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Valentines Day PowerPoint Presentation
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Valentines Day

Valentines Day

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Valentines Day

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  1. Valentines Day Uccle - Be BEC-Business - Dk

  2. Well done Economic class Art class BEC Business

  3. Thanks To The technicians The printer The management team And the Bec-Business School students The art Class The teachers The secretary Uccle - Be BEC-Business - Dk BEC Homepage

  4. The History of Valentines Day • February has been recognized as a month of romance since ancient times. • It is Known to have origins in Christian and Roman religions. • Little is known of Valentines day’s namesake; the Catholic church recognizes at least three martyrs. • One legend claims he married roman soldiers against the wishes of Claudius II. • Another suggests that he was executed trying to free Christians from Roman prisons. • He apparently sent the first Valentine, signing it: ”From your Valentine”. • This is used today on commercial Valentine Cards. • Different Valentine Traditions

  5. Practical Info • Red / White roses • Sale: 7th-13th February, • both breaks • Roses delivered the 14th. • 2€/rose • Both cafeterias • Sortie Opstal • outside the cantine

  6. Pour:……………………….. de:……… Cette rose est offerte par: …………………………………. Pour:…………………………… de:……… Cette rose est offerte par: ……………………………………… Cards for love and for friendship.

  7. About Us We, the 5th year economics French speaking class, have joined together with a group of 9 students from BEC (business Education College) of Denmark, have worked together to prepare the sale of roses on Valentine’s day. We have a large variety of different language sections in our class, Romanian, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish to name but a few. The Danish group is comprised of 9 girls from 1st and 2nd year of their education system, studying business, economics, marketing, international trade, business law etc. By working together, we have succeeded in organizing the extensive marketing of the project, and have given the sales team a good chance of achieving the goal, to raise a sizeable amount of money charity.

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  10. The Aim • All income made from the Valentine’s Day sales will go to the Comi-Clown association. • Comi-Clown is an association targeted at children. • The association was founded in 2002 • They entertain sick children by sending clowns to the paediatric wards of hospitals and private clinics. • They work in the entire French-speaking part of Belgium. Comiclown

  11. Dans la presse locale, … • Notre visite à l’hôpital Ste-Elisabeth est apparue dans le journal « La Capitale » du 1ier février. En voici quelques extraits: • Our visit to Ste-Elisabeth hospital appeared in the newspaper « La Capitale » the next day. Here are a few extracts: • Vores besøg til Ste-Elisabeth-hospitalet kom i avisen “La Capitale” næste dag. Her er der nogle få uddrag: L’article est visible sur un autre document

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