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HOW DO I RECERTIFY? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HOW DO I RECERTIFY?. Submitting a renewal application that won’t be returned!. Before you fill out the renewal form: Gather all documentation. Use binders, folders, color coded tabs, etc. to help you organize and retain your documents.

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how do i recertify


Submitting a

renewal application that won’t be returned!

step one
Before you fill out the renewal form:

Gather all documentation.

Use binders, folders, color coded tabs, etc. to help you organize and retain your documents.

Keep this binder in a safe place so you will always know where this information is.

Certificates (must including the following information)

The division or job title of the person conducting the training.

The name of the person receiving the training.

The date(s) of the training.

Number of training hours conducted.

Approval Documentation

(Specific documentation must apply to an individual person or persons and the required training.)

Internal Training

Non-Standard Training

Step One
step two
Sort documentation by certification year.

Certification year is one calendar year from the original issue date of your certification.

If my certification was issued on 08/07/2002, documentation is needed starting from 08/07/2002 until re-certification date of 08/01/2007.

Example –

Certification Year One – 08/07/2002-08/06/2003

Certification Year Two – 08/07/2003-08/06/2004

Certification Year Three – 08/07/2004-08/06/2005

Certification Year Four – 08/07/2005-08/06/2006

Certification Year Five – 08/07/2006-08/01/2007

NOTE: All certifications expire on the 1st of the month.

Original issue date and expiration date are found on the bottom right corner of your CTP/M certificate.

See examples on the next slides.

Step Two



step three
Step Three
  • After documentation is divided by certification year, starting with the first year, sort documentation in the following training type categories:
    • Standard Procurement Related Training
    • Non-Standard Training
    • Instructor Credit
    • State Agency Internal Training
standard procurement related training
Standard Procurement Related Training
  • Acceptable types of training in this category include but are not limited to:
    • Discussion Forums
    • Procurement, Contract Management, or Professional Development Classes offered by the Comptroller of Public Accounts
    • College courses about procurement
    • Meetings of Procurement Agencies, Organizations, Committees, or Councils (must submit proof of attendance)
      • Typically, staff meetings will not be considered for continuing education credit.
non standard training
Non-Standard Training
  • Acceptable types of training in this category include:
    • Any training that is not typically associated with procurement, but for needs unique to your agency, is required of procurement personnel.
    • If not outlined in your agency’s procurement plan, this training must be accompanied by a letter from your agency’s procurement director or equivalent.
    • Also, effective September 1, 2006, CPA only accepts 16 hours of this type of training per certification year.

The burden of proof regarding inclusion of this type of training in an agency’s procurement plan lies on the agency and NOT CPA.

instructor credit
Instructor Credit
  • Acceptable types of training in this category include:
    • Instruction of procurement topics
    • Presentations on procurement topics
  • Class agenda and outline must be submitted to CPA for approval.

As of September 1, 2006, instructor credit will be counted on a 1 hour of instruction/1 credit hour ratio. Prior to that date, instructor credit was counted as 1 hour of instruction/½ credit hour. Also as of September 1, 2006, there is no limit placed on the number of CE hours an individual can earn in this category.

state agency internal training
State Agency Internal Training
  • Acceptable types of training in this category include:
    • Training related to the purchasing processes and relevant to State of Texas procurement.
    • This training must also be approved by the agency procurement director or equivalent.
      • If you are a small agency and you are the only employee who does purchasing, it must be approved by your agency's administrative head.
step four
Step Four
  • After each certification year is sorted into four categories, make sure that supporting documentation is provided to supplement every submission in the following categories:
    • Non Standard Training
    • Instructor Credit
    • State Agency Internal Training
    • Standard Procurement Related Training
post document organization
Post Document Organization
  • After all of the documents are organized by year and further categorized by training type, it is time to complete the application for re-certification.
  • A chart of the organized information is on the following slide.

Certification Year One


step five
Step Five
  • Complete the application for renewal.
    • Because you have taken the time to organize your information, first by year, and then by training type, using the system should be simple.
filling out the form
Filling-out the Form
  • Section One
    • Personal Information
      • This section just helps us ensure that the right person is getting re-certified at the right time.
      • Fill in all blanks!
filling out the form1
Filling-out the Form
  • Section Two
    • Continuing Education Training
      • This is where your previous organizational work will be helpful.
      • It is here that you will list:
        • Date of training
        • Course Name
        • Agency/Organization Providing the Training
        • Type of Training
        • Hours of training
After filling in the information for the class click “ Add Class Below”.
  • You should see the class added in the correct certification year if the information is correct.
  • Beware of information does not compute
    • If class dates are outside of your active certification dates they will be sent to the yellow “Bad Records” area.
    • If you have exceeded the 45 hours per year maximum, the problem area will be highlighted in red.
  • Click the edit key to correct information, or delete the entry to proceed.
If you cannot complete your application in one setting, you have the option of saving and returning to complete the application within eight hours.
  • When you save, you will be sent a link via email with your access information.
  • Keep track of that email until you have completed the application.
Only after you have input your information in the prescribed format will you be able to continue filling out the application.
  • The “Next Step” button will not activate until you have entered at least 120 hours and there are no red highlights or “Bad Records” in any field.
filling out the form2
Filling-out the Form
  • Section Three
    • Payment Information
      • Cost of re-certification
        • CTP or CTPM= $50
        • Both = $75
      • Methods of Payment
        • State Agency Purchase Order/ITV
        • Check
        • Money Order
    • Please do not send any payment until you have been invoiced by CPA. An invoice will be (e)mailed to you after your application has been reviewed and approved.
    • If using an ITV, please identify your agency ITV payable point of contact .
    • If making personal payment, please put your personal information in the point of contact fields.
step six
Step Six
  • Click “Finish” to submit your application.
  • Submit the application and all supporting documentation at least 30 but no more than 60 days prior to your certification expiration date.
  • Re-certifications should be issued within 30 days after submission if:
    • all necessary information is submitted
    • information is submitted in the prescribed format
    • payment is received
After submitting your application, you must submit supporting documentation. An application will be considered complete until supporting documentation is submitted.
  • You may upload, fax ( 512-475-0711) or email ( this information. Hard copy submittals are not accepted.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you after you submit your application. This email will contain a link where you can view the status of your application as it is being reviewed by Training and Certification staff.
  • Please view this link PRIOR to calling staff about the status of your application.
uploading documentation
Uploading Documentation
  • You may upload supporting documentation immediately after submitting your application by clicking “ Status Screen” link, or by reviewing the status of your application using the link provided to you in your confirmation email.
customer service
Customer Service
  • All questions or concerns about the renewal process should be sent to:

  • Renewal applications will only be accepted through the on-line application system.
  • Renew your certification at