land and climate by mackenzie grade 6 n.
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Land and Climate By MacKenzie Grade 6

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Land and Climate By MacKenzie Grade 6 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Land and Climate By MacKenzie Grade 6. India’s land and climate.

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india s land and climate
India’s land and climate
  • India is a country with landscapes such as high mountains, to flat plains and from the dusty sandy desert to the wet soggy swamps and the sweet beaches to the thick forests. Despite the variety, we can divide India into three main areas.
the himalayas
The Himalayas
  • The Himalayan Mountains stretch for 2,400km(1,500 mi) across northern India. They are huge and imposing a wall of snow and ice, With some of the highest mountains in the world.
the flat plains
The Flat Plains
  • South of the mountains stretching across the middle of India there are the flat plains along the Ganges River. The plains are good for raising crops, especially wheat. With plenty of food there large numbers of people are moving there. Now out two out of three Indians live on the plains.
deccan plateau
Deccan Plateau
  • South of the plains the land rises to the Deccan Plateau, the dry region on the pointed peninsula of southern India. On either side of it there are mountains covered in thick forests and plantations of coffee and tea.
  • In between the mountains and the sea is a strip o land where there are coconuts , bananas and spices. In this place people can go swimming in the warm oceans while the people in the north are wrapped in their winter coats. That is because the south is closer to the equator so it is always hot. Being farther away from the equator, the plains have hot summers and cold winters.
the monsoon winds
The Monsoon Winds
  • The monsoon wind bring rainfall to all of India. Although the crops need it the rain comes suddenly and can cause floods that can devastate the land. Some Indians cities receive more rain in a few months that San Francisco and London in a whole year. Some years the Monsoon does not bring enough water and the crops die. With today's’ technology they are predicting how much rain will fall.

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