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Open House

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Open House. September 8, 2014 5:30-6:30. Miss Farinas- Language Arts and Social Studies Ms. Hamilton- Math and Science. Schedule. 7:35-8:00 Planners/Attendance/Morning Show 8:00-8:45 Specials 8:50-11:40 Rotation 1 Math and Science with Ms. Hamilton 10:57-11:02 Lunch

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open house

Open House

September 8, 2014


  • 7:35-8:00 Planners/Attendance/Morning Show
  • 8:00-8:45 Specials
  • 8:50-11:40 Rotation 1 Math and Science with Ms. Hamilton
  • 10:57-11:02 Lunch
  • 11:40-2:00 Rotation 2 Language Arts and Social Studies with Miss Farinas

2:00 Dismissal

  • Excused absence notes need to be turned in within 3 days of any absence. They must have the teacher’s name, student’s name, parent’s name, and reason for absence, along with the date(s) of the absence.
  • Upon returning to school, students have two days to hand in make up work. For longer absences, students generally have one day for every day absent to make up work.
  • PLEASE make sure that if your child is absent that they come and ask us for their work. It is VERY hard for us to keep track of who is out from which class on which days.
  • If you are planning on volunteering AT ALL (class, field trips, parties, etc.), you will need to have your volunteer application- with a copy of your driver’s license attached- turned in by 9/30.
  • Check websites or ask teachers for volunteer


  • Our websites will be updated on a regular basis.
  • Important events/dates will be listed along with a variety of curriculum information.
writing language arts
Writing/Language Arts
  • Essay writing will almost always be done in class only. There will be a few exceptions. The students will be taught to score papers according to the writing rubrics and we will do some peer editing and scoring in class.
  • The students will be keeping a daily writing journal.
  • We will be working on grammar skills through the use of Daily Oral Language lessons and grammar workbooks.
  • We will be working on our handwriting skills (cursive and print).

Handwriting IS a part of the language arts grade.

  • Students will be graded on their printed and cursive letters.
  • Students should be practicing showing their best penmanship on all classroom assignments and homework.
  • Papers (handwriting or any other work) should not look like they have gone through a war zone when they are turned in!
  • Students should be reading AT LEAST 30 minutes every day.
  • Generally we read a story a weekfrom our book. We will also be using novels.
  • Spelling lists are given on Monday and tests are on Friday. We do not have spelling every week.
  • There are several projects that we will be doing in reading this year. Look for upcoming projects on our monthly calendars and my website.
  • Our focus skills for the year can be found on my website.
  • Students should be taking AR tests regularly.
  • Students have specific point goals based on their reading level.
  • Students need to read at least 200,000 words per nine weeks.
  • Some of our upcoming projects will have specific AR requirements. I do pull reports every Friday for our bookworm. The students have to have a weekly average of 90% or above to have their name on the wall.

There are 5 components to our Mathematics program:

  • Go Math-our textbook
  • Fast Math-log on by using lunch number twice
  • IXL
  • Math journal- vocabulary and practice
  • Math homework on a weekly basis is to study notes in their math journal daily and ixl. Occasionally additional assignments will be given. Check your child’s planner.
  • Please check out our website to see what we are studying and researching in small groups.
  • The science notebook is worth 40% of your child’s science grade.
  • Students should be studying his/her science notes on a daily basis.
social studies
Social Studies
  • Open Book tests are given as we finish each chapter.
  • A study guide will be given several days before the test.
  • We will be doing various SS projects throughout the year.
  • Each student has checked a SS book out to leave AT HOME so they can study for tests. They will need to be returned in May.

# of infractions Conduct Grade

on Conduct Sheet

0-2 E

3-5 S

6-10 N

11+ U

Report Card

# of infractions Conduct Grade

on Conduct Sheet

0-4 E

5-9 S

10-18 N

19+ U


We do look for improvement from interim to report card and adjust conduct grade accordingly.

  • Lace or Velcro tennis shoes MUST be worn everyday.
  • Shorts cannot be longer than knee length.
  • Belts must be worn every day. (No tie belts!)
  • Only uniform jackets/sweaters can be worn in the classroom. In the halls, non-uniform outerwear may be worn.
  • Shirts need to be tucked in.
things you should expect to see
Things you should expect to see:
  • Daily: Planners with homework highlighted- Please check and sign daily.
  • Weekly: Work folders go home on Thursdays- Please review work, sign folder, and return them on Friday.
  • Monthly: Calendars on colored paper- Please be aware of important upcoming dates. *Will start soon!
contacting us
Contacting Us
  • Email
  • Note in planner
  • Call (671-7260)
  • We can do conferences on some mornings, Monday or Wednesday afternoons, and occasionally on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons (after car duty).