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Spiritual Duck Race Teaching Module PowerPoint Presentation
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Spiritual Duck Race Teaching Module

Spiritual Duck Race Teaching Module

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Spiritual Duck Race Teaching Module

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  1. Spiritual Duck Race Teaching Module Geri Miller, Ph.D. Department of Human Development and Psychological Counseling Edwin Duncan Hall Appalachian State University Boone, NC 28608 (828) 262-6048

  2. Spiritual Duck Race Teaching Module The objectives are: • to broaden the student’s perspective on spirituality; • to reduce the student’s potential countertransference of spiritual biases; and • to assist the student in viewing the spiritual dimension as a core part of all of us and as a potential resource that counselors can tap into in order to encourage resilience in clients.

  3. Spiritual Duck Race Teaching Module Spiritual Duck Race Instructions • Sort the class into groups of at least 3 people. Sort them using: -“natural” classification (major/emphasis, working groups already formed) or -“forced” classification (i.e. numbering off). • Decide on a date for the race to be held during class time. • Give each group a rubber duck symbolizing the individual they choose from a collection of stories about recovering people. For example, use Hazelden’s book, The Harder They Fall (Stromberg & Merrill, 2005), for stories of recovering famous addicts.Have students choose a person’s story (from a list of options) that matches a rubber duck that can symbolize that particular individual (i.e. a duck that holds a musical instrument might symbolize a famous musician who is a recovering addict).Give students a copy of that story.

  4. Spiritual Duck Race Teaching Module Spiritual Duck Race Instructions (Continued) • Give students at least two periods of class time (15 minutes each) to discuss how they plan to have their duck win the recovery race. The guidelines are: -Use the story to support spiritual resources the person used to recover. -Find a metaphor to symbolize those supports (i.e. the duck may rest in a milk carton container that symbolizes their community of self-help group support). -Have the group determine who will play the different roles: (a) who will read the story and summarize it to the group; (b) who will complete the application form that has three sections (history of duck, recovery components of duck, symbol of at least one component of recovery with an explanation of symbol) and bring it to class the week before the day of the race; (c) who will summarize the application on the day of the race to the rest of the class in five minutes or less; and (d) who will be willing to get into the water with their duck (or find a way to avoid the water). • On race day, -Collect the applications from the groups and make a copy for each of the other groups or have the representative make enough copies and bring them to class. -Have the group representative summarize the application in less than five minutes. -Determine the roles needed for the race: (a) the starter, who shoots the squirt gun to signify the beginning of the race; (b) the duck catcher, who is in the water holding a net to catch the ducks as they complete the race; and (c) the marker of the end of the race, who ties the balloon at the end point of the race. -Provide prizes for everyone at the end of the race—some symbol related to recovery (i.e. free pens collected at conferences)—and have student choose their prizes in the order their group placed in the race (first, second, etc.). [Note that the group gets to keep the duck.]

  5. Spiritual Duck Race Teaching Module Spiritual Duck Race Competition Application Name of Duck: _____________________________________________ History of Duck: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Recovery Components of Duck: [What helps your duck recover?] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Choose a symbol that represents one component of recovery and explain why it symbolizes that component: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________