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Cloud Storage Is Hot! PowerPoint Presentation
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Cloud Storage Is Hot!

Cloud Storage Is Hot!

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Cloud Storage Is Hot!

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  1. DriveHQ Partnership / Reseller ProgramsHigh quality service, big revenue potentialStart selling in no time

  2. Cloud Storage Is Hot! • Consumers and SMBs have started adopting cloud storage, backup & IT services. • The market is exploding! It is poised to overtake the hardware / device market. • Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon. Do you also want to offer the service? Isn’t it too late? • By partnering with DriveHQ, you are ready now and it is NOT too late! DriveHQ business clients

  3. About DriveHQ Based in the Silicon Valley, DriveHQ is: • One of the first few companies offering Cloud Storage & Cloud IT Solution; • Over one million customers all over the world and across many industries. • 10s of thousands of business customers, incl. some very large companies. (see • Technology and service oriented (compares to marketing oriented); focus on creating real value than hype.

  4. Why DriveHQ Cloud IT Service? • Businesses need File Server, FTP Server, Email Server, Data Backup System, Sharing & Collaboration System; (i.e. Basic IT Infrastructure) • DriveHQ Cloud IT Solution can replace these servers and systems, saving cost on hardware, software, hosting and maintenance; • No changes to your existing software; no need to re-train your employees; • DriveHQ extends your software applications to the cloud without changing your software; • More secure and reliable than your local systems; • High-end data center; professionally managed service; • Works anywhere. • You and your team can access the cloud service from home, office, hotel or friend’s home. You can also share a folder to a remote client and set a permission.

  5. Why DriveHQ Service is different? • Compared with Google: • Google tries to replace desktop software with Online Applications. However, many applications cannot be moved online or not available online. Also, online applications are usually not as good as the Desktop versions, and can only be used when online. • DriveHQ cloud IT service can extend any desktop software to the cloud. Users can continue using their familiar client software and still enjoy all cloud service benefits. • Compared with Amazon: • Amazon offers Cloud-based raw storage and computing power. It is like moving local servers and storage to the cloud without applications. To a small business, it can create more difficulty in managing these resources online. • DriveHQ offers cloud IT service that can replace the basic IT infrastructure for a small business. DriveHQ service includes all necessary client software, web-based applications and administrative tools. Small businesses not only can save cost on hardware / software, but also can save IT efforts.

  6. Why DriveHQ Service is different? (2) • Compared with Companies Offering “Unlimited” Backup: • Those companies are focused on Online Backup (or cheap raw storage space); • Their consumer services focus on “low cost” and “easy”; and are limited to one PC; • "Unlimited" backup is only a marketing hype, not a long term viable business model: • Consumers may upload many large video files as the broadband speed gets faster and faster. • The storage and the associated bandwidth and human cost can become very high. • For about the same features, their business backup (or Pro) services are much more expensive, which makes it hard to compete with their own consumer services. • DriveHQ: • DriveHQ focuses on Complete Cloud IT Solution instead of just online storage or backup service which is a low-margin commodity business now; • DriveHQ focuses on creating value and saving cost for businesses; • Instead of competing on storage price, DriveHQ competes on features, services and applications; • DriveHQ offers far more & better features at a very competitive price for businesses;

  7. Who should partner with DriveHQ • Online Service Providers, e.g. ISPs; telecom and network service providers; • Service providers in vertical markets serving: • Professional firms such as Accounting Firms, Law Firms, Medical Clinics and Dentists; • Real estate agents and appraisers; • Photographers and design firms; • Non-profit organizations and educational institutes, etc. • Software developers or publishers; digital device manufacturers, vendors, OEMs • Can bundle DriveHQ software, integrate with DriveHQ services or create co-branded / white label service • IT consulting firms and solution providers; • Cloud service providers, incl. Cloud Storage & Backup service providers. • Service providers for specific countries, regions or languages; • With several partnership models, any person or company can partner with DriveHQ!

  8. Advantages of Partnering with DriveHQ • Almost zero time to market • No need to spend years to develop the technologies and work out problems; • Almost zero initial investment • No need to buy hardware and software, no need to hire a lot of people; • Almost guaranteed profitability • No need to worry about other companies’ profit margin; you will almost always have a higher profit margin than other companies; • Proven technologies, proven high quality • Many years in service; over million customers; great reputation; • Many partnership programs tailored for different companies • DrveHQ branded, co-branded, white label reseller programs.

  9. Why Partner with DriveHQ? • DriveHQ has the top quality products and services. • Customers (esp. SMBs) are more willing to pay for the service and for a higher price; • DriveHQ Cloud IT service is needed by almost all businesses. • It saves cost on better service; customers can clearly see the value, so it is easier to sell; • DriveHQ has the best reseller platform. • You can sign up a reseller plan and start selling immediately. • You can customize the website easily to create a co-branded/white label service using DriveHQ tools and templates. • Receive more commissions/revenue share than from our competitors • Companies offering “unlimited” backup attract cheap users, there is little commission for resellers; it is also hard for a reseller to compete with “unlimited” backup without differentiating its service. • By partnering with DriveHQ, your profit margin can be much higher. • DriveHQ does not compete with resellers. Resellers can sell our service at a lower price than DriveHQ; they can use DriveHQ brand name & resources to sell to their customers. • For each business customer, you could receive 10 times more commission!

  10. Partnership / Reseller Models • Referral Program: • You can refer users to DriveHQ by using a referral URL. You can email the URL to your friends or post the URL in your own websites / blogs. If a user signs up in 4 months and orders a paid service in 1 year, you will receive up to 30% commission; • Group Account Service Reseller Program: • You can order our group account service, we can add “custom logo and landing page service” for free. You can order a higher level subscription at a lower unit price, then resell our service to your customers at a much higher unit price. DriveHQ also offers additional discount. So your profit margin can be over 100%! • Co-branded or DriveHQ-branded Reseller Program: • You can create a co-branded or DriveHQ-branded reseller website; when a user signs up your reseller website, it is considered as your user. If you have other services or products, you can bundle the co-branded service. • White Label Reseller Program: • Using DriveHQ Reseller platform, you can easily create a white label service. You just need to customize the web pages, text files and email templates; DriveHQ also needs to setup the website with your domain name.

  11. Reseller Program Free Demos • Group Service Reseller demo account: • Visit, logon as YourCompanyName, please contact DriveHQ support for password. You can also try to logon as YourUser1 and YourUser2, pay attention to the shared folder permissions. • Co-branded or White Label Reseller demo sites: • It is very easy to setup a co-branded / white label service website on DriveHQ has created 3 reseller service templates: • • • These templates are designed to be ready-to-use without any additional customization work. • It is recommended for resellers to try free services. Our basic service is free, which includes almost all features. The group account service is also free with up to 1 sub-user license.

  12. Which Partnership Model to Choose? • To decide the best reseller model, please consider: • How many users can you refer? If you can only refer a few users, then the Referral Program is the easiest. Just send a referral link to the potential users. • If you are an IT Service Provider or an IT consultant and if you want to offer cloud IT solution to your customers, you can use the Group Service Reseller Program. The starting cost is very low. You have full control over your sub-users / sub-groups. You can set your own prices and bill your customers directly. Your service prices can be lower than DriveHQ prices. • If you have a big customer base or if you have a big sales channel and if you want to add more value to your services / products; e.g. if you are a software or digital device vendor, you can bundle DriveHQ software / services. DriveHQ cloud service can enhance your software / device / service value and you can also receive sales commissions. In this case, you can choose our co-branded (or DriveHQ branded) service reseller model. • If Cloud Storage & Cloud IT Service is strategic to your business and if you are prepared to spend big money to market the service and acquire new users, you might want to choose the White Label Service Reseller Program. Without a strong commitment to market your own brand name, using DriveHQ brand will help you sell more.

  13. How to Get Started Selling? • For Referral Program: • Sign up; logon and get your Referral Link. Email the referral link to potential users; post the link on your website, BBS, blog, etc. • For Group Account Service Reseller Program: • Sign up; logon and go to My Account, upgrade to a free group account. Then starts reselling the service. After a customer has ordered the service from you, you can then order DriveHQ service and provide a sub-account or sub-group to your customer. You can set your own price; bundle the service with your other services. • For Co-branded, DriveHQ-branded or White Label Reseller Program: • Sign up, go to My Account page and click on “Become a Reseller” link. • Select a “Reseller Plan Level” and proceed to make a payment. • A co-branded reseller service website will be automatically created at: • • To customize the website / service, you only need to edit the website template files. • For white label service, you just need to customize more web pages, text files, graphics and email templates. You also need to have a domain name and a digital (SSL) certificate. DriveHQ can then setup a white label website for you.

  14. Commission and Revenue Share (1) Commission rates for the referral program: A reseller must have (or refer, or resell) 2 paying customers to qualify for any referral commission or discount.

  15. Commission and Revenue Share (2) • Commission & revenue share for Group Account Service Resellers: • The profit margin can be higher or lower as the reseller can set its own pricing; • Resellers make money from DriveHQ special service discount; and the price gap of high-level service and low level service. • Using DriveHQ standard pricing, the profit margin can be calculated as follows: • If you order 100GB, 20-user group account service, you only pay: $699.99 + 119.99 = $819.98 / year; with 10% discount, your price is only $738 / year. • If you resell the service to 20 users for 5GB each, then you can make: $79.99 x 20 = $1599.8 / year. The profit margin is over 100%! • You can start with a low subscription and upgrade later without losing un-used service credit.  • If you can resell to a lot of customers, you can get more discount: • If you can resell to 3 customers or >=100GB, we will offer you 10% off.  • If you can resell >=200GB, we will offer you 20% off; • If you can resell >=500GB, we will offer you 25% off. • As you can see, if you can resell 500GB to 100 customers, then your cost is only $3149/year after special discount; your revenue is $7999/year. Your profit margin is 154%!

  16. Commission and Revenue Share (3) • Commission and Revenue Share for Co-branded (or DriveHQ branded) Resellers: • The profit margin can be higher or lower as the reseller can set its own pricing; • Resellers can make money from DriveHQ special discounted price. • When a reseller signs up the Co-branded Reseller program, he shall estimate on how many users he can resell and how much revenue he can generate. This can help the reseller to decide on which “Reseller Plan Level” to sign up.

  17. Commission and Revenue Share (4) • Commission and Revenue Share for White-Label Resellers: • It is very similar to the co-branded service, please refer to the previous page. • White Label Service requirements: • More web page and client software customization: DriveHQ name must be removed from everywhere; • DriveHQ must setup a dedicated website for the white label service. The website will use a different domain name and a different digital certificate (SSL); • DriveHQ may also need to setup a different email domain; • Due to the additional setup and requirements, White Label Service has a one-time setup fee of $300, plus an annual maintenance fee of $500 / year. • Based on the estimated sales amount, the reseller also needs to order a reseller plan:

  18. Advanced Topics • For most partners, no advanced info is needed as it is very easy. • Some partners might have the following questions: • Product / service integration: DriveHQ service can be integrated with your existing products / services. Users can have a single point of sign-up and logon. DriveHQ can provide API / SDKs. Also, DriveHQ supports standard FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP and WebDAV. You can use these protocols connecting DriveHQ cloud service. • Payment Processing: DriveHQ has a transaction system which supports all major credit cards and PayPal, etc. You can either use DriveHQ’s payment service, or you can bill your customers directly. • User management: using Group Account Reseller Model, Co-branded, DriveHQ-branded or White Label Reseller model, you have full control over your users. You can create/edit/delete/disable your users (sub-users). • Sales Reports: you can query your sales info and generate reports online. • Customer Support: You can easily support your customers. It helps resell the service, esp. if you resell the service to your existing customers or to customers of a particular region / language. DriveHQ offers secondary support. • Localization Support: DriveHQ reseller platform supports multiple languages. You just need to localize the resource files (text, graphics and email template files, etc.).

  19. More Resources & Sales Support • A lot of info is available online: • Live flash demos and software screenshots; • Online Help, FAQ, Customer Support Forum; • A complete service manual with trouble-shooting tips is available online. • It is easy. You can do it! Your customers can do it! • With over one million customers, DriveHQ has worked out a lot of usability related issues. Even if you are non-technical, you can do it! The software and services are designed for average users. • DriveHQ customer support is available 7 days a week via email. Phone support is available to premium users and resellers during regular business hours. • For more info, please send an email to or call 925-242-2594