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Valentines Day PowerPoint Presentation
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Valentines Day

Valentines Day

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Valentines Day

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  1. Valentines Day A historic power point on valentines day and how it originated.

  2. How Valentines Day all started is uncertain. Many experts believe that it started from a roman celebration to wolves. This special celebration came only once a year and was known as Lupercalia. How did it all start?....

  3. Another Opinion Others trace Valentine's Day back to the rule of the Roman emperor Claudius II. In the 200's C. E., Claudius become frustrated when he had trouble recruiting soldiers into his army. Believing that the young men did not want to leave their wives and children, Claudius banned all marriages of single young men. However, a priest named Valentine disobeyed Claudius and performed secret marriages. Claudius found out about the marriages and sentenced Valentine to prison until his death on February 14, 270 C. E.

  4. There are also other theories about how Valentines Day started. These theories involve London England, and Paris France in the 1800s.

  5. The modern day celebration of Valentine's Day seems to have begun in France and England.  On Valentines Eve young people would gather and pick names becoming a valentine to whose ever name they chose. England’s View

  6. Then there were symbols • Cupid, Doves, Love Birds, Roses, Hearts and Arrows are all symbols of the Valentine's Day Holiday.Cupid was the symbol for the Roman God of Love.

  7. What is love??? • By David E. BurtonWhat is LoveLove is the gentle touch with a hint of passion and a soft sprinkle of lust. Love is trust. Love is holding hands ever so gently under the moon light Love is trust Love is steering so intently into your lover eyes with the feeling that, this is so right. Love is a sweet walk in the park with that special someone. Love is pain, pleasure and everything nice Love is trust. Love is loving and caring for you in a very special way. Love is remembering the simple and special things we do and say. Love is remembering how sweet you are and wishing you A HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

  8. Candy, a childhood favorite is also a part of Valentine’s day Chocolate Truffles • 1 lb. chocolate in small pieces1 C. whipping creamHeat whipping cream, until it just begins to steam. Add chocolateandremove from heat. Stir until the chocolate is melted. If you need to putit back on the heat for a minute or two, that's okay. Let cool.Makes 40 - 50 truffles. • When the mixture is cooled, whip it with the mixer until light, 1 - 2 minutes. Let ripen on the counter at room temperature overnight.Make 1 inch balls. I use a scoop and then refrigerate for a few minutes to chill them, before I make the balls.Have ready 1 1/2 lbs. tempered chocolate or chocolate compound. Dip in the chocolate and let set to harden. Store in an airtight container in a cool place.

  9. Here are some of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day • I like the sending gifts to other people, because when I get a gift on this day it makes me feel special. So I know giving someone else a gift will make them feel good to. • I like knowing someone cares about me • I like the love that is spread and everyone being happy. • And who doesn’t love…THE CANDY!!!

  10. That was just a simple look on how different people in different places view this holiday. It also showed how this holiday originated and what it started as it grew.