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Establishing A Child Research Unit Al-Quds University June 2 nd 2003 NORWAY

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Establishing A Child Research Unit Al-Quds University June 2 nd 2003 NORWAY - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Establishing A Child Research Unit Al-Quds University June 2 nd 2003 NORWAY Prepared by Mohammad Shaheen. Presentation Outline. Selected health and social conditions. Why do we need a child research center (CRC)? Opportunities and challenges Organizational chart of CRC.

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Presentation Transcript
EstablishingA Child Research Unit

Al-Quds University

June 2nd 2003


Prepared by Mohammad Shaheen

presentation outline
  • Selected health and social conditions.
  • Why do we need a child research center (CRC)?
  • Opportunities and challenges
  • Organizational chart of CRC
selected statistics
Selected statistics
  • Palest population 3.4 million (WB 63.7%, 36.3%).
  • 53% of the total population is under 18 yrs.
  • Refugees (40%) vs. non-refugees (60%)
  • Total area WB SqK 5800, and GS SqK 360
  • Under Palestinian authority less than 20%
Total settlers/settlements, 400,000 in both WB and GS.
  • Total fertility 5.9 births (5.5 WB, 6.8 GS)
  • Per capita income dropped from $1610 1999, to less than $700/2003.
Literacy rate in 2000, 91% for individuals above 10 years of age.
  • Unemployment rate can range


  • Maternal mortality estimated apprx

70 per 100,000 live births.

  • <5 Child mortality 32 per 1000
  • IMR 28 per 1000.
Resp infections, congenital abnormalities and traffic accidents are the main leading causes of death among children under 5.
Nutritional status of children under 5
  • More than 50% suffer from Anemia
  • Wasting 9.3%
  • Stunting 12%
profile of al quds university
Profile of Al-Quds University
  • Al-Quds University is one of 8 local universities in the West Bank and GS.
  • Libraries (# of )books: Main library with around 14,000 books and Journals
  • Number of master thesis: 980
al quds univ profile
Al-Quds Univ Profile
  • Number of students=6000
  • Grad=850 under grad=5150
  • Number of teaching staff=289
  • PhD holders =110
  • Master degree holders = 169
  • Bsc degree holders = 54
  • Students/instructors ratio = 20:1
selected child related research al quds university
Selected Child -Related ResearchAl_Quds University
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Child development.
  • School health behaviors
  • Psycho-social related research
  • Screening children for hearing loss
  • Special education for Palestinian needy children.
sources of funding
Sources of funding
  • Van Leer Foundation
  • EU
  • CIDA
  • Belgium
  • Islamic Bank
  • Kuwaiti fund
why do we need a child research unit within al quds
Why do we need a child research unit within Al-Quds?
  • Children constitute more than 50% of the total population.
  • Inadequate resources and services allocated to children welfare, development and well being.
  • Lack of understanding of the impact of globalization and political transformation on Palestinian children.
  • Children have been the most affected by the current emergency situations.
Research available on children is very limited and fund-driven, occasional and don’t follow a strategic plan.
  • Very few number of researchers are specialized as child researchers.
  • There is a need to influence policies and strategies.
advantages of child research unit to academic education
Advantages of Child research unit to academic education
  • Combining research and education.
  • Stimulate interest in research in general and child research in specific.
  • Appreciate the importance of child research in informing policy and improving practice.
Encourage and support students in conducting child research in their required research projects and graduate thesis.
  • Develop and monitor wellness indicators that can be used in monitoring children’s wellness, health and development.
  • Advise local and international resource allocation on child conditions and priorities.
Promote interdisciplinary interaction through identifying factors and causes.
  • Promote interest in children’s needs, rights, and conditions
Promote scientific thinking in education.
  • Build teaching/student capacity in conducting research.
  • Help attract competent researchers and motivated students.
Build local research and information gaps in areas that address national needs/priorities .
  • Link research to practice and practice to research (service quality improvement)
  • promulgating, policies/programs and services for different target population.
  • Rapid changing environment
  • Politicization of research funding and findings
  • Limited number of researchers
Researchers are overloaded
  • Financial constraints
  • No child research strategy
  • Fund driven projects
Poor utilization and use of research results
  • Ethical consideration
  • Community fatique
  • Better appreciation for supporting research that can guide/advice policies

and national plans.

  • Sense of competition is growing among local and regional universities.
  • Graduate and undergraduate students interest to pursue research projects including the thesis track.
Growing interest among donors to utilize more research for designing, monitoring and evaluating development projects.
  • Growing interest among teaching staff/professors to publish research in their fields.
  • Growing sense of responsibility among universities to work with public and private sectors.
Potential networking with regional and international bodies.
  • Potential political agreement

“Road Map” initiative.

what is needed for establishing child research unit
What is needed for establishing child research unit
  • Facilities
  • Needs assessment/strategic plans
  • Human resources
  • Financial resources
  • Supporting joint research projects
  • Operational cost

Research facilities

  • Space need to be created/found inside or outside the university.
  • Computer lab, soft wares, internet, and access to international libraries.
  • Data base
  • Conference room and training facilities.
  • Library and data base on children research and literature including website.

Human Resources

  • Training of local researchers on

methods, tools and theories related to child research and development.

  • Graduate new child researchers through supporting graduate programs on child health, and development.
  • Support PhD candidates to study and focus on different children specialties.

Joint Projects

  • Support exchange programs for professors/students and researchers.
  • Partnership and joint research projects with child research groups such as this one
  • Support for the development of documentation, dissemination of research findings.
  • Support for funding a joint research project on children live under emergency situation such as Palestinians, Israelis, Iraqis, Lebanese etc..
support for the operational cost
Support for the operational cost
  • Salary of a secretary and a director
  • Office running cost
financial resources
Financial resources
  • International Support
  • Funds from local/national resources
  • Percentage of University budget for research
  • Partnership with other research institutions
  • Publications/dissemination
  • Training and conferences
organizational chart
Organizational chart



Al-Quds U



Child research management