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Unit 2 Establishing Business Relations

Unit 2 Establishing Business Relations. Words & Phrases. terms and conditions n. (合约上的)条款和条件 enclose v. 封入 We are enclosing sth. Sth. is enclosed Enclosed is (enclosed please find) import n. 进口,进口货 ( 复数 ) export n. 出口,出口产品(复数). line n. 行业, (一类)货色

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Unit 2 Establishing Business Relations

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  1. Unit 2 Establishing Business Relations

  2. Words & Phrases • terms and conditions n. (合约上的)条款和条件 • enclose v. 封入 • We are enclosing sth. • Sth. is enclosed • Enclosed is (enclosed please find) • import n. 进口,进口货(复数) • export n. 出口,出口产品(复数)

  3. line n. 行业, (一类)货色 • We are in the line of textiles. • We are in the same line with you. • If your price is in line with the prevailing market, we will place large orders with you. • irrevocable a. 不可撤销的 • a full set of confirmed irrevocable documentary credit • appreciate v. 感激, 理解 • We shall highly appreciate your cooperation. • your cooperation will be highly appreciated. • we shall appreciate it very much if you can give us your cooperation. • It will be highly appreciated if you could give us your cooperation.

  4. dialogue • What’s the aim for Mr. Ham visiting Mr. Wang?

  5. Situation 1 1.establish business relations with sb. = enter into trade relations with sb. =enter into business connections with =open up business relations with sb. 我们写信给你方希望建立业务关系。 We are writing to you and hope to establish business relations with you.

  6. 2. arts and crafts 工艺品 handicrafts 手工艺品 3. Catalogue 目录 4. Quotation 报价单 5. materialize vt.. • 使...具实体[实利]vi. <愿望,计画等>实现His plan may materialize 他的计画可能实现

  7. Situation 2 • Your name and address have been given/introduced/recommended to us by… as … 贵公司的行名和地址被…当作..介绍给我们 • Chamber of Commerce 商会 • Assure sb. Of sth. 向某人保证… • workable price 可行的价格 workable: can be practiced e.g. a workable system .

  8. Situation 2 5. deal in: buy and sell, trade in ,handle 买卖,经营 e.g. The company deals in chemicals. 6. On a substantial scale 大量 7. Furnish sb. With sth. 提供 provide/ supply 8. A full range of 全套

  9. Situation 2 9.other terms and conditions 其他条款和条件 • terms (契约,谈判等的)条件,条款 e.g. the terms of contract • conditions: (合约上的)条件,条款 e.g. A lease usually contains several conditions about the use of the property. • terms 和conditions 两者经常放在一起用。 10. as to our credit standing 至于我们的信用情况 • as to: about; regarding; in connection with • e.g. There is no doubt as to his honesty.

  10. Content of the message 1.Opening sentences: Source/Intention 主要向对方说明通过何种渠道获得对方资料. 2. Body of letter. A. Self-introduction (business scope /history /advantage) 自我介绍.让对方了解我方公司的基本情况.如公司的经营范围/规模及公司营业状况等 B. Contact information (if necessary) 告诉对方从何种渠道可以查询到我方的资信情况. 3.Closing Sentences: Expectation表达恳切期待回复的心情

  11. Opening Sentences-sources • 我们从….处得悉贵公司行名及地址。 We have had your name and address from

  12. Opening Sentences-sources • 花旗银行深圳分行已把贵公司介绍给我们了。 Your firm has been to us by Citibank, Shenzhen branch.

  13. Opening Sentences-intention • 我们写信给你方希望建立业务关系. We are writing you and hope to with you. 我们愿借此机会与贵公司建立业务关系. We would like to to……

  14. Message -– self -introduction 我们作为玩具出口商已有多年. 我们的产品质量好/价格合理, 在世界上享有极高的声誉. We are an importer/exporter handling toys for many years. Our products have enjoyed a high reputation in the world for their good quality and reasonable price.

  15. Message -– • 请寄贵公司的商品目录和价目单. Please send us your catalogues and quotations. We shall appreciate it very much if you could send us your …. We’ll be pleased to have your…… 我们将另航邮寄我们的商品目录以供参考. We’ll airmail you under separate cover our latest catalogues and price list for your reference. We have pleasure in forwarding you by airmail separately one catalogue for your information.

  16. Closing sentences • 盼早复. We your favorable reply. We should be if you would reply at an early date. Your will be greatly appreciated.

  17. Situation 3 • Separately ad. =under separate cover 另外地, 另航邮寄 • Immediate shipment= prompt delivery 立即发货 • Upon receipt of 一收到。。。就 一收到你们的订单我们就发货。 We shall ship the goods upon receipt of your order.

  18. situation 3 4.…subject to the establishment of an irrevocable and confirmed Letter of Credit for the corresponding amount of order. 条件是你们必须开立金额与订单相等的,不可撤销的保兑的信用证。 • corresponding amount of order 金额与订单一致 • corresponding: the same e.g. corresponding figures • subject to : 以…为条件,视…而定

  19. situation 3 establish /open/issue an L/C开立信用证 5.valid for a period of 60 days 60天内有效 • This offer is valid for 4 days. • This offer is valid until April 1. 6. Invite your attention to the fact that…提醒你方注意一个事实

  20. 课后练习 • Translate the following sentences into English • China Council for the Promotion of International Trade • One of our leading exporters • The scope of business • …have long enjoyed a great fame both at home and abroad • On the basis of equality, mutual benefit and exchange of needed goods • We enclose a catalogue • For your reference • A state-operated corporation

  21. Dear sirs, • We thank you for your letter of the 3rd this month and shall be glad to enter into business relations with your firm. • Complying with your request, we are sending you under separate cover our latest catalogues and pricelist covering our exports. Payment should be made by an irrevocable and confirmed letter of credit. • If you find business possible, please cable us for offers. • Yours faithfully

  22. 谢谢 大家

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