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Meet Tanuj Rastogi—The ORM Expert for Your Business Needs!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Meet Tanuj Rastogi—The ORM Expert for Your Business Needs!!

Meet Tanuj Rastogi—The ORM Expert for Your Business Needs!!

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Meet Tanuj Rastogi—The ORM Expert for Your Business Needs!!

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  1. Meet Tanuj Rastogi—The ORM Expert for Your Business Needs!! Call : 1300 760 363

  2. As soon as your ears strike these words “Negative Online Reputation”, your mind portrays an image full of negative comments and bad reviews. If the thoughts are horrifying then imagine the impact of such negative feeds? For a business that rely on search engine results, it’s important to address such areas of concern. Tanuj Rastogi is a Reputation Management Expert with more than a decade of experience in Online Reputation Management Call : 1300 760 363

  3. Tanuj can help bring your positive reputation back on track using his experience. Reasons why you should use his expertise are listed below: He knows that your online reputation is beyond Social Media Platforms— it is nearly impossible to stop people from posting negative feeds on the web, it can be an angry customer, a disgruntled employee or your competitors. Tanuj and his team can help you flush down the negative comments and reviews further down in Google Search results, thereby replacing them with the positive ones. Call : 1300 760 363

  4. He can help create a positive first impression — your image online is as important as having a face-to-face conversation. What people see is what they believe, so he can make sure that Google speaks positive about you. You need someone to address these issues—not being able to present yourself online and interact with customers? Tanuj Rastogi being a reputation defender makes sure that you are well connected to your present and potential clients through proper web interactions. Call : 1300 760 363

  5. Get to know who are your influencers—the biggest benefit of ORM you can avail is to understand who are the people searching you or your services. Tanuj can also help you to identify such online influencers and engage them with your business in some or the other way. Such strategies are helpful in putting your brand in a pedestal within their social communities. Call : 1300 760 363

  6. Getting rid of past activities— well, it only takes one bad picture to judge a business. Past activities can ruin the business even if you are not directly related to it. In order to wipe out the negative news and comments from the top Google listings, Tanuj can help you by posting your positive information and achievements which will replace the negative ones. Around 99.9% people avoid visiting the page 2 of Google, a business that rely on web as its main source of traffic should focus more on the results at the first page and ensure that the negative results don’t exist. If you need to improve your online reputation, give Tanuj rastogi at Reputation Circle a call today and improve how your business is perceived online. Call : 1300 760 363

  7. Custom Businesses that are already established and are capable of investing a few more dollars to fit their website to their specific needs can positively go for custom s from $10,000  onwards and meet all your design and functionality needs. • Besides, well-established ecommerce businesses can opt for custom Magento enterprise website, which allows for multiple admin levels and a hassle-free CMS, to have a seamless experience trading online. Contact Details Suite 610/12 Century Circuit Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 Australia 1300 760 363 Address: Contact No.: Website: Email: Call : 1300 760 363