powagogy pedapoint electronic whiteboard n.
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PowaGogy (PedaPoint?) Electronic Whiteboard PowerPoint Presentation
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PowaGogy (PedaPoint?) Electronic Whiteboard

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PowaGogy (PedaPoint?) Electronic Whiteboard - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowaGogy (PedaPoint?) Electronic Whiteboard
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  1. PowaGogy (PedaPoint?) Electronic Whiteboard Samples of Visual Basic for Applications for to facilitate the use of PowerPoint in a Pedagogical Context

  2. VBA Examples • This PowerPoint slideshow is a template intended for demonstration of the use of Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for customizing PowerPoint slideshows and automating their creation. • These applications require that Macros be enable in order to run. • To run macros when using the stand-alone viewer you must download the most recent 2003 PPT Viewer. Prior versions do not support some of the things that may be automated or streamlined in Office applications using VBA. • You may also do the same type of things is Excel, Word, Access, Outlook and other Microsoft Applications that have VBA functionality

  3. Requirements • You must have Visual Basic For Applications installed with your Office installation, this is not the default • To install VBA • go to ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS, go to where MS OFFICE is listed, and click on CHANGE • Once in the installer you should go to the Office Shared Components and add Visual Basic For Applications • If you want to run slideshows using the PoerPoint Viewer you need the 2003 Viewer for VBA to work • This viewer is available to download free of chare from Microsoft • I do not know if a MAC version is ready yet

  4. VBA Examples - Pens • To activate the colored ‘pen’ mouse-over the pen in the tray at the bottom of the slide. When done hit escape key to return to standard pointer. If the pen does not draw a color, click a second time to enable. • Pay attention to what shape the cursor is as you move it around the screen sometimes you need to click more than once in the graphics area to get the pen to draw • The WORD button copies the current slide, opens a new Word Document and pastes the slide into the Word document as a bitmap

  5. VBA Examples – starting external applications • Calculator • WORD Copy Current Slide to a new Word Document Click on the button labeled word during a slideshow and a new word document will be opened and that slide will be pasted into it as a bitmap Copy Screen to a new Word Document Open an existing Word Doocument Open a New Word Document • Excel Open existing Excel workbook Open/paste Open new • Chart/Graph • Internet Explorer • Other Applications Open Photoshop


  7. End Contact me at stu@stuegli.com with questions