knight s gear and what to look for when choosing gear for none members n.
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Knight’s Gear and what to look for when choosing Gear For None members. Gear is broken down into many categories and has many uses when Equipping your Knight. Gear strengthens your attacking Knight Gear strengthens your defending Knight Gear adds the amount of troops you can send into battle

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Gear is broken down into many categories and has many uses when Equipping your Knight.

  • Gear strengthens your attacking Knight
  • Gear strengthens your defending Knight
  • Gear adds the amount of troops you can send into battle
  • Gear speeds your troops in battle
where to get gear from
Where to get Gear from
  • Gear can be gotten by attacking wilds
  • Attacking Hills will Get Helmets
  • Attacking Lakes will get Weapons
  • Attacking Mountains will get Armor
  • Attacking Forest will get Pants
  • Attacking Grasslands will Get Shields
  • Attack Level 4 and higher Wilds to get higher level Gear
types of gear
Types of Gear
  • There are multiple levels of Gear, From T1 – T4
  • T1 Yeoman Gear Shown in Gray in Blacksmith
  • T2 Squire Gear Shown in Yellow in Blacksmith, will also include shadow and specialized gear.
  • T3 is not available in 103, but will be Green
  • T4 is not available in 103 but will be Purple

For now, we will focus on the Yeoman and Squire gear, as this is readily available now.

  • Yeoman Gear is the lowest gear available, Not very effective or powerful, but does offer some protection. Is mainly used to Strengthen the Squire and Higher Level Gear Sets
  • Squire Gear has better options and provides another level of protection.
symbols and their meaning
Symbols and their Meaning

ATTACK- This symbol represents your Attacking Attribute

LOAD- This represents the load capability of your troops

LIFE- This represents the Life Attribute of Your troops

SPEED- This represents the speed your troops move

ADDITONAL TROOPS- This represents the additional troops you can send over your maximum amount

additional symbols
Additional Symbols

BOOT-This represents Ground Troop Types (Militiamen, Swordsman , Battering Rams)

HORSE-Represents Calvary Troops (Light Calvary, Calvary, HC)

ARROW- This Represents Artillery Troop Types (Archers, Ballistae, Catapults)

SOLDIER-This represents all Troop Types

SATCHEL- This represents Supply Troops (Troops. Carts, Wagons)


When Choosing Gear, we look at different characteristics of the gear and its attributes. The idea is to find gear most suited for your type of play, and what you need.

The PURPOSE of the Gear (Attack, Life, Load, Troop Size,Speed)

This symbol (Satchel Bag) represents Load. How much your troops can carry.

The TYPE of troop it helps (Artillery, Calvary, Ground,Load)

This symbol (boot) symbolizes Ground Troops

3. The LEVEL of Troop Equipment

This tells us it will provide coverage on T5 troops

The AMOUNT of increase provided.

This tells us we will have a 3% increase.

Looking at all of this, we can determine that this Haubrek will provide an additional 3% in Load Carrying Ability for Tier 5 Ground Troops. My assessment of this Gear: BAD It should be used to strengthen other gear. Not to be put on a Knight for use.

  • Yeoman Gear

Other Examples of Yeoman Gear

PURPOSE of this Gear is Life (represented by the Heart)

TYPE of troops affected: Calvary (represented by the Horse)

LEVEL of Troops: TIER 5 (represented by the 5 stars)

AMOUNT 3% increase

Assessment- BAD, Only provides protection for 1 type of Troop, A 3% increase in Life for T5 Calvary.

While this gear provides additional Life to troops, It is limited to T5 Calvary, by the time you have T5 troops, there will be stronger more effective gear available


Yeoman Gear Example


TYPE: Load



Assessment: BAD This gear adds 3% Life to T5 WAGONS. If your sending T5 wagons, you should be sending troops with it to protect them.


Yeoman Gear Continued

PURPOSE: Speed (represented by Wings)

TYPE: Calvary



Assessment BAD, This gear represents a 3% increase in Speed for Tier 5 Calvary


Squire Gear

Squire gear is the next level of gear available to us, It is much more effective and provides better alternatives with flexibility. Instead of 1 attribute, Squire gear can have 2 attributes. From the picture, we can see this has 2 attributes available, and 2 different Troop Types as well.

ATTACK (represented by the crossed swords)

SPEED (represented by the wings)

For the ATTACK attribute, we see this will provide a 3% increase in ATTACK with T2 Ground Troops ( Swordsman)

For the SPEED attribute, we see this will provide a 3 % increase in the speed of T1 and T2 Calvary (LT Calvary, Calvary)

Assessment- Acceptable Gear, If you needed to increase the attack of your swordsmen, this could certainly be effective