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IPad Tips and Tricks PowerPoint Presentation
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IPad Tips and Tricks

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IPad Tips and Tricks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Looking for information, tips and tricks, tutorials, or ipad training video that will take you step by step through many of the ipad apps that are the most common to use, this training video will help you. IPad review will give you the instruction you need to use your ipad.

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IPad Tips and Tricks

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things you can do with you ipad

Learn tips and tricks in the Ipad training program. Receive a Free e-book,learn new and innovative, productive techniques and become more productive throughout your day.


Surfing the Web


Watch Videos

Photo Album/Photo Booth

You Tube


Check Mail

Things you can do with you IPad
e reader

You can read now read E-books from Apple’s i-Books, Amazon’s Kindle and Nook, and the daily news, magazine and the newspaper.

I pad e-reader is currently the most versatile on the market.

surfing the web

Safari web browser is your net and works excellent with Ipad.

The benefit of having Ipad is that it is light weight, portable and comfortable to use in a sitting position.

IMDB-Internet movie data base or wikipedia makes it easy to surf at your fingertips. You can surf on the go or from the comfort of your couch.

Surfing the Web

There are thousands of apps available you can use with I pad.

Download apps-games, Marvel Comics and Wall Street Journal just to name a few.

You can sync I Phone or I pod to your I pad from you PC or mac.

Using downloads in apps you can save money and get the free apps you want.

watch videos

View HD TV show, movies, pod cast, music videos and more.

You can purchase Itunes or transfer your personal library to your ipad, just use the video app.

Watch Videos
photo album photo booth

Store thousands of photos or display them in slide show or on your screen.

Not taking many pics, you can move your pics to your home screen.

Photos are stored in an internal folder the can be accessed through photo apps.

Photo Album/Photo booth
you tube apps

You can use Safari browser and click on a video and the you tube application will launch.

I pad does not support Flash video, but most you tube videos can be delivered in a supported video format.

You Tube Apps
i tunes

The latest movies, Tv shows pod cast and more.

You can listen and organize music just like on a ipod.

The ipad and PC versions have most of the same features: buy movies to with the video app and with the music app you can play music or download any purchased music using i tunes on your pc without hooking up your ipad to your pc.

I Tunes
check e mail

Very user friendly, just click and you are there!

The application is set up through use of safari setting.

Ipad supports many forms of email (just to name a few: Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail and Aol mail).

You can view all of your incoming mail as well as the boxes by specific clients. Another great benefit is sending instant messages to any one that has any of the following for free: I Pad, iPhone or iPod.

If you are on a monthly plan messages is a terrific way to cut down on your text message bill.

Check e-mail

For you Free E-Book