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Group 6 Collaborative Website

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Group 6 Collaborative Website - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Group 6 Collaborative Website. Doris Broz, Anna Travers, Amber Liposchak and Jeanne Kliewer Spring 2013. Proposal Summary. create a website for client Cindy Wells’ called Beads in the Henhouse .

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group 6 collaborative website
Group 6Collaborative Website

Doris Broz, Anna Travers, Amber Liposchak and Jeanne Kliewer

Spring 2013

proposal summary
Proposal Summary

create a website for client Cindy Wells’ called Beads in the Henhouse.

Ms. Wells creates glass beads and then fashions them into jewelry pieces such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

proposal goals
Proposal Goals

Create a basic website to showcase the products of Beads in the Henhouse

The site is to contain separate pages for:





Jewelry- & Bead- making classes

Home and about page

site goals
Site Goals

clearly organized and lacking clutter; easily navigable, unambiguous, and user friendly

color palette that compliments, but does not overwhelm the merchandise

clean white background to showcase products

merchandise will be laid out below header in simple grid pattern

features and technical requirements
Features and Technical Requirements

supported by all common browsers, especially Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari

compatible with mobile devices as well as computers

bandwidth range anywhere from 3 to 300 mbps

aim for accessibility to lower bandwidth users in order to reach the largest number of users


Proposed Site Map

Home page

Beading Lessons






Bead 1

Handmade Beads

Necklace 1

Bracelet 1

Earring 1

Necklace 2

Bead 2

Earring 2

Bracelet 2

Bracelet 3

Bead 3

Necklace 3

Earring 3

As many pages as items

As many pages as items

As many pages as items

As many pages as items


Home page

Finished Site Map








production progress
Production Progress

  • Home page, 4 product pages, Lessons, About, and Contact pages HTML and CSS coded and functional
  • Users can view products and purchase with PayPal
  • Client has viewed the site - positive feedback
  • Next steps: validation and usability testing

Who did what?


  • Client wrangler/contact
  • Coding “about” and “lessons”pages
  • User Profile


  • Production Schedule
  • Site Map
  • Coding and copywriting product pages
  • Paypal integration


  • Homepage mockup and coding
  • Contact page
  • Technical requirements and sustainability
  • Java Script for slide show


  • Graphic design factors/logo
  • Coding and copywriting product page
  • Edited and formatted project proposal

Challenges or Difficulties

  • Client – Meeting deadlines with Content
    • Made suggestions
    • Gentle reminders – text messages
    • Wrote some of the content ourselves
  • Photo Quality
    • Used what we had
    • Client plans to get higher quality pictures in future
  • Adobe Connect
    • Delays, Echo, Freezing
    • Should have tried another system
  • Time zone differences
    • Scheduling
    • Not meeting in person
  • Coding
    • Everyone participated in coding – consistency
    • File Name Confusion - finally decided on which to use
    • Coding in general – new to all of us
  • Web Hosting
    • Multiple files for pages –Thought we could use Site44 free dropbox hosting
    • Client does not wish to pay for hosting at moment