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ERP and Business Processes. Illustrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Author: Hans van der Hoeven msc 1 st edition. Chapter 1. Getting to know business functions, business processes, ERP and Business Management. Business Functions, Departments, Business Processes.

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Erp and business processes

ERP and Business Processes

Illustrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

Author: Hans van der Hoeven msc

1st edition

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Getting to know business functions, business processes,ERP and Business Management

ERP and Business Processes

Business functions departments business processes
Business Functions, Departments, Business Processes

  • Business Function: organizational unit

  • Also known as “department”

  • Hierarchical structure

    • Line-staff organizational chart

ERP and Business Processes

U turn to business processes
U-turn to Business Processes

  • In the 1990’s

  • Michael Porter’s Value Chain

  • Business process is not a business function

  • Trigger, ‘customer’ demand, inputs  outputs

ERP and Business Processes

What is a business process
What is a Business Process?

  • A business process is a collection of coherent activities that starts with a trigger and ends with the delivery of one or several products.

  • The products represent a value for the customer of these products. The customer could be an external customer, as well as an internal customer (a department).

  • Services are also considered as products.

ERP and Business Processes

Erp and business processes

  • Business Process Redesign (Reengineering)

  • Michael Hammer in the nineties of previous century

  • Event driven Process Chains (EPC’s)

    • Events drive logistic, finance, HR, etc.

    • Processes consist of a collection of events which match with each other (activities).

  • Cycle-approach

    • O2C: Order to Cash

    • P2P: Purchase to Pay

    • H2R: Hire to Retire

ERP and Business Processes

Example of a process chart
Example of a Process Chart

ERP and Business Processes

Erp and business management
ERP and Business Management

  • ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

  • ERP-package

  • Before island automation

  • One integrated information system

  • One central database

  • Business Management (‘the management side of ERP’)

  • Business Control

ERP and Business Processes

Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Focus on erp

ERP and Business Processes

Erp in historical perspective
ERP in Historical Perspective

  • MRP

  • MRP II

  • ERP

  • ERP II (or x-ERP)

ERP and Business Processes

Mrp i

  • Materials Requirement Planning

  • Deciding about material requirement for a production process

  • Using a BOM and the quantity of neede finished products

  • Material requirement leads to purchase proposals and eventually to purchase orders

  • Bike example

ERP and Business Processes

Mrp ii

  • Manufacturing Resource Planning

  • Not only raw materials

  • Also resources like machines and people (capacities)

  • Resources

  • MRP II aims at manufacturing control

ERP and Business Processes

Erp and business processes

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Enterprise wide

  • One integrated system instead of different seperated systems

  • One central database

  • A way of thinking about dealing with processes, so process orientation

  • EPC’s: Event Driven Process ChainsChain of activities

ERP and Business Processes

Erp and business processes

  • ERP as a package

    • standard software package with a very integrated functionality, which stretches out over all business processes in an organization.

  • ERP as a phenomenon

    • enterprise wide integrated planning and steering concept

      • Organizational structure and management;

      • Products, services and business processes;

      • Information technology (computers, communication infrastructure, systems, internet, e-mail);

      • People, competences and culture.

ERP and Business Processes

Erp ii

  • Extended ERP (x-ERP)

  • Collaboration between companies to reach a better position in the Supply Chain

  • Intra-enterprise collaboration = ERPInter-enterprise collaboration = ERP II

  • Possibilities of Internet, EDI

ERP and Business Processes

Erp and business processes

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • “Know your customer”

  • Registering customer data, purchase behavior, data from external sources

  • Analyzing and combining data

  • See chapter 4

ERP and Business Processes

Erp and business processes

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Chain of companies that form a chain from natural resources to a product that is sold to a final consumer

  • Copmpanies want to defend or extend their position in the Supply Chain  Supply Chain Management

  • See chapters 5 and6

ERP and Business Processes

Best of breed and erp
Best-of-Breed and ERP

  • Best-of-Breed (BOB)

  • No integrated approach

  • Functional approach

  • Interfaces and middleware

  • Specific needs, very different from ERP

ERP and Business Processes

Pros and cons of erp
Pros and Cons of ERP



  • Integration

  • Process orientation

  • Simple user interface

  • Openness

  • One vendor

  • State-of-the-art

  • International aspects

  • Long implementation periods

  • Complexity

  • No made to measure solution

ERP and Business Processes

The vendors of erp systems
The vendors of ERP systems

  • SAPSAP Business Suite, All-in-One, Business One

  • OracleOracle Financials, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, Fusion

  • InforMapics, Baan, SSA Global

  • Microsoft DynamicsDynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM

  • Industry Solutions

ERP and Business Processes

Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Microsoft dynamics nav 2009

ERP and Business Processes

Microsoft dynamics
Microsoft Dynamics

  • Dynamics NAV

  • Dynamics AX

  • Dynamics GP

  • Dynamics CRM

ERP and Business Processes

Dynamics nav 2009
Dynamics NAV 2009

ERP and Business Processes

Role tailored client rtc
Role Tailored Client (RTC)

  • Personas

  • Role centers, list places, departments page

ERP and Business Processes

Modules departments
Modules / Departments

  • Financial Management

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Purchase

  • Warehouse

  • Manufacturing

  • Jobs

  • Resource Planning

  • Service

  • Human Resources

  • Administration

ERP and Business Processes

Departments in the rtc
Departments in the RTC

ERP and Business Processes

Classic client cc
Classic Client (CC)

ERP and Business Processes

Some principles
Some Principles

  • Adapting business processes to the ERP systemAdapting ERP system to the processes

  • Customizing

  • Selection and implementation process

  • Architecture of Dynamics NAV

    • Client tier (presentation layer)

    • Service tier or Middle tier (business logic layer)

    • Database tier (data layer)

ERP and Business Processes

Add ons and industry solutions
Add-ons and Industry Solutions

  • Dynamics NAV consists of:

  • Add-on: piece of standard software which can communicate and interact with a standard ERP system

    • Product configurator

    • Foodbranche

    • HRM

ERP and Business Processes

Customer model
Customer Model

ERP and Business Processes

Customer model1
Customer Model

ERP and Business Processes

Training and education
Training and Education

  • Conceptual level (this book)

  • Details of how the software operates

    • Functional training

    • The buttons

  • Manners

    • Through training partner

    • Through e-training (Customer Source)

ERP and Business Processes

Chapter 4
Chapter 4

Marketing & sales process:

o2c cycle

ERP and Business Processes


  • Master data

  • Contact data

  • Transaction data

  • Customer Card

  • Customer postinggroups

ERP and Business Processes

Payment terms and delivery terms
Payment Terms and Delivery Terms

  • Creditability

    • Creditability as an amount

    • Creditability as a period of time

    • Payment terms:

      • Cash on delivery

      • 7 days

      • 1 month (8 days)

  • Delivery/shipment terms

ERP and Business Processes


  • Customer (discount) groups

    • Characteristics in common

  • Discounts

    • Per customer

    • Per item

    • Per order

  • E-commerce

    • Web shop

    • Electronic payment

    • B2B and B2C

ERP and Business Processes

The sales process o2c
The Sales Process (O2C)

  • More:

  • Blanket orders

  • Return orders and credit memos

ERP and Business Processes

Contacting the customer
Contacting the Customer

  • Customer seeks contact

  • Company seeks contact

    • Sales promotion

    • CRM

ERP and Business Processes

Issuing sales quotation
Issuing Sales Quotation

  • Request for Quotation (RFQ)

    • Not always necessary

    • Register customer data and quotation data

      • Fast tabs

      • Item lines

  • Creating Quotation

  • Send to customer

    • Obligation to deliver

    • Reaction period

    • Management information

ERP and Business Processes

Sales order processing
Sales Order Processing

  • Does the customer agree? Quotation is converted into a sales order. Or a direct sales order (without quotation)

  • Creditability check

  • Availability check (AtP, CtP)

  • Integration with Office

  • Release order for delivery

ERP and Business Processes

Delivery and shipping
Delivery and Shipping

  • Warehouse gets assignments (sales orders with today’s delivery date)

  • Picking and packing, then shipping

  • Create shipping documents

  • Postings in the ERP system

    • Logistic

    • Financial

ERP and Business Processes


  • Creating and sending Sales Invoice

  • Invoice is usually made from data sales order

  • Separation of goods and money streams

  • Prepayment

ERP and Business Processes

Billing 2
Billing (2)

  • Event driven action:

    • Logistical

    • Financial

  • Matching principle

  • Actions

    • Update obligations administration

    • Update customer open debt-claim

    • Update general ledger (financial mutation)

    • Update stock (logstic mutation)

    • Update VAT registration

    • Update analyses en reports

ERP and Business Processes

Collecting money
Collecting money

ERP and Business Processes

Blanket orders
Blanket Orders

  • Long term relationship with customer

  • Usually special price or discount (or afterwards: revenue bonus)

  • Sell a large quantity, deliver/ship (and bill) in parts

ERP and Business Processes

Return orders
Return Orders

  • Items are damages on arrival at customer site

  • Shipping wrong items

  • Customer has ordered too much

  • RMA procedure

  • Destination of returned items

  • Credit memo (sales)

ERP and Business Processes

Discounts and credit memos
Discounts and Credit Memos

  • Discounts because of RMA, revenue bonus, correction of mistakes

  • Sales decides upon contents credit memo

  • Credit memo lowers the debt-claim on the customer

  • Detailed checks are necessary

ERP and Business Processes


  • "Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders." (source: American Marketing Association (AMA) )

  • Macroeconomic functions:

    • Information exchange between manufacturers, wholesalers and consumers;

    • Stabilization function/distribution function.

  • Product development, strategies

  • Segmentation of the market

  • Marketing mix

ERP and Business Processes

Erp and business processes

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Relation a company maintains with its customers

  • Register and analyze customer behaviour

  • Enlarge profitability and customer satisfaction

  • Customer pyramid

  • Pros CRM

    • Lower costs by operational efficiency

    • Higher revenue by better segmented market

    • Improved strategy and better measure effects on actions

ERP and Business Processes

Crm ii

ERP and Business Processes


  • Dimensions

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Standard analysis possibilities

    • Sales budgets

    • Sales analyses reports (revenue by region, or by sales rep)

    • Statistical screens

  • Self designed reports

    • In Dynamics NAV

    • In (e.g.) Excel

  • Examples

ERP and Business Processes

Chapter 5
Chapter 5

Supply chain,

Purchasing process

& warehouse process:

p2p cycle

ERP and Business Processes


  • Master data, contact data, transaction data

  • Vendor posting groups

ERP and Business Processes

Trading item
Trading Item

  • Master data

    • Item number, -name and short description

    • Base unit of measurement

    • Sizes and weight

    • Replenishment method

    • Safety stock level

    • Costing method

    • Price data (purchase price, COGS, sales price)

    • Product posting group

    • Item vendor

    • Item tracking (serial nrs/lot nrs/expiry date)

ERP and Business Processes

E procurement

  • Electronic purchasing process

  • Digital catalogue, order via Internet

  • E-procurement versus E-commerce

  • B2B and B2C

ERP and Business Processes

The purchasing process p2p
The Purchasing Process (P2P)

  • Also:

  • Working with blanket orders

  • Return shipments and credit memos

ERP and Business Processes

Purchase initiative
Purchase Initiative

  • Coming from sales: sales orientated

  • Based on sales forecasts

  • Mind inventory

  • Sometimes customer specific purchasing

ERP and Business Processes

Rfq and vendor selection
RFQ and Vendor Selection

  • Request for Quotation (RFQ)

  • Compare conditions

    • Which vendors make their data available to their customers?

  • Purchasing decision: one quotation becomes a purchase order

ERP and Business Processes

Create purchase order
Create Purchase Order

  • Coming from quotation?

  • Purchase order number

  • Order confirmation

  • Planning for the warehouse

ERP and Business Processes

Goods receipt
Goods Receipt

  • Warehouse workers

  • Determine goods receipt

  • Determine storage location

Receiving Dock


ERP and Business Processes

Vendor invoice check
Vendor Invoice Check

  • 3-way matching

    • Order

    • Goods receipt

    • Invoice

  • Approved vendor invoice  Accounts Payable (A/P)

  • Contact with vendor if no consensus

  • Electronic invoicing

  • Self-billing

  • Registration of obligations

ERP and Business Processes

Vendor payment
Vendor Payment

  • Only approved vendor invoices

  • Selection on base of due date

  • Liquidity position

  • Authorization

  • Reconciliation

  • EDI / Electronic Banking

ERP and Business Processes

Blanket orders1
Blanket Orders

  • Purchase order for a large quantity

  • Several shipping moments

  • Fully delivered?

ERP and Business Processes

Return orders and credit memos
Return orders and Credit Memos

  • Items are damaged on arrival or wrong items

  • Ordered too many

  • Return shipment (RMA vendor)

  • Credit memo

ERP and Business Processes

Procurement of services and fixed assets
Procurement of Services and Fixed Assets

  • Parallel with purchase of goods

  • Purchasing initiative

    • Specific expertise

  • Budgets and budget holders

  • Approval instead of goods receipt

ERP and Business Processes

Warehouse process
Warehouse Process

  • Sales process and Purchasing process

  • Movements (logistic transportations)

  • Regular checks

  • Stock-taking

  • Separate Goods Receipt Dock

  • Separate Shipping Dock

  • Several warehouses / plants

ERP and Business Processes

Erp and business processes

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Collaboration: competitors  partners

  • Demand Chain versus Supply Chain

  • Technology

    • EDI

    • RFID

ERP and Business Processes


  • Vendors

    • Reliability of delivery times and quality

    • Price comparison

    • Top 10

  • More

    • Discounts, status blanket orders, achievements per purchasing agent, return shipments

    • Out comings stock-taking

    • Item tracking and tracing

ERP and Business Processes

Chapter 6
Chapter 6

Supply chain management


Manufacturing process

ERP and Business Processes

Item raw material and finished product
Item: Raw Material and Finished Product

  • Production: convert raw materials into finished products

    • Finished products are not purchased, have no purchase price and no vendor data

    • Selling finished products leads to a replenishment of raw materials

  • Semi-finished products

ERP and Business Processes

Erp and business processes

ERP and Business Processes


ERP and Business Processes

Proper sequence
Proper Sequence

  • Create item records for raw materials and finished products

  • Create BOM and routing for the finished product

  • Link the BOM and the routing to the finished item (in item record finished product)

ERP and Business Processes

Customer order decoupling point codp

Manufacturing semi finished items

Manufacturing finished items

Raw materials

Semi finished items

Finished items











Customer Order Decoupling Point (CODP)

Service companies use CCPD

ERP and Business Processes

Erp and business processes

  • Make-to-Stock (COPD1)

  • Produce entirely on stock

  • Customer sales orders do not directly influence the manufacturing process

  • Manufacturing process is based on MPS, which is built on sales forecast from the market

  • Examples:

    • Deep freezers

    • Off-the-peg clothes

    • Sanitary fittings

ERP and Business Processes

Erp and business processes

  • Assemble-to-Order (COPD2)

  • Manufacture components/semi-finished items according to MTS

  • Op base of customer sales orders final assembly:no MTS!

  • Finished items are not manufactured on stock

  • Customer has influence on the production process

  • Example:

    • Furniture with different levels of finishing touch (upholstery of cloth or leather in a number of colors and qualities)

ERP and Business Processes

Erp and business processes

  • Make-to-Order (COPD3)

  • Customer sales order stretches out deep into the production process

  • No stock production

  • Standard materials and standard designs

  • Longer delivery period

  • Example:

    • Computers with limited standard configuration possibilities

ERP and Business Processes

Erp and business processes

  • Engineer-to-Order (COPD4)

  • Product specifications are not known beforehand

  • First design, than customer specific purchasing, after that manufacturing

  • Sometimes modular design possibilities (‘lego bricks’)

  • Costing calculation per order necessary

  • Examples:

    • Luxurious yachts

    • Made to measure clothing

ERP and Business Processes

Manufacturing process classification
Manufacturing process classification

  • Dynamics NAV: batch oriented manufacturing

  • Flexibility in setup and use

  • E.g. posting flushing raw materials:

    • Manually: post the real consumption of raw material in the output journal for a specific manufacturing order;

    • Automatic forward flushing: automatically post estimated quantity of raw material when the manufacturing order has been released;

    • Automatic backward flushing: automatically post quantity of raw material as consumed when the manufacturing order is completed.

ERP and Business Processes

Product versus job project
Product versus Job (Project)

  • A job is an entity on which you can register labor hours, machinery hours and raw material consumption, it is a unique task, outlined in time and resources and is completed with a job result.

  • Plan and register resources and materials

  • Stages

  • Job journal

  • Integration between manufacturing, logistics, sales and finance

ERP and Business Processes

Manufacturing process preparation
Manufacturing Process: Preparation

  • Master data

    • Materials, BOMs, routings

    • Available capacities of resources and materials

      • Work shifts

      • Shop calendars

      • Activity centers: work center group, work center, machine center

  • Production order status

    • Planned

    • Fixed planned

    • Released

    • Finished

ERP and Business Processes

Mts and mrp

  • Sales forecasts

  • Production plan

  • Sales and Operations Plan (SOP) more details

  • Detailed planning (production schedule)

  • MRP run

  • Example MRP run with spreadsheet calculation

  • Manufacturer of liquorices

ERP and Business Processes

Starting position in excel
Starting position in Excel

ERP and Business Processes

Mrp the example
MRP: the example

  • Gross need only of sugar

  • Capacities are used in basic setting

  • In daily practice it is much more complex

  • Grasp stock

ERP and Business Processes

Manufacturing orders mto
Manufacturing Orders MTO

  • First the sales order has to be received

    • 1 sales order is 1 manufacturing order

    • Combine sales orders of one given item and periodically generate a manufacturing order

  • Materials

    • Stock materials

    • Specials

  • ETO: usually generate released production order immediately after creating the sales order

ERP and Business Processes

R d and plm
R&D and PLM

  • Research & Development

  • R&D budget  job card

  • Product design (engineering) not only in ERP

  • Product configurations

  • Engineering systems, an overview

    • CAD systems (computer aided design)

    • EDM systems (electronic document management)

    • PDM systems (product data management)

    • PLM systems (product lifecycle management)

ERP and Business Processes

Product configurator
Product Configurator

  • Add-on

  • Flexibel assemble products

  • Built in intelligence and use of wizards

  • Dynamically determine BOM and routing

  • Sometimes offer to consumers via the web

  • Integratie with ERP is crucial

ERP and Business Processes

Service management
Service Management

  • After Sales Service

  • Warrantly issues

  • Controlling repair and maintenance at customer sites

  • Service contracts

  • Spare parts management

ERP and Business Processes


  • Product design

    • Where are components used, comparison BOMs

  • Capacities

    • Work per work center/machine center, Gantt diagram

  • Planning

    • Availability of materials

  • Execution

    • Material shortage list

  • Valuation

    • Production order statistics, cost calculation

ERP and Business Processes

Chapter 7
Chapter 7

Financial management process

ERP and Business Processes

Financial management
Financial Management

  • Event driven approach (EPC’s)

  • General Ledger (G/L)

  • Balance sheet and Profit and Loss Statement (P&L)

  • Posting groups

    • Business posting group

    • Product posting group

    • VAT Business posting group

  • Number series

ERP and Business Processes

Posting groups
Posting Groups

ERP and Business Processes

Registrations from other processes
Registrations from other Processes

  • Integration

  • EPC’s

  • Also direct postings

  • General journal

    • Recurring journal

ERP and Business Processes

Money transfers
Money Transfers

  • Elektronic banking (form of EDI)

  • Payment process integrated in Financial management

  • Generate payment proposition

  • Payment order(EFT)

  • Autorisation

  • Reconciliation

  • Liquidity position

    • Overview

    • Budget

ERP and Business Processes

Corporate governance and external reporting
Corporate Governance and External Reporting

  • Corporate Governance = good enterprise management

  • Strong, legal claims

  • External reporting

  • Also strong, legal claims, international standards (IFRS)

  • More and more digitally published (XBRL)

  • Use the latest version of the software!

ERP and Business Processes

Internal reporting and bi
Internal Reporting and BI

  • Internal reporting aims at enterprise management

    • Steering

    • Accountability

  • Reports

    • Lists and documents

    • Account schedules

  • BI

    • Not only from strategic point of view

    • Easy export from Dynamics NAV to Excel (wizards)

ERP and Business Processes

Erp and business processes

  • Business Balanced Score Card

    • CSFs

    • PIs

  • BIW

ERP and Business Processes

Controller and erp
Controller and ERP

  • Controller is financial specialist

  • Setup and use of processes, procedures

    • Thinking in processes

    • Information delivery(budget versus realisation)

  • Important decision maker in anERP implementation

ERP and Business Processes


  • Characteristics (properties) which can be attached to certain postings

  • Offer availability of sorting and analysis

  • In journals, documents and budgets

  • Cost center, cost unit, region, etc.

  • Reports in Dynamics NAV

    • Dimensions-totals report

    • Dimensions-detail report

    • Enterprise specific dimensions-detail report

ERP and Business Processes

Participations and intercompany transactions
Participations and Intercompany Transactions

  • Related enterprises, where one company owns (a large part of) one or more other companies

  • Consolidation

  • Elimination postings

  • Invoices which have to be charged to other group companies

  • A/R intercompany

ERP and Business Processes

Segregation of duties roles and authorization
Segregation of Duties, Roles and Authorization

  • Assign roles in a business process on basis of antipoles of interest

  • Example: warehouse versus sales

  • Login accounts – roles – authorization – permissions

  • Predefined roles (profiles) in Dynamics NAV

ERP and Business Processes

Fixed assets
Fixed Assets

  • Durable production resources

  • Real estate, computer systems, cars, machines, shop inventory and so on

  • Depreciation

  • Write ups (revaluations)

  • Insurance, maintenance, cost budgeting, salvage

ERP and Business Processes

Chapter 8
Chapter 8

Human resource management

ERP and Business Processes

The hrm process
The HRM Process

ERP and Business Processes

Master data hrm
Master Data HRM

  • Name, address, bank account, date of birth, social security number, employment/resignation date, type of albor contract

  • Employee card

ERP and Business Processes

Recruitment selection and commence of employment
Recruitment, Selectionand Commence of Employment

  • Standard Dynamics NAV and add-on

  • From vacancy to recruitment, selection to commence of employment: process support

  • Personnel is important element for every company

  • Recruitment costs

  • Training

ERP and Business Processes

Competence management and assessment
Competence Management and Assessment

  • Qualifications and competences

  • Training and development

  • Job evaluation conversation

  • Assessment interview

  • Competence management

  • Not in standard Dynamics NAV

ERP and Business Processes

Absence registration
Absence Registration

  • Register absences in Dynamics NAV

    • Cause

    • Description

  • Add-on: more possibilities

ERP and Business Processes


  • Specialistictask

  • Oftenoutsourced

  • Functionalitiespayroll:

    • All data regarding payroll tax;

    • Pension regulations;

    • Minimum wages, contractual savings;

    • Holiday pay;

    • Salary components;

    • Payroll calculations of very diverse matter;

    • Pay slips, annual reports for employees and IRS;

    • Interface to MS Office;

    • Salary payments via electronic banking;

    • G/L postings of salaries.

ERP and Business Processes

Workflow management
Workflow Management

  • Workflow, work process

  • Documents (elektronically)

  • Manage the workflow

  • Examples

    • Insurance company

    • Request for leave, handling expense sheets

ERP and Business Processes

Relations with other processes analyses
Relations with other Processes, Analyses

  • HRM and resources

  • Jobs (projects) and production

  • Integration of processes and data

  • Reporting for HRM

    • Dimensions

    • BI

ERP and Business Processes

Chapter 9
Chapter 9


AND change management

ERP and Business Processes


  • Configuration, setup

  • Before start of use of ERP system

  • Colaboration with consultants

  • Key-users

  • Implementation plan

  • Methodologies: RIM Toolkit and SureStep

  • Process modeling

  • Cost and time frame

ERP and Business Processes

Master data management
Master Data Management

  • Streamline use of master data for the entire conglomerate of companies

  • All companies have to confirm to the standard

  • Example coffee cups

ERP and Business Processes

Change management
Change Management

  • Principles Change Management:

    • Management has clear vision of the future;

    • Management has to support the change fully;

    • There are advocates, but also opponents we have to deal with;

    • Correct communication will encourage the transition to a new situation.

  • Cultural and structural side in balance

  • Sounding board, support

  • Committees and groups

ERP and Business Processes

Version management upgrades and updates
Version Management, Upgrades and Updates

  • Keeping up to date

  • Hot fix, update and upgrade

  • Made to measure software and upgrading

  • Develop – test – go live

  • License costs

ERP and Business Processes

Service oriented architecture soa
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

  • No wall-to-wall system

  • Components communicating with each other, with components of other brands

  • Web services (portals)

  • Mobile

ERP and Business Processes