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Child Welfare South Africa

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Child Welfare South Africa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Child Welfare South Africa. Prevention and Early Intervention Models. CHILD WELFARE SOUTH AFRICA PREVENTION AND EARLY INTERVENTION MODEL. ISOLABANTWANA 2. ASIBAVIKELE “ Eye on the Child” “Lets protect them ”. OVERVIEW.

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child welfare south africa

Child Welfare South Africa

Prevention and Early Intervention Models

child welfare south africa prevention and early intervention model

“Eye on the Child” “Lets protect them”


Volunteers play a very important role in this prevention and early Intervention models of CWSA and are the back bone of this programmes. Without the Volunteers’ involvement, skills, capabilities and commitment the programmes will not be able to exist.

More specifically it is about community members being carefully selected, trained and deployed as volunteers to become directly involve with children who are at risk and vulnerable.

a introduction

This programmes is a nationally driven and nationally coordinated programme

that facilitates community based care and support to orphans and vulnerable

children in under-serviced and disadvantaged communities via the

comprehensive infrastructure and collective action of CWSA, its member

organisations and trained groups or cells of volunteers.

The approach of CWSA to community based care includes extending our

expertise and assistance to communities with limited or no welfare services for


the linking of communities with resources to provide an adequate measure of

care for affected and vulnerable children;

and assistance with the enhancing of community skills.

Trained volunteers taking responsibility for the program under the direct

supervision of a senior social worker and site co-ordinator.

monitoring evaluation and reporting

M&E is central to determining the success of this programmes. Specific monitoring and evaluation procedures, as well as the necessary tools for accurate recording, have been developed for this programmes.

Monitoring and evaluation is an essential tool to:

  • Make informed decisions regarding operations management and service delivery,
  • Ensure the most effective and efficient uses of resources,
  • Determine the extend to which the Programmes is on track and to make any needed corrections
  • Evaluate the extent to which the Programmes is having or has had the desired impact.


Child Welfare South Africa is very proud of these 2 programmes. Much needed prevention and early intervention services are rendered and a vast number of vulnerable children and their families are reached by hard work, commitment and dedication of our staff and volunteers.