many recycled materials *accessible by public transport; parking for car pools and fuel efficient cars