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Microsoft Azure Storage PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft Azure Storage

Microsoft Azure Storage

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Microsoft Azure Storage

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  1. Microsoft AzureStorage

  2. Microsoft Azure Storage Persistent Cloud Storage Highly Durable and Scalable Continuous Geo-Replication Cloud Storage Scenarios Data & Access Applications Runtime Operating System Virtual Machine Compute Networking Storage Provision

  3. Microsoft Azure Storage 4 trillion objects

  4. Storing Data on Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure Storage

  5. Storing Data on Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure Storage Highly Durable Storage

  6. Increased Availability with Replication Geo-Replicated Storage WEST DC EAST DC > 400 miles continuous storage geo-replication Microsoft Azure Storage

  7. DEMO Provisioning Microsoft Azure Storage

  8. Accessing Blob Storage https://<account><container>/<blobname> Blob Pages/ Blocks • Account Container vhds VM01.VHD Page (1TB) contoso Block (4MB) videos VID1.AVI Block (4MB)

  9. Cloud Storage Scenarios Hybrid Cloud Storage Backup to Cloud Storage

  10. Storage as a Service • Platform • ( as a Service ) • Software • ( as a Service ) • Infrastructure • ( as a Service ) • On-Premises • ( Private Cloud ) • You Manage • You Manage Data & Access Data & Access Data & Access • You Provision & Manage Data & Access Applications Applications Applications • Provisioned & Managed by Vendor • Provisioned & Managed by Vendor Applications • You Provision & Manage Runtime Runtime Runtime Runtime Operating System Operating System Operating System Operating System Virtual Machine Virtual Machine Virtual Machine • Physical FabricManaged by Vendor Virtual Machine • You ProvisionCloud Services Compute Compute Compute Compute Networking Networking Networking Networking Storage Storage Storage Storage Host Consume Develop

  11. Microsoft StorSimple Hybrid Cloud Storage Connects On-Premises Servers to Azure Storage in Minutes with No Application Modification Application Servers • Benefits • Consolidates primary, archive, backup, DR thru seamless integration with Azure • Cloud snapshots = revolutionary speed, simplicity and reliability for backup and recovery • Reduces enterprise storage TCO by 60–80% • Storage de-duplicated, compressed and encrypted before writing to Azure Storage. Most Active Data on SSD SAS Local Tier Speed of SSD/SAN + Elasticity of Cloud Inactive Data + Backup Copies on Azure storage

  12. Common Workloads for StorSimple Target Use Cases File Share CapEx, OpExof traditional storage • File servers • NAS • CIFS • NFS Data grows exponentially(50–60% Annually) SharePoint • Collaboration • Content & records management • Business intelligence CloudStorage Capacity CapEx, OpEx of StorSimple Archives • Media • Engineering • Logs, records • EMR/PACS • Legal • Construction VMs However, most I/O happens to “working set” data • VM sprawl • VM archives • Regional office storage Local Storage Time

  13. Cloud Snapshots Provide Rapid Recovery Cloud Snapshots Production Data Production Data Enterprise Data Center 1 Enterprise Data Center 2 Connect many servers to cloud storage and scale data sets with StorSimple solution Rapidly recover to any data center (location independent) via mounting the cloud

  14. Hybrid Cloud Storage Cost Comparison Traditional Storage + Data Protection Architecture Hybrid Cloud Storage (StorSimple + Microsoft Azure) Servers 50 TB Servers Primary Volume Disk Array($100K; Double if Replicated) Primary Volume Snapshot Local Snapshot Disk Backup/ VTL ($100K; double if replicated) Media Server ($25K) EncryptionAppliance Extended Primary + Cloud Snapshotsto nearby cloud storage service region Offsite Vault Physical Tape Infrastructure ($50K) Traditional CapEx: $375K | Support: $75K per Year • Microsoft Azure + StorSimple • CapEx: $0K | Support & Cloud: $55K per Year

  15. VIDEO Building Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions

  16. Simple and reliable server backup to the cloud Microsoft Azure Backup A simple and integrated solution Reliable offsite data protection Efficient backup and recovery • Convenient offsite protection. • Safe data – geo-replication. • Encrypted backups. • Familiar interface. • Microsoft Azure integration. • Efficient use of bandwidth and storage. • Flexible configuration. • Flexibility in recovery. • Cost-effective and metered by usage.

  17. Suitable for any workload. When to choose Microsoft Azure Backup Already using System Center Data Protection Manager? Microsoft Azure Backup integrates easily. System Center DPM Protected Server Small business or branch office? Microsoft Azure Backup integrates with the in-box Windows Server backup tool. or SQL File Server Exchange

  18. How Microsoft Azure Backup works 1. Sign up 3. Register and configure 2. Install agent 4. Back up encrypted data 5. Recover to the same or a different server ` Window Server 2012 Small business or branch office

  19. DEMO Microsoft Azure Backup

  20. Data Protection Manager Centralized protection for Hybrid Cloud workloads • Workloads – DPM protects key workloads, at a granular application level, up to every 15 minutes. • Disk/Tape – DPM supports protecting short-term to disk, and long-term to tape. • Centralized – With integration with OpsMgr,the central console enables management ofall DPM servers from a single location. • Azure Integration – DPM now supports archiving data up to Microsoft Azure • Low-Cost DR – DPM on site 1, can be protected by DPM on another site, for DR purposes. • Scalable –800 VMs per DPM server, parallel backups, page-file exclusion, Live Migration support Microsoft Azure Backup

  21. DEMO Microsoft Azure Backup withSystem Center 2012 R2 Data Protection Manager

  22. Review: Microsoft Azure Storage Persistent Cloud Storage Highly Durable and Scalable Continuous Geo-Replication Cloud Storage Scenarios

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