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  1. Puddlejumpers Author: Mark Jean and Christopher C. Carlson

  2. setting • Chicago • Harvey's Farm, mine and House • Russ’s farm and house • The orphanage • Wrigley field home of the Chicago Cubs • In the tunnel home of the Puddlejumpers

  3. Characters • Ernie Banks • Shawn • Harvey Halsapple • Root • Runnel • Pav • Coot • Russ • Dickey Cobb • Joey • Betty • Rocky Harmon • Mrs. McGrinty

  4. What the characters are like I am only going to tell you about the main characters because there are lots of characters. Ernie Banks is a very good baseball player. But this Ernie obtained his name when he was about 2 months old after a baseball card fell on him and he was interested with it. The player on the card was Ernie Banks. When you read the book you will find out who Ernie really was. Ernie is a very good baseball player. He also does lots of daring things. He is a very nice boy but that is not what Mrs. McGrinty thinks. She thinks that he is the worst boy in the universe. But remember, Ernie is an orphan. Ernie only does all these bad things because Mrs. McGrinty is MEAN to him. That is all I can tell you about Ernie. I can’t tell you really who Russ is because that would spoil the book. But once Russ was a father of 1 child. In any event, Russ is always happy and cheerful.

  5. continued Joey is Ernie’s best friend at the end of the book. She learns how to take dares like Ernie. She is also very nice and kind. She is nice and kind because she welcomed Ernie into his new town ( He was only staying for 3 weeks) and she always let Ernie do what he wanted to do because he was new. That is all the main characters.

  6. Plot Ernie Banks was named after the legendary Chicago Cubs Baseball player, Ernie Banks. When he was only two months and one day old the Puddlejumpers stole him. He went on a trip with his captor and was abandoned from them and found by Joe Beason. Joe Beason was the #1 cubs fan, he had cubs posters and baseball cards taped all over his truck. Then a baseball card that had Ernie Banks on it fell on the unnamed baby. That is how Ernie got his name. So now 9 years later, Ernie is in an orphanage and making lots of commotion. After he sneaks into the cubs game he gets sent to a farm far away from Chicago. That is all I can tell you or I will spoil the book.

  7. Problem The Puddlejumpers steel Shawn and Ernie needs to find out what happened.

  8. Solution Read this book to find out what happened.

  9. Rating WWWW Wikitastic