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My Future Classroom. D. Hobbs EDU 364 Grade: 2 nd Subject: Elementary. Overview. Conducive to learning Meets needs of all learners Enables teacher to efficiently deliver instruction Organized and uncluttered Open to alterations, as needed. Student Desk Design.

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My future classroom

My Future Classroom

D. Hobbs

EDU 364

Grade: 2nd

Subject: Elementary


  • Conducive to learning

  • Meets needs of all learners

  • Enables teacher to efficiently deliver instruction

  • Organized and uncluttered

  • Open to alterations, as needed

Student desk design
Student Desk Design

  • Placed at tables to encourage collaboration

  • Based on individual needs of students

  • Student placement varies throughout the year

  • Chairs may be moved to different areas, depending on activity

  • Right-brained students can move to cozy corner

    • Expected to focus on the lesson, participate, and not distract others

    • If expectations not met, must return to chair

Storage management
Storage & Management

  • Student assigned bins for personal materials

    • Reduces clutter on table tops

    • Provides students with more personal space

Teacher desk management
Teacher Desk & Management

  • Teacher’s desk not used during lessons

    • Storage of personal belongings, files, and paperwork

  • Kidney table at front and center of room

    • Holds materials for the current day’s lessons and activities

    • Students may pull up chairs for assistance

  • Storage shelves in the front of classroom

    • Store materials used in daily lessons and activities

  • Teacher placement

    • Moves around classroom to interact with students, providing help and encouragement during collaborative activities at tables and centers

Cozy corner
Cozy Corner

  • Utilized during direct instruction by right-brained students

  • Entire class moves there during circle time

    • Left-brained students may sit along the perimeter of the area in their chairs

    • Beanbag chairs can be placed outside of area or used as a reward for positive student behavior

  • Bookshelves along perimeter

    • Store books for reading, making the area function as a library when needed


  • Art center

    • Appeals to many students’ personal preference learning styles

  • Circle rug

    • Provides a comfortable area for floor activities

  • Large student table

    • May be used for several activities that appeal to learning styles of students

  • Technology center

    • Appeals to many learning styles

    • Incorporates several types, such as computers, iPads, cloud tools, and programs that support the curriculum

    • Additional resources to make audio recordings


  • SMART Board in front and center of classroom

    • Encourages students to play an active role in their education

    • Appeals to many learning styles

    • Back up plan in case of technical problems

      • White board propped on an easel

  • Class Rules & Kelso’s Wheel

    • One class rule: “No put downs, only lift ups”

    • Encourages positive social interaction

    • Provides options for conflict resolution

  • Subject boards

    • Composed of interactive activities, student work, and additional instructional activities

    • Correlates with lessons

    • Four boards: ELA & Reading, Math, Science, & Social Studies

  • Calendar

    • Includes weather with spinner and graph