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puddlejumpers. By : Hannah and kit. characters. Shawn/Ernie/ Waywaywo Nate Mrs. McGinty Kathryn Russ Root Runnel Chop Cully Pav Trogs Joey Betty Harvey Holsapple Sheriff Dicky Cobb Grunts Mother nature. Their journey.

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By : Hannah and kit

  • Shawn/Ernie/Waywaywo
  • Nate
  • Mrs. McGinty
  • Kathryn
  • Russ
  • Root
  • Runnel
  • Chop
  • Cully
  • Pav
  • Trogs
  • Joey
  • Betty
  • Harvey Holsapple
  • Sheriff
  • Dicky Cobb
  • Grunts
  • Mother nature
their journey
Their journey
  • The first journey was Shawn’s journey. The puddlejumpers took him away from home to be their rain maker they named him Waywaywo.
  • The next journey was at the farm Shawn got sent to. He meets a girl named Joey and they take a journey to the Holsapples house there was watch dogs so they had to take separate ways. Joey got lost in a trap door, and Shawn went into the cellar, Where he found one of the puddlejumpers that got captured by the holsapples monsters(trog’s). Shawn saves the puddlejumpers and leaves thinking that joey got out. The next day shawn sees the twins (angus and axel/troggs) carrying Joey and dropping her in a mine shaft and covering it with a board. Shawn went and got her and brought her back home. Everybody thought that Shawn had killed Joey and that’s why he went to jail. (He didn’t kill her though). He escaped from the cop car and went into a puddle in the puddle the puddlejumpers gave him a potion in his crystal acorn to make him a puddlejumper he refused to drink it but they were all in need for rain so he took the potion and drank it they all got into theholsapples house that was the place where all the troggs and grunts were.
  • The last journey he had to get the crystal acorn in the hagdemonia and then it will rain. On the way the puddlejumpers all went to jail except for shawn all of the jumpers cried for water so shawn jumped into the bucket of water one of the troggs got the bucket of water and gave water to each jumper but they didn’t want water shawn told the jumpers his plan at every cell. He jumped out of the bucket when the trogg wasn’t looking and got the keys to let all the jumpers out, they all atacked the troggs and grunts they finally found hagdemonia it took a bunch of trys to get up her but they finally did so he dropped it down but he got swallowed to and it spit out the acorn and then he climbed up the insides and got out they gave him the acorn and he put it in the hagdemonia then it started to grow into a tree and with a big pond and pretty soon the holsapple wasteland was a big pond. Joey was alive , and they belived that it was shawn not ernie. Russ and betty (Joeys mom) got married and joey and shawn were brother and sister. When he looked at his foot his spiral tatoo was gone.
why is the journey important to them
Why is the journey important to them
  • It is important to them because it hadn’t rained in a thirteen years.