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Bangladesh Community Road Safety Initiative Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Bangladesh Community Road Safety Initiative Project

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Bangladesh Community Road Safety Initiative Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bangladesh Community Road Safety Initiative Project. Presentation to Stakeholders Venue : MC 13-800 Washington DC. November 11, 1999. Current Situation in Bangladesh. 70 deaths per 10,000 vehicles

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bangladesh community road safety initiative project

Bangladesh Community Road Safety Initiative Project

Presentation to Stakeholders

Venue: MC 13-800

Washington DC.

November 11, 1999

current situation in bangladesh
Current Situation in Bangladesh
  • 70 deaths per 10,000 vehicles
  • Fatality rate in Bangladesh is most severe in Asia and 40 times that of industrialized countries
  • Pedestrians are the ones that are most affected:
    • They account for 60% of all road accident fatalities,
    • 46% of those killed are men
    • women and children are secondary victims
    • 40%-50% of hospital beds are occupied by traffic accidents

Note: All are 1997 figures

current road traffic situation
Current Road & Traffic Situation
  • Inadequate separation of major highways (from living and commercial activity)
  • Inadequate pedestrian facilities
  • Poorly designed roads
  • Growing traffic levels and higher speeds
  • Ever increasing number of vehicles on the road (motorized and non-motorized vehicles)
  • Untrained drivers often using fake licenses
  • Ignorance on road safety among drivers and pedestrians
  • Weak enforcement of traffic laws
current road and traffic situation categories of road traffic accident casualties
CURRENT ROAD AND TRAFFIC SITUATIONCategories of Road Traffic Accident Casualties

Categories of RTA

-Fatalities 40%

-Serious injuries 32%

-Slight injuries 54%

Only 20% included in the official statistics

level of under-reporting was high and consistent through out Bangladesh

79,000 casualty estimated in Bangladesh in1997 (5 X official figures)

annual accident costs and gross national product 1997
  • Annual Accident Costs- 21,435 taka million ($437 million)
  • Gross National Product 1,616,309 taka ($32, 986 million)
  • Accident Costs %GNP(1.4%)
current road safety actions
Current Road Safety Actions
  • The National Road Safety Action Plan, drawn up in 1996, lists out 9 sub-sectors of road safety:
      • Accident Data Reporting
      • Road Safety Engineering
      • Traffic Legislation
      • Traffic Enforcement
      • Driver Training and Testing
      • Vehicle Safety
      • Education
      • Publicity, and
      • Medical Services
  • Road safety needs to be recognized as a high priority at the local level or else there is a danger that it will stay as a neglected area for action by the central government.
Road safety initiatives thus far have been relatively silent on the roles of the victims:
    • pedestrians,
    • young men
    • women,
    • children, and
    • passengers of buses and rickshaws
  • This group of people has two important roles:
    • To become self-aware in order to protect themselves from dangerous situations
    • Act as a pressure group to influence policy makers, legislators, traffic police, and vehicle operators to take corrective actions
shift in strategy now needed
  • Bring in voices of victims in the design choice of safety measures
  • Address weaknesses in central agencies by using local communities
  • Behavioral changes through education and awareness
  • Good analytical work, legislation and proposal for action have been made under the Road Safety Action Plan
  • National Road Safety Council has been established
  • Rising support exists for road safety
opportunities for bank involvement


Promoting better public sector management

Promoting more equitable human development in relation to health, income, security and gender

Creating partnership between government,private sector and NGOs

Can raise profile of Road Safety among decision makers

Provide funds, expertise for implementation of Road Safety

Has good understanding with other donors on Road Safety

Can provide links with Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP). The CRSIP is a pilot initiative of GRSP



  • Secretary of Ministry of Communications
  • Additional Secretary of Finance (ERD)
  • Joint Secretary of Ministry of Local Government
road safety champions


  • Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Nitol Group ( Mr. Matlub Ahmad, chairman of a leading bus and transport co.
  • Grameen Phone, a leading provider of telecommunications services
  • The Rangs Group with business interest in automobiles, buses and trucks
  • Glaxo Wellcome Pharmaceutical (Mr. Haque the CEO, has recently been involved in a major traffic accident
  • 4-6 representatives offered to support advertising space for road safety
road safety champions civil society
  • Director of Bangladesh National Mother & Child Health Hospital
  • CAMPE an Educational Awareness Institute (Ms. Chowdhury, Executive Director
  • BRAC (A large national NGO) has a component for Road Safety in its activities
  • IMCT (Mr. Murtaza Babu- Ed)
  • Mr. Ilyas Kanchan (Film Actor who lost his wife and children in a road accident)
  • Daily Star, Independent and New Nation
  • Bangladesh Road Transport Association (Mr. Haq, President)
proposed project components
Proposed Project COMPONENTS
  • Strategic Communications Program (SCP): Involves building on existing initiatives and includes other activities like:
    • General population through mass media
    • Seminars and/or workshops for road users, pedestrians, drivers community member, government officials, and private groups or individuals
    • Drivers training program
  • Local Initiatives and Program:
    • Preparation of District and local local level Road Safety Action Plans
    • Implement RS projects by local RS Groups with assistance from District and Center . Include:
      • physical measures (fencing, signage, road repair, and safety watch posts)
      • law enforcement equipment and training;
      • emergency medical, legal and financial help to victims
proposed project components1
Proposed Project Components

Community Road Safety Fund and Institutional Strengthening:

This is to establish the fund and to strengthen the capacity of its partners in road safety activities:

  • provide regular, continuing income to support RS activities
  • orientation and training activities to RS partners
  • review and approve local road safety action plans
  • finance individual road safety projects
  • monitor and evaluation of RS activities

 Recognition - this is a temporary measure with an explicit exit strategy to

mainstream road safety initiatives.

global road safety partnership
Global Road Safety Partnership

Global Burden of Disease

1990 2020

Lower respiratory infections 1 1 Ischaemic heart disease

Diarrhoeal diseases 2 2 Unipolar major depression

Conditions arising during the 3 Road traffic accidents

Perinatal period 3 4 Cerebrovascular disease

Unipolar major depression 4 5 Chronic obstructive pulmonary

Ischaemic heart disease 5 disease

Cerebrovascular disease 6 6 Lower respiratory infections

Tuberculosis 7 7 Tuberculosis

Measles 8 8 War

Road traffic accidents 9 9 Diarrhoeal diseases

Congenital anomalies 10 10 HIV

16 11

28 25


global road safety partnership1
Global Road Safety Partnership

The Silent Killer

  • One 747 crashes 400 killed international media attention
  • 1 planes crash / wk 4000 dead international outcry
  • 100 planes crash / mth 40,000 dead panic
  • 1,000 planes crash / year 400,000 dead boycott
  • 1,750 planes worth / yr j700,000 dead

from road accidents but no one seems ?



Accident Victims

  • Pedestrians
  • Young men
  • Women & children
  • Bus & Rickshaw passengers

Accident Perpetrators

  • Bus & truck drivers
  • Motorcycle drivers
  • Rickshaw & handcart ops.


  • Untrained drivers
  • Ineffective & corrupt police
  • Multiple use roadways
  • Poor pedestrians & NMV facilities

Vulnerable road users

have two important roles






Priv. Sect.

Become more


to protect


Act as pressure

groups to



  • Policy-makers
  • Legislators
  • Traffic police
  • Vehicle operators
  • Local Govts.
  • Mass media

Strategic Components

  • Education

programs to



  • Victims’


  • Physical


  • Mass awareness


  • Driver training
  • Police training
  • Incentives, penalties



To recognize and support




Local Community Road Safety Plans

  • Involve key local actors
  • Analyze safety problems
  • Plan physical and educational solutions
  • Undertake driver training
  • Assist victims

National-Level Actions

  • Strengthen NRSC, BTRA, Transp. Orgs.
  • Legislation, Penalties
  • Driver, Police training plan & incentives
  • Guidelines & manuals


Implementation by:

  • Local public works authority
  • Education focus groups
  • Driving schools
  • Mass media
  • Victim counselling & financial assistance

Implemented by

  • Mass media
  • Training national police
  • Public/private national transport businessmen



  • Traning national police
  • Public/private national