review new meal pattern requirements and nutrition standards
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Review: New Meal Pattern Requirements and Nutrition Standards

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Review: New Meal Pattern Requirements and Nutrition Standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Review: New Meal Pattern Requirements and Nutrition Standards . Six Cent Certification Worksheet Training Sara Olson. “Reimbursable Meal” Worksheet Definition.

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review new meal pattern requirements and nutrition standards

Review: New Meal Pattern Requirements and Nutrition Standards

Six Cent Certification Worksheet Training

Sara Olson

reimbursable meal worksheet definition
“Reimbursable Meal” Worksheet Definition
  • SFAs must list reimbursable meals offered on the menu. Each reimbursable meal consists of all required food components: any grain/meat/meat alternates in an entrée and/or side dish, total amount of fruit offered with this meal, total amount of vegetables in an entrée and/or side dish, and amount of milk.
  • Sample Menu (Meal #1):

Chicken Nuggets (5 pieces) – 3oz meat, no creditable breading

WW Roll – 2oz grain (WGR)

Honey Sauce – 2 TBSP

Mixed Fruit Cup – ½ cup

Steamed Broccoli – ½ cup

Baby Carrots – ½ cup

100% Orange Juice – 4 oz

Milk – 8 oz

reimbursable meal worksheet definition cont d
“Reimbursable Meal” Worksheet Definition, cont’d
  • SFAs will report all reimbursable meals in the All Meals tab
  • Enter the name of the main dish to match the menu submitted for certification.
    • If vegetable pizza is called “Garden Power Flatbread,” type “Garden Power Flatbread” into worksheet
  • Certification is based on offered menus- do not consider Offer versus Serve options. Report the full offering of fruits and vegetables on the menu, NOT what a child typically selects. The worksheet is not weighted.
crediting of fruit juice
Crediting of Fruit Juice
  • Crediting of fruit juice
    • Credited on volume as served
      • 4 ounces will credit as ½ cup
    • No more than half of the fruit or vegetable offerings over the week may be in the form of juice
      • The USDA menu worksheet calculates this in the Weekly Report tab
    • On any given day, may offer both fruit pieces and juice
      • Example: ½ cup juice plus ½ cup peaches to meet 1 cup minimum offering in grades 9-12
crediting of vegetables
Crediting of Vegetables
  • Crediting of leafy salad greens
    • Raw, leafy salad greens credit at half the volume served
      • Consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans
      • Example: ½ cup of Romaine Lettuce contributes ¼ cup toward the “dark green” vegetable subgroup.
    • Cooked leafy greens credited by volume as served
      • Example: ½ cup of sauteed spinach credits as ½ cup of dark green vegetables
    • Must enter creditableamount into menu worksheet
vegetable subgroups in worksheet
Vegetable Subgroups in Worksheet
  • Vegetables pre-populated by their subgroup
    • Drop-down lists to select vegetable used; most commonly served vegetables
    • If not listed, SFAs may select “Vegetable unspecified” in the subgroup list and type in the name
vegetable subgroups in worksheet cont d
Vegetable Subgroups in Worksheet, cont’d
  • Mixed vegetable dishes credited as Additional
    • The use of the Additional category in the meal pattern is for purposes of meeting the weekly TOTAL volume
      • Not a unique subgroup requirement
    • Therefore, no need for this category in the Menu Worksheet or Simplified Nutrient Analysis
    • Total volume is captured from entries in the All Meals tab (1/2 cup California mix entered as “½ cup” vegetable)
    • Subgroups captured in the Monday-Friday tabs (ignore California mix for purposes of subgroups)
vegetable quantities in worksheet
Vegetable Quantities in Worksheet
  • Each day within the worksheet, must indicate for each vegetable subgroup the “largest amount able to be taken.”
    • Example 1: Monday choice 1: spinach pizza (1/4 c dark green) or choice 2: broccoli pizza (1/2 cup dark green)
      • Child cannot take both types of pizza, so do NOT report ¾ cup dark green vegetables offered on Monday
      • Child could take up to ½ cup dark green veggies Monday
  • Daily and weekly requirements (min/max)
  • All grains offered in amounts of 0.25 oz eq or greater must be included in the calculation of daily and weekly grain offerings, as well as dietary specifications
  • Round down to nearest 0.25 oz eq (unchanged)
    • Worksheet does this for you if you do not do so in advance
    • Example: 1.6 oz eq bread = 1.5 oz eq creditable grain
  • Non-creditable grain ingredients in products at very low levels (less than 0.25 oz eq) are allowable
counting grains in the worksheet
Counting Grains in the Worksheet
  • SFAs may use either ounce equivalents OR grains/bread servings in SY 2012-2013
    • Due to one year extension for manufacturers allowing 14.75 gm weight (1 grain/bread serving) OR 16 gm weight (1 oz eq)
    • 1 grain/bread serving = 1 oz eq
    • ALL grains must be based on 16 gm weight beginning SY 2013-2014
meat meat alternates milk
Meat/Meat Alternates/Milk
  • Meat/Meat Alternates
    • Daily and weekly requirements for lunch
  • Milk options allowed:
    • fat-free milk (flavored and unflavored)
    • low-fat milk (unflavored only)
  • Daily variety of milk (at least 2) is required
    • Menu Worksheet assesses milk component on a daily basis
dietary specifications for worksheet
Dietary Specifications for Worksheet
  • Calories
    • Requirement: minimum and maximum calorie levels
    • Worksheet assesses average daily calories, must fall within acceptable range
  • Saturated Fat
    • Limit to less than ten percent of total calories
  • Weighted averages
  • Worksheet does NOT assess:
    • Trans fat restriction
      • Part of SFA attestation, validation review, administrative reviews
    • Sodium limit
      • First target not effective until SY 2014-2015
multiple serving lines worksheet
Multiple Serving Lines- Worksheet
  • For purposes of the menu worksheet, SFAs do NOT have to fill out a different sheet for each serving line. All meals offered on all lines for a given menu are listed together
    • Consideration of administrative burden
  • SFAs will ATTEST that each serving line meets the meal pattern requirements
  • Validation reviews will assess offerings on each line
certification worksheet for breakfast
Certification Worksheet for Breakfast
  • Compliance with breakfast requirements is required for six cents certification
  • No changes to breakfast in SY 2012-2013 except for milk variety/fat restriction
  • Breakfast worksheet is based on existing breakfast requirements, plus milk requirements for variety/fat restriction
certification worksheet for breakfast cont d
Certification Worksheet for Breakfast cont’d
  • For certification, all schools should be using the Menu Worksheets for breakfast, unless they are still NSMP, in SY 2012-13
  • If SFAs adopt requirement early, they will need to also show the State they are meeting the new requirements
  • Refer to Q#13 in SP 34-2012 for more information
grain offerings optional with entree
Grain Offerings Optional with Entree
  • Example: Spaghetti with meat sauce (2 oz eq grains) is offered with an optional breadstick (1 oz eq grains)
    • To reflect that the breadstick is OPTIONAL, must menu as 2 separate meal choices:
      • Choice 1: Spaghetti with meat sauce and breadstick (3 oz eq grains)
      • Choice 2: Spaghetti with meat sauce, no breadstick (2 oz eq grains)
    • For purposes of the menu worksheet, enter Choice 1 and Choice 2 as 2 separate entries on the All Meals Tab (and select both meals on the day served)
determining salad bar portions
Determining Salad Bar Portions
  • For certification of menus, requirement is what is offered to students, not actual usage
  • Enter pre-determined serving sizes into worksheet
  • Offered portion sizes confirmed by State during reviews