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Lender Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Lender Services

Lender Services

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Lender Services

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  1. Multifamily Services Dealer Services Lender Services Data Services Employer Services Investigative Services BUSINESS SOLUTIONS

  2. Forward LookingStatement Certain statements made in this presentation, including those related to First Advantage’s product expansion in its business segments, organic growth, expansion of distribution channels, consolidation of operations and geographic are forward looking. Risks and uncertainties exist that may cause results to differ materially from those set forth in these forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause the anticipated results to differ from those described in the forward-looking statements include: interest rate fluctuations; changes in the performance of the real estate markets; limitations on access to public records and other data; general volatility in the capital markets; changes in applicable government regulations; consolidation among both companies’ significant customers and competitors; the companies’ continued abilities to identify and complete acquisitions and successfully integrate acquired businesses; the market price of First Advantage’s Class A common stock; First Advantage’s ability to successfully raise capital; increases in First Advantage’s expenses; unanticipated technological changes and requirements; First Advantage’s ability to identify suppliers of quality and cost-effective data, and other factors described in both companies’ Annual Reports on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2004, as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The forward-looking statements speak only as of the date they are made. First Advantage does not undertake to update forward-looking statements to reflect circumstances or events that occur after the date the forward-looking statements are made. 2

  3. CompanyFundamentals First Advantage Is Ranked Among Top Three In All Major Business Lines  Global Risk Mitigation and Business SolutionsProvider  Nasdaq: FADVPublicly Listed Since June 2003Merged with US    Headquartered in St. Petersburg, FloridaOffices in the U.S. and throughout Asia-Pacific Over 3,700 Employees Worldwide    Majority Shareholder – First American Corporation76% of Total Outstanding Shares  3

  4. BusinessSegments Multifamily Services Dealer Services Lender Services Data Services Employer Services Investigative Services 4

  5. LenderServices Overview: Quarterly Restated Segment Results %  #1 Mortgage Credit Re-Sell Provider45%+ Market Share#1 Provider to Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac 18 Out of Top 20 Lenders as Customers Industry Leading Services Best in Class IT Infrastructure Exclusive Distribution through First American Corporation       Service Revenue Operating Income 5 Operating Margin

  6. LenderServices Products Product Expansion Credit Reports - Tri-merged credit reportsLine item verificationNon-traditional home-buyers assistanceAccount Monitoring – Creditor contact informationCredit score updatesFraud & Identity Theft Prevention – Detection Tax Return VerificationOFAC Alerts Social Security ScreeningStrategic Marketing Solutions –Event Alert TriggersCredit Trend DataDecisioning –Credit automation software and services, creditapplication analysis and decisioning ● Product diversification into underserved markets: Bankruptcy Emerging Mortgage MarketsSubprime● Leverage First American market and distribution resources through a partnership with the strategic sales team ● International credit opportunities 6

  7. MultifamilyServices Fundamentals: Quarterly Restated Segment Results %  #1 Provider of Resident Screening Information ServicesApproximately 35%+ MarketshareThe industry’s largest, proprietary database of ~ 34+ million landlord-tenant recordsThe industry’s largest, proprietary criminal databaseThe industry’s only statistical scoring model – which enables delivery of superior screening results and provides business metrics & reports to property owners and managers     Service Revenue Operating Income 7 Operating Margin

  8. MultifamilyServices Products Product Expansion Resident Screening:Industry’s only statistical scoring model● Nation’s most advanced and comprehensive resident screening tool ● Industry’s only results-based statistical scoring model ● Introduction of advanced scoring model● Target smaller landlords and apartment associations Renters Insurance:Resident liability insurance program● Underwritten by First American ● Paperless program● Tenant’s are prequalified ● Continue to cross-sell with other FADV multifamily product offerings Property Management Software:Web-based software for all apartment managementfunctions● Streamlines workflow & integrates operations ● Enforces policies across portfolio● Control / track resident interactions & transactions ● Integration of capabilities across product offerings (SafeRent form use at PMS)● Integration with renter’s insurance 8

  9. DealerServices Overview: Quarterly Restated Segment Results %  #1 Automotive Credit Information ResellerLeader in specialized credit reporting to the Automotive, Recreational Vehicle, Marine industry, and Manufactured Housing industry Leading loan origination system processor of credit applications on DealerTrack network   Service Revenue Operating Income 9 Operating Margin

  10. DealerServices Products Product Expansion Automotive Credit Reporting–Industry leading automotive credit reporting service:Single and triple merge credit reports Identity verification Fraud detection Credit report analysis FICO and Bankruptcy risk scores ● Bankruptcy Lead ● Cross-sell Bar None lead generation services to existing dealerships Specialty Credit–Credit reporting services provided to the RecreationalVehicle, Marine and Manufactured Housing marketsoperating in similar fashion to Automotive 10

  11. DealerServices Products Product Expansion Credit Automation Software – Manages flow of credit information in and out of lending institutions Scorecards to approve / decline loans Loan Documents Action Letters Management Reports Highly Configurable: Decision Criteria Tolerance Rules ● Continue to develop third party distribution relationships Bar NoneBrand name credit-based lead generation and application processing for auto dealers 11

  12. DataServices Overview: Quarterly Restated Segment Results % Transportation Credit Reporting Leading provider of business credit information to the $500 billion trucking industry Subprime Credit Reporting Proprietary database of subprime consumers Motor Vehicle Record Reporting Comprehensive point of sale software Consumer Services US Search–Leader in public information since 1994 Membership Services Membership & credit customer service Criminal Records Reselling Approximately 165+ million records Service Revenue Lead Generation Full service on-line lead generation Operating Income 12 Operating Margin

  13. DataServices Products Product Expansion Transportation Credit Reporting:Truckload carrier business credit reporting● Proprietary database of truckload carrier receivables business practices ● 80% of leading truckload carriers as clients ● 34,000 carriers contribute regularly to databaseDriving records from all 50 states, Canada, andPuerto Rico● Private network of direct-to-DMV interfaces ● Expand commercial fleet product offerings through cross-sell opportunities: Employment Screening Drug Testing Employment History● Added promotional activity in key segments● Increase client product awareness● Cross-sell Fleet Management Services: Fuel Tax Reporting Permitting Motor Vehicle Record Reporting:Second largest MVR information provider to insurance, transportation and employment screening industries in U.S., Canada and P.R. ● Industry-leading software● Multiple delivery channels ● Expand vehicle based products ● Target fleet and driver management services ● Improve margins with regional and niche market products 13

  14. DataServices Products Product Expansion ● ID verification tool● Improved database elements: Multiple Scoring Models Positive Payment History Information● Improve system architecture for more efficient future product integration ● International expansion – Canada, Europe Subprime Credit Reporting:Nation’s leading source of subprime consumerinformation with 155+ million records● Proprietary database of subprime consumer records ● Unique data and decisioning solutions for: Payday Advance Companies Subprime Auto Lenders Subprime Credit Card Issuers Subprime Consumer Finance Companies Criminal Records Reselling:Proprietary database of 165+ million felony and misdemeanor records● NationScan ● Utilizes multiple criminal record sources ● Continue to develop new features / services with business partners: Access to FADV SafeRent database● Access tailored to volunteer agencies● Access tailored to dating organizations 14

  15. DataServices Products Product Expansion Consumer Services (US leading internet public record location andbackground data services ● 1.2 Million customer database ● 42 Million unique consumer visitors per year ● Expand customer base through the addition of subscription based membership offerings: Example: Home Value Membership● Pursue new advertising channels● Integration into core products with added cross-sell opportunities Membership Services:Consumer credit reporting, credit monitoring,identity theft, and membership-based services● Third Party Administrator ● Private Label ● Retail ● Expand and focus on membership retention and customer service 15

  16. DataServices Products Product Expansion Lead Generation:On-line lead generation marketing tool targeting theautomotive, mortgage and micro-loan vertical markets ● Sales lead generation ● List management● Affiliate network marketing ● Poised to capitalize on increasing recognition of Internet marketing advertising influx● Increase growth into Mortgage and Real Estate lead generation market coverage● Continue to pursue relationships with publishers and advertisers 16

  17. Investigative & LitigationServices Overview: Quarterly Restated Segment Results Electronic Discovery  First to market in Asia and foreign languages 300 Years combined experience % Computer Forensics  Largest commercial computer forensics lab on the east coast Continuously trained staff Data Recovery Industry leading R&D capabilities 16 Terabytes of data recovered monthly Due Diligence Reporting Finest due diligence reports in the industry Better priced reports, more complete, and more consistent Insurance Fraud Surveillance  National leader specializing in the detection and exposure of worker’s compensation, disability and liability insurance fraud Service Revenue Operating Income 17 Operating Margin

  18. Investigative & LitigationServices Products Product Expansion Electronic Discovery:● Consulting ● Data collection and preservation ● Data conversion, delivery, review & production ● Office and employee expansion to provide a full array of service offerings Unique foreign language conversion Computer Forensics:Over 30+ staff experts consisting of engineers and licensed forensic examiners● Litigation support ● Proving or disproving fraudulent activity ● Intellectual property theft ● Continue to cross-sell with other FADV investigative product offerings 18

  19. Investigative & LitigationServices Products Product Expansion Data Recovery:Information recovery from all types of media● Disasters and accidental data loss ● Restore data to tapes and hard drives ● Broadened product reach through formal reseller program – computer stores and re- sellers are able to sell our service● Established automotive intake system to accept client media at various FADV locations for transfer to clean rooms Due Diligence Reporting:Standardized due diligence process on the following:● Hedge fund managers ● Investment banking backed business people ● Managers receiving private equity from funds ● Expand the breadth of service offerings through added staff and management 19

  20. Investigative & LitigationServices Products Product Expansion Insurance Fraud Surveillance:Specializing in detection and exposure of worker’scompensation, disability and liability fraud● Surveillance ● Fraud Investigations ● Background and database investigations ● Cross-sell fraud surveillance services to other First Advantage customers, i.e. large self-insured organizations● Further diversify and expand into additional markets 20

  21. EmployerServices Overview: Quarterly Restated Segment Results % Background Screening Services  Third largest verification provider in the U.S. Occupational Health Services Second largest drug screening marketplace provider Tax Consulting Services Hiring & Location, Transportation, and Sales & Use Tax Consulting Hiring Management ServicesEmployer applicant tracking system Biometrics Fingerprinting applications Service Revenue Operating Income 21 Operating Margin

  22. EmployerServices Lifecycle 22

  23. EmployerServices Products Product Expansion Background Screening Services:Products and services that assist in screeningapplicants for jobs, and monitoring ongoing employment qualifications● Over 80 various background searches ● Largest provider of pre-employment screening in Asia-Pacific ● New specialty product offerings: Vendor Check ● Cross-sell new product acquisitions: Biometrics Hiring Management Solutions Occupational Health Services:● Substance abuse testing● Compliance management● Physical exam management● Employee assistance programs ● FADV branded specialty testing products ● Introduction of compliance monitoring tool for industries requiring professional credentialing 23

  24. EmployerServices Products Product Expansion Tax Consulting Service:● Hiring and location-based tax incentives consulting Work Opportunity Tax Credit/ Welfare to Work State Hiring Credit Enterprise Zone Credits Investment Credit Training Grants● Transportation consulting services - Fleet management ensures trucking fleets are in compliance with state and federal regulations ●Sales and use tax consulting ● Continue to increase service offerings through acquisitions and organic growth ● Expand tax credit target market Manufacturing Processing Distribution Technology 24

  25. EmployerServices Products Product Expansion Hiring Management Services:● Web-based employer applicant tracking system Open-position management capability: Create job requisitions Post position openings Accepting applications Schedule interviews Evaluation of applicants Coordinate background checks ● System available in 12 languages ● Language translation capability for cross-sell opportunity with First Advantage Quest employee screening unit ● Bundle service opportunities with other FADV human resource services Biometrics:Capture, store and transmit fingerprints to federaland local authorities for background screeningpurposes ● Cross-sell with related background screening services 25

  26. Maximize Shareholder Value Shareholder Value Platform for Continued Growth Capitalize on Segment Synergies OrganicGrowth Capitalize on Single Source Concept Capitalize on Client Relationships & Customer Service Distribution Channel Expansion Distribution Channels Continuing Development of Sales & Product Teams Increased Expense Control Efficiencies Operations Consolidation Continued Systems Integration and Functionality Target International Markets Geographic Expansion Foreign Language Translation Capability Increase Marketshare through Acquisitions Product Diversification Product Expansion Bundled Service Offerings Partnership Opportunities 26

  27. Product Expansion Product DiversificationOnline talent acquisition services: Recruitment advertising Applicant tracking Expand product offerings to unique customer base     Bundled Service OfferingsAutomotive Credit Reporting & Lead Generation: Bankruptcy Lead Generation Lifestyle Lead Generation     Partnership Opportunities Employer Services:Business Development teams used to strengthen alliances with partnerships such as payroll companies and job boards   27

  28. Geographic Expansion  Target International Markets Implemented Subprime Expansion to CanadaMarket Leader in Asia-Pacific regionIndia(4) ● Beijing ● Hong Kong ● Tokyo ● Singapore ● Philippines ● PerthPotential Growth Markets Europe Latin America     Unique Foreign Language Translation CapabilityOnly eDiscovery firm to provide complete foreign language processing and translation service   Increase Marketshare through AcquisitionsPresence in U.K. due to acquisition of applicant tracking system  28

  29. Operations Consolidation  Increased Expense Control Efficiencies  Reduce IT maintenance costs by providing a single client interface  Continued Systems Integration & FunctionalityEmployer Services:Migrate clients to improved system platformImprove webdesign to better showcase products Multifamily Services:Complete customer migration to First Advantage SafeRent Develop new features and services: Enhanced Scoring Model Property Performance Analytics       29

  30. Distribution Channels  Distribution Channel ExpansionData Services – Lead Generation:   Drive additional lead generation through alternative channels (automotive, subprime, mortgage, payday stores) Entry into Student Lending and Education vertical markets Target leads on a state and regional level    Automotive Credit Reporting: Utilize subprime Teletrack business to target bankruptcy lead generation   Continuing Development of Sales and Product Teams  Partnership with First American Strategic Account Sales Team 30

  31. Organic Growth Potential  Projected Organic Growth Rate~ 8.0% to 10.0% (2006 Consolidated)   Capitalize on Synergies Between SegmentsCross-sell existing productsCross-sell products from recent acquisitionsShared sales force with First American     Capitalize on Single Source ConceptUnification of corporate identity   Capitalize on Client RelationshipsSecure domestic business of multinational overseas clientsNo single customer represents more than 5% of FADV service revenue    Capitalize on Levels of Customer ServiceStrong customer base Broader coverage of service offerings   31

  32. Fourth Quarter FinancialOverview ($ 000’s) 2005 2004 Service Revenue $159,083 $115,616 Operating Income 21,952 17,470 Operating Margin 13.8% 15.1% Net Income 16,712 10,237 EBITDA 30,727 24,518 Diluted EPS $ 0.30 $ 0.20 32

  33. Full Year FinancialOverview ($ 000’s) 2005 2004 Service Revenue $596,105 $472,142 Operating Income 99,669 73,493 Operating Margin 16.7% 15.6% Net Income 59,410 43,081 EBITDA 128,809 99,228 Diluted EPS $ 1.11 $ 0.86 33

  34. Q4 Segment FinancialOverview ($ 000’s) 2005 2004 Lender Services: Service Revenue $39,364 $31,721Operating Margin 27.0% 22.2% Data Services: Service Revenue $29,839 $18,111Operating Margin 28.5% 32.2% Dealer Services: Service Revenue $26,105 $16,820Operating Margin 11.6% 8.9% 34

  35. Q4 Segment FinancialOverview ($ 000’s) 2005 2004 Employer Services: Service Revenue $39,388 $30,797Operating Margin 11.2% 12.4% Multifamily Services: Service Revenue $14,121 $12,297Operating Margin 13.9% 18.6% Investigative Services: Service Revenue $11,438 $ 7,027Operating Margin 9.4% 4.1% 35

  36. FY’05 Segment FinancialOverview ($ 000’s) 2005 2004 Lender Services: Service Revenue $168,327 $135,201Operating Margin 28.6% 28.2% Data Services: Service Revenue $ 91,699 $ 74,905Operating Margin 32.1% 19.2% Dealer Services: Service Revenue $ 98,357 $ 69,842Operating Margin 13.8% 11.7% 36

  37. FY’05 Segment FinancialOverview ($ 000’s) 2005 2004 Employer Services: Service Revenue $143,839 $115,461Operating Margin 10.4% 9.2% Multifamily Services: Service Revenue $ 63,254 $ 54,135Operating Margin 25.5% 22.7% Investigative Services: Service Revenue $ 34,580 $ 25,714Operating Margin 6.1% 3.5% 37

  38. FinancialOverview ($ 000’s) Service Revenue $596,105 $472,142 $388,776 $291,215 $239,571 $181,621 38

  39. FinancialOverview ($ 000’s) Net Income $59,410 $43,081 $38,337 $29,096 $16,383 $10,641 39

  40. Summary Ranked among Top 3 in all business lines   Maximize revenue and earnings potential throughcontinued strategic initiatives:Acquisitions Product and Market Expansion Partnerships Continue to seek global growth opportunities  Cross-sell opportunities across business lines  Seasoned management with proven expertisein executing growth strategies  40