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Geoffrey Chaucer and The Canterbury Tales PowerPoint Presentation
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Geoffrey Chaucer and The Canterbury Tales

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Geoffrey Chaucer and The Canterbury Tales - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Geoffrey Chaucer and The Canterbury Tales. John Markley And Cody Danks. Geoffrey Chaucer’s Childhood . JM. His birth is unknown but was born in 1343. As a child he was taken in by Elizabeth, the countess of Ulster. 1359 he took part in the war of France.

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Geoffrey Chaucer and The Canterbury Tales

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Geoffrey Chaucer’s



His birth is unknown but was born in 1343.

As a childhe was taken in by Elizabeth, the countess of Ulster.

1359 he took part inthe war of France.

He became a prisoner but wasfreed because of King Edward III’s ransom for him.

1367 secretly married Philippa

Then he joined the royal service.


Chaucer’s Business


He become an esquire of the king.

In 1368 he wrote one of his first famous poems “The Book of the Duchesse” in honor of the wife of John the Gaunt.

June 1370 he went on a ship for the king and no one knows where he went.

Returned around 1372 from Florence and Padua on a secret king business.

In 1374 he was living life rich with a large amountof money coming into him.

In February 1377 he was sent to Paris to for peace negotiations between England and France.


Chaucer’s Ending


He moved to ports of London after returning from Paris.

After moving to ports of London he spend his day writing poem and tales.

His most famous ones are “Tale of Glisilde” and “Canterbury Tales.”

Then spent his days rich, and writing, and died in 1400.

the prologue
The Prologue
  • The prologue introduces the reader to the narrator, and many key parts of information pertaining to the book.
  • The narrator also introduces the setting and the characters.
  • As well as telling the reader what is happening. He tells why there are so many people there and what they are doing (traveling to Canterbury).
  • The main purpose of the Prologue is to inform the reader of things they will need to know before actually reading the book.


the canterbury tales
The Canterbury Tales

Was written by Geoffrey Chaucer

Written around 1386-1395, in England

It was first published in the early fifteenth century

The setting is the late fourteenth century, after 1381 and takes place at the Tabard Inn (Southwark-near London) as well as on the road to Canterbury.

Some of the Characters are: The Narrator, The Knight, The Miller, The Friar, The Prioress, The Monk, The Summoner, The Host, The Physician, The Clerk, The Squire, and The Man of Law, to name a few. CD

the canterbury tales cont
The Canterbury Tales(Cont.)
  • At the Tabard Inn, a group of 29 pilgrims, as well as the narrator are gathered.
  • They are all traveling to the shrine of martyr Saint Thomas Becket in Canterbury.
  • They decide to share stories with each other on the way to Canterbury as well as on the way back to the Tabard Inn.


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