Introduction to multimedia technology
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Introduction to Multimedia Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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08/9/2014. Introduction to Multimedia Technology. College Hall 205. JMA501 – Instructor/GA. Dr. John Shepherd ( a.k.a. Shep , John) Associate Professor in JMA. Founder of the Grad/Undergrad Multimedia majors (1995 and 2001)

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Introduction to multimedia technology


Introduction to Multimedia Technology

College Hall 205

Jma501 instructor ga
JMA501 – Instructor/GA

  • Dr. John Shepherd ( a.k.a. Shep, John)

  • Associate Professor in JMA.

  • Founder of the Grad/Undergrad Multimedia majors (1995 and 2001)

  • BS Management Science, from CMU, Ph.D. Operations Research and Systems Management. Pitt, Information Technology Masters Duquesne Office – 529 COLH

  • Office hours – MW 1:00-3:00, and by Appointment

  • Phone – 412 – 396 -5772

  • E-mail – [email protected]

  • GA: Ben Brode


  • 10 years as IT professional, with small company…Boss, secretary, me

    • Clients: Steelers, Penguins

  • IUP for 10 years teaching IT courses

  • Duquesne for 26 years SOB, Rangos, College

Today s objectives
Today’s objectives

  • Course syllabus:

  • Logging in

  • Course goals

  • The JMA network

Jma501 course goals
JMA501 – Course goals

  • Blend technology and applicable applications.

  • Create websites that incorporate multimedia assets.

  • Use HTML and a Graphical User Interface application to create interactive websites.

  • Create digital videos for playback on the Web or DVD

  • Use HTML and digital movies to design and develop multimedia titles

Jma501 assignments
JMA501 - Assignments

  • Due at the end of the day (11:59 PM).

  • Late assignments receive a 10% per class penalty, maximum 30%

  • After two weeks, can’t hand in assignments

  • Actual assignments on 501 class site

  • Use Blackboard to submit work: Submit URL to your index.htm page or the assignment URL

Blackboard submitting homework
Blackboard-submitting homework

  • Login to Blackboard

  • Click Assignments button

JMA501 – Tools

  • Adobe CC (Creative Cloud):

  • Buy : About $500

  • Use labs ( 205, room 345 ) zero cost to you

  • Rent:

    • About $30/month, but needs 12 month commitment

  • Notepad for HTML

Jma501 class web site
JMA501 – Class Web site

MediaSite Live –

User name and password
User Name and Password

To connect to our servers, and thus to your user folder, from within either of our two labs (205 or 345):

  • Logging in and user folders

    • Ctrl-Alt-Delete

    • Username: Your Dori/Blackboard login name

    • PW: Your Dori password

    • Check for Z: drive (A shortcut to a folder on a computer at CTS)

    • Check for pub folder (Content is available via Internet)

Jma 501 applications
JMA 501 – Applications

Adobe Illustrator, vector graphics-resizable

Mm 501 applications
MM 501 – Applications

Photoshop: Image editing -raster graphics

Jma 501 applications1
JMA 501 – Applications

  • Premiere Pro create videos for DVD and Web

  • Encore to author DVDs with menus

Jma 501 html
JMA 501 – HTML

Web development


<head><title>The Web Project</title></head>

<body bgcolor=“#FFFFFF” Text=“#000000” Vlink=“#0c0c0c”>

<h1>Body of Web page</h1>



Jma 501 applications2
JMA 501 – Applications

  • Web development :GUI

  • Graphical User Interface

  • Adobe-

  • Dreamweaver

Additional topics for today
Additional topics for today

  • Folder Types

  • Our servers…Web and FTP (

  • Using FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

    • (put/get files)

  • File Extensions

  • Desktop Management

Parent and child folders
Parent and child folders

Parent of F2



Child F1, parent F3

Child F2



Your Space

User folder-- Z:




We created for you





Your Space

User folder

All files for


Web must

be in PUB








Your private user folder on our server www jma duq edu users loginname
Your private (user) folder on our Server:

  • It’s your private /network folder

  • It’s a child of the users folder ( which is the parent folder):

Short cut—Z:

How do i access the server content ftp drag and drop
How do I access the server content? : FTP, drag and drop

  • Example:

  • You may be prompted for your user name and password

  • Best to enter the above command in the address bar of any application; except i.e. I use “Computer” application

How do I access the server: FTP

  • FTP is a protocol --a set of rules --

  • So is http hypertext transfer protocol

  • There are several other Web-related protocols as well

  • You may be prompted for your user name and password – Use your Dorilogin information

  • Open Computer icon

  • Enter:

Using the pub folder
Using the Pub folder

  • Double-click the Z: drive

  • Open pub folder

  • Right-click in a white area

  • Choose Create>New folder

  • Name it JMA501

Urls uniform resource locator
URLs (Uniform Resource Locator)

  • Note: Index.htm is special file …what’s special?

  • The URL (path) to a page in your web site .depends on how you structured your folders


  • Assuming your file name is index.htm in the JMA501 folder the address would be:

    • i.e. Can do away with http, and index.htm …why?

File extensions
File Extensions

  • Windows-based computers

  • Index.htm

File Extension

File Name

Room access
Room Access

You should have access to room 205, 345 and the building. Use handicapped button on building entrance

Index cards
Index cards

  • Name

  • Major/track

  • Knowledge (1-10) of :

    • HTML,

    • Photoshop,

    • Dreamweaver,

    • Illustrator

    • Premiere/DVD Creation

  • ad