starter brain warm ups with visual clues n.
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Starter – Brain warm ups with visual clues PowerPoint Presentation
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Starter – Brain warm ups with visual clues

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Starter – Brain warm ups with visual clues - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Starter – Brain warm ups with visual clues. VIAL BEAR . Variable. GREEN TI . Integer. PURE CODER . Procedure. Dingbats question. What’s the phrase?. A rise in temperature. A programming instruction. END. APP. To join things. Programs which are useful.

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Starter – Brain warm ups with visual clues

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    1. Starter – Brain warm ups with visual clues VIAL BEAR • Variable GREEN TI • Integer PURE CODER • Procedure • Dingbats question. • What’s the phrase? A rise in temperature

    2. A programming instruction END APP To join things

    3. Programs which are useful

    4. Research - Use the internet to help you find the answers to these questions. What is 212 Fahrenheit in degrees Celsius? What is 37 Fahrenheit in degrees Celsius? What is 65 Celsius in degrees Fahrenheit? What is 33Celsius in degrees Fahrenheit?

    5. Difficult Science Words Fahrenheit Celsi us

    6. Program Planning the program – Procedure /Sub routine to do one conversion • Breaking a problem down is called DECOMPOSITION Convert Degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit Do calculation Add degrees Get input Round answer Print result OUTPUT INPUT PROCESS

    7. Program Convert Degrees C to Fahrenheit Make a cake A subroutine or procedure lists instructions in sequence INPUT Get input Do calculation PROCESS Round answer Add degrees Print result OUTPUT

    8. Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit Name your procedure Create a variable for the input • Set inPut Ask user for inputinput What value do you want to convert to Fahrenheit?

    9. The conversion bit Set outPut ((inPUT x 9) / 5) +32)

    10. Preparing for output round outPutto whole number and overwrite into outPut Print the outPut • TooutPutappendF for Fahrenheit

    11. Add the execute command and test To stop people from cheating I’ve left an important set of instructions out of this sub routine. – Can you spot the missing commands?

    12. Testing your procedure using known data. 100 °C = 212 °F • Using your program – • Convert 26° Celsius(a nice warm day) to Fahrenheit • Did you get 78 or 79 °F • Which is right and why?

    13. Ok Great! Your procedure/subroutine works! Time to make the second procedure! Disable the EXECUTE command ! REPEAT THESE STEPS TO MAKE YOUR NEXT PROCEDURE CALL IT

    14. Task 2 Convert 98.6° Fahrenheit(normal body temperature) to Celsius • How to temperature conversion basic • How to temperature conversion advanced • Learning links