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U.S.A. Distributor of. Division of. Fragrance Ambassador’s Presentation. September - December, 2009. Welcome to:. We invite you to join our Fragrance Experience We look forward to your participation. WHO IS SCENTERPRISES?. A global fragrance consultancy founded in 1992

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U.S.A. Distributor of

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    1. U.S.A. Distributor of Division of Fragrance Ambassador’s Presentation September - December, 2009

    2. Welcome to: We invite you to join our Fragrance Experience We look forward to your participation

    3. WHO IS SCENTERPRISES? A global fragrance consultancy founded in 1992 Launched numerous successful and profitable fragrances Assisted in re-branding fragrance Co’s / & their products Developed licensing opportunities for major apparel companies for the personal care market U.S.A. Distributor of The Perfume Studio Develops Environmental Scent Branding initiatives

    4. THE SCENTERPRISES TEAM Sue Phillips, Founder & President 30+ years experience in the Beauty Industry Senior executive positions: Tiffany & Co., Lancôme, Arden Brand responsibility: for Burberrys, Chopard, Davidoff, Diane Von Furstenberg, Lancôme, Oilily, Trish McEvoy and Avon Former F.I.T. adjunct professor: Cosmetics & Fragrance Mktg Recognized Global Expert.: Fragrance, cosmetics, personal care fields

    5. SUE PHILLIPS - CAREER HIGHLIGHTS Created Tiffany perfume/Men, & Burberrys Society/ Burberrys for Men Initiated promotional strategy - Davidoff Cool Water and Zino Davidoff Launched Chopard fragrance - for Women at Sak’s Fifth Avenue Developed original fragrances - three Trish McEvoy fragrances Collaborated with Diane Von Furstenberg on Avon home scents Developed Avon’s Products: “Beauty Begins at Home” home fragrances, Avon Wellness, health & wellness business and Avon candle category

    6. THE SCENTERPRISES TEAM Joanne Cardello, Vice President of Marketing 25+ years experience in the Beauty Industry Global and domestic senior executive marketing positions P&G Prestige, The Estee Lauder Companies, Parfums Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent Brand management responsibility: Dunhill, Montblanc, Izod, Tommy Bahama, Origins, Tommy Hilfiger, Aramis and Prescriptives

    7. JOANNE CARDELLO - CAREER HIGHLIGHTS Created licensing agreement: First Izod fragrance between Gemini Cosmetics, Inc. and Phillips-Van Heusen Concept and fragrance development: Directed package design and advertising for Tommy Bahama Set Sail South Seas for Men & Women • Led creation: Dunhill Pursuit, Fresh, Pure, Femme de Montblanc and Montblanc 100th Anniversary commemorative diamond fragrances

    8. SCENTERPRISES LTD.PARTIAL CLIENT LIST Avon Inc. AromaSys Brandaroma Burberrys Ltd. Bath & Body Works Chanel Corincraft UK Coty Inc. Danskin Elizabeth Arden Lancaster Lancôme Oilily Tiffany & Co. Trish McEvoy The Perfume Studio UK

    9. SCENTERPRISES LTD. SERVICES Brand Building Concept Development Product Development Creative & Strategic Marketing Promotional Alliances Licensing U.S. Distributor for Britain’s THE PERFUME STUDIO custom blended high quality perfumes Collaborate with major Hotels, Casinos, Spas & Resorts to ‘scent-brand’ properties

    10. THE PERFUME STUDIOMISSION STATEMENT Life is about personal joys and experience. The Perfume Studio mission: to provide everyone with a unique multi-sensory experience by offering the opportunity to create a custom fragrance. Creating and wearing a personal custom fragrance using some of the world’s finest perfume blends is a compelling experience.

    11. THE PERFUME STUDIOEXECUTIVE SUMMARY Cont’d • To attract a growing number of independent representatives: to target • Ladies Nights Out, Salons, Spas, Bridal Market, Corporate and Event Planners etc. • To offer Fragrance Ambassadors an opportunity: to generate a • 2nd source of income and to recruit many qualified unemployed people. • To take the next four months: to platform Scenterprises as THE Custom • Perfume Experience Co. and generate press, interest & ‘buzz’. • To begin 2010: with balanced inventory and a lean yet effective management • team to generate sales of $1million and to grow the business to $10million in 5 years.

    12. THE PERFUME STUDIO HISTORY The Perfume Studio distributed by Scenterprises Ltd. The U.K. Company founded in 2002: in response to a shift in the industry and consumer trend towards personalization and bespoke products Opportunity: Clients to create own Signature fragrance of the highest quality A range of 18 blends: designed by a master perfumer Mix & Match Design: to create your own bespoke perfume

    13. THE PERFUME STUDIO HISTORY Business started by hosting perfume parties, bachelorette parties and corporate events Today The Perfume Studio signature fragrances are available in U.K.’s premier beauty and health spas including Champneys Health Resorts and Stoke Park Club Spa as well as through a large team of Independent Consultants throughout U.K. & Europe Scenterprises Ltd. named U.S. distributor for The Perfume Studio in November 2008 Events held in New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, Los Angeles, and in Bloomingdale’s, New York as a trunk show vendor

    14. THE PERFUME STUDIO DESCRIPTION The Perfume Studio experience takes guests on a fragrance journey, guiding them through 18 exquisite perfume blends made with the finest ingredients The final destination is a unique bespoke perfume created by the guest for herself or himself The session begins with a lifestyle questionnaire that helps determine fragrance preferences The questionnaire acts as an ice breaker and gets attendees talking and sharing The Fragrance Ambassador gives a short entertaining lecture about the history and structure of fragrance Much like a wine tasting, guests explore the wonderful world of scent by sampling the blends which include floral, citrus, musky, mossy, fruity, spicy and woody notes, there is something for everyone

    15. THE PERFUME STUDIO DESCRIPTION Guests test each of the 18 blends and decide which ones are liked best By smelling them together they choose which blends work well in combination and which they would prefer to leave out Three or four blends are selected and this becomes their personal formula Once guests make their selection, the Fragrance Ambassador custom blends the formula into a lovely designer purse spray for women or elegant canister for men

    16. THE PERFUME STUDIO DESCRIPTION The experience is fun, informative and ultimately rewarding; at the end of the session guests take home their unique fragrance and receive a certificate bearing the name that they choose for their fragrance The entire process takes approximately 1 to 1½ hours and may be tailored to specific needs.

    17. THE PERFUME STUDIO DESCRIPTION The Perfume Studio lends itself to a variety of different experiences, whatever the occasion: Private Consultation – the ultimate way to experience The Perfume Studio, spend time with a trained Fragrance Ambassador to create a signature fragrance Perfume Party – either at home or a venue, a Fragrance Ambassador will host event as guests create their own unique perfume; guests learn how fragrances are created by perfumers; they discover their personal preferences and have a fun, unique interactive experience Bridal Shower / Bachelorette Party – the perfect way to start the celebration, everyone creates and takes home their custom perfume

    18. THE PERFUME STUDIO DESCRIPTION Corporate Entertaining – a fun and unique experience for business men and women, clients and management alike Team Building – teams go head-to-head testing a variety of skills as they create a fragrance and brand to capture the market; alternatively, take an “Apprentice Challenge” and create a fragrance to sell the same day Spas and Salons – an ideal way to generate incremental income and added value to clients; after a spa treatment why not create their own perfume?

    19. THE PERFUME STUDIO TESTIMONIALS “I had so much fun. The event was so fabulous, and I met such wonderful people there. I had such a great experience, and learned so much from you. You have such an array of knowledge, and such excellent stories. I absolutely love my new custom blended fragrance. It smells so beautiful. I can't wait to wear it around with my friends.” Bridget Masaryk, Connecticut

    20. THE PERFUME STUDIO TESTIMONIALS “$85 is comparable to most of the 100ml bottles of perfume currently in the marketplace. However, I felt comfortable paying that amount for a 20ml bottle because it was custom.” Karen G., Assistant Buyer, Women’s Designer Fragrances, Macy’s East “I absolutely just adore my new fragrance.  This has been such a wonderful experience and I am so excited to take the class again in January.” Nina C. Yacavino

    21. THE PERFUME STUDIO TESTIMONIALS “I found the event to be fun as well as informative.  It was so interesting to learn how fragrances are created.  The beginning of the event was very telling because by answering a series of unrelated questions you could already tell what type of fragrance you would be drawn to.  Then finding out about all the different types of top, middle, and bottom notes of a fragrance were fascinating.  Fragrance is such a personal thing and the fact that each individual came out of the class having created their own fragrance was a fabulous thing.  I truly enjoyed learning so much about a product that I have always loved.  Thank you for a great experience.” Felicia Coppola, New York

    22. THE PERFUME STUDIO TESTIMONIALS “A fascinating experience. I wish I'd brought that special woman so I could have bought her that special gift." Neil M. of San Diego “Wasn't it a fun day!! Your presentation was wonderful, and I think we've piqued the interest of several of the attendees.” Karen Dubin, Founder Sniffapalooza “THANK YOU for the opportunity to be a part of you presentation. I truly enjoyed myself and think you are on the brink of something really special. I have always believed that fragrance makes the world a better place because it is all about memories, emotions and passion and to aid people to release these aspects of their character is a testament to what we do as guardians of this magical substance.” Walter Johnsen – Fragrance Developer & Motivational Speaker

    23. THE PERFUME STUDIO POSITIONING The Perfume Studio is a Niche Brand that offers a unique experiential alternative to celebrity and designer fragrances sold in department stores. It offers affordable luxury at suggested retail prices in the range of $85.00 to $135.00.

    24. TRENDS & CRITICAL NEEDS PERSONALIZATION A major trend is consumer’s high expectations for personalized experience There is no product that defines personalization as much as the iPod – the proof is in The Apple store sales figures The Perfume Studio not only offers a personal experience but customers leave the event with a custom blended perfume created and named by them It’s interactive, creative, informative about the joys and magical wonder of olfactory sense.

    25. TRENDS & CRITICAL NEEDS RETAILERS GET PERSONAL Luxury Specialty and Department store comparable-store sales continue to decline due to slowed consumer spending and unemployment Retailers are ‘Romancing the Shopper’ by getting personal - intimate gatherings range from informal presentations in private homes or hotels to in-store events after business hours to inspire shopping by offering an exclusive experience The Perfume Studio is on trend and timely with its offering of a personal fragrance experience that may take place in a wide range of locations from in home to the selling floor of a retailer

    26. TRENDS & CRITICAL NEEDS SPENDING RESPONSIBLY Wellness and personalization are important issues that encompass feeling good about oneself One true constant is that women and a growing number of men still feel the need to look and feel their best despite the current gloom and doom of the economy Vanity continues to grow even while wallets shrink The Perfume Studio provides a guilt-free, feel-good experience The sense of smell is connected with emotions in the brain. A fragrance is an instant mood booster providing feelings of looking and feeling good

    27. TRENDS & CRITICAL NEEDS EMOTIONAL CONNECTION It is critical to have an emotional connection with the consumer Many luxury retailers and designers are hosting intimate gatherings that range from informal presentations in private homes or hotels to in-store events to inspire shopping by offering an exclusive experience and interaction This is exactly the strategy of The Perfume Studio; to create an interactive, intimate experience that is informative, creative and fun 

    28. TRENDS & CRITICAL NEEDS OPPORTUNITY In today’s economy many people are looking for a second source of income Some are seeking new opportunities as a result of unemployment The Perfume Studio offers the opportunity to become an Independent Fragrance Ambassador consultant Training is provided, and with a minimal investment in the Starter Kit with its components, consultants are in business making an immediate return on their investment

    29. TARGET MARKET The opportunity to create sensory events is limitless! ‘Newness’ and Innovation will be the keys to success and profitability for companies in today’s down economy Consumers will still spend money if there is a compelling reason to do so

    30. TARGET MARKET • Resorts • Cruise Lines • Corporations • Event Planners • Hospitals – Get Well • Fragrance Experience • Museums • Sensorial Events - Chefs, Musicians & Wine Companies • Beauty Schools – For a fee offer training course and 20 ml perfume for each attendee -an opportunity to reach potential F.A’s • Colleges (FIT) • Fund-raising opportunities • Independent Fragrance Ambassadors • Salons and Spas • Retailers interested in generating business via in-store events to attract customers • Gift Experience Companies • City Experience Companies • Bridal Market • Ladies Night Out Events • Women’s Groups & Organizations • Country Club & Golf Club Members • Couples Events and Spouse Programs • Hospitality and Concierge Markets

    31. GENERAL PROFILE OF TARGET MARKET Men and Women of all ages who love fragrance Luxury consumers cautious about spending Consumers who are confused with plethora of celebrity, designer, sports figure fragrances Consumers seeking a unique personalized gift experience who are highly receptive to forming an emotional connection

    32. GENERAL PROFILE OF TARGET MARKET Those interested in being involved in the process of creating their own fragrance Corporate event planners seeking team-building events and spouse programs Salon and Spa clients who want to look and feel good and are motivated to create their own custom ‘bespoke’ fragrance

    33. COMPETITION Custom Perfumery is still very new in the USA, however some independent retailers are beginning to offer a range of single note ingredients for consumers to select their preference. The ‘experience’ event as well as the Custom Creation of a perfume is still very unique. We offer exquisite blends. This is a niche opportunity for us to excel and grow

    34. MARKETING PLAN • E-Mail Marketing • Monthly News Letter mailings via Constant Contact • Seasonal Seminars • Perfume seminars for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s & Father’s Days • Recruiting • Aggressive effort to increase number of Fragrance Ambassadors by on-line job postings • Networking • Local networking at Women’s Organizations and Trade Shows • Word-Of-Mouth • Viral word-of-mouth Marketing Campaign

    35. CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION SALONS & SPAS: The Nile Institute – Launched June 7, 2009 West Hollywood, CA 90069 Bodicures – Launch September 2009 For the body, mind & spirit Mamaroneck, New York 10543 The Lancôme Boutique – Launch October 2009 201 Columbus Avenue New York, New York 10023 Fontainebleau Hotel & Spa– Miami, Florida – November 2009

    36. CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION CONCIERGE SERVICES: Quintessentially 353 Lexington Avenue, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10016 Exclusive Resorts (September 2009) 60 East 55th Street, 23A New York, NY 10022 FRAGRANCE AMBASSADORS: Raquel Hentzel, Miami, Florida Beth Weiss, Cedarhurst, New York Miriam Vareldzis, Portland, Oregon GIFT EXPERIENCE COMPANIES: Great American Days, Inc. www.GreatAmericanDays.com 65 Roswell Street Suite 300 Alpharetta, GA 30004

    37. PRICING STRATEGY The Perfume Studio products are competitively priced at the mid range of the luxury segment to offer an extraordinary unique ‘experience’ and affordable value of creating a Custom Perfume. Suggested Retail Pricing: Products Designer Color Sprays 20ml $85.00 Diamante Accent Sprays 20ml $95.00 Large Canister Sprays – 30ml $100.00 Crystal Heart Perfume Bottle 30ml $135.00 Scented Candles $45.00 Unscented Body Oil $40.00 Silver ‘Secret Agent’ Atomizer Pen $25.00 Pricing for the Seminars: For ‘at-home’ parties the price to pre-book to attend the Seminar Experience is $45.00 . Custom Perfume is an additional cost as above. For Great American Days prices range from $175.00 per person to $125.00 for groups of 20 or more which includes the seminar and perfume.

    38. SALES STRATEGY Create a network of Fragrance Ambassadors around the country to host Perfume Parties and Seminars Open accounts with: Salons and Spas Develop on-going corporate clients

    39. TARGET CLIENTS • Gift Experience Companies • Bridal Market • Ladies Night Out Events • Women’s Groups & Organizations • Hospitality and Concierge Markets • Country Club & Golf Club Members • Resorts • Cruise Lines • Corporations • Event Planners • Hospitals – Get Well Fragrance Experience • Museums • Sensorial Events collaborating with Chefs, Musicians & Wine Companies to create a Celebration of the Senses • Beauty Schools – offer training course – opportunity to reach potential Fragrance Ambassadors

    40. PRODUCT RANGE & PRICING 20 ml Purse Spray in Red, Aqua, Green and Pink $85.00 Suggested Retail Selling Price (excluding consultation fee) 20 ml Diamante Purse Spray in Silver, Gold and Black $95.00 Suggested Retail Selling Price (excluding consultation fee)

    41. PRODUCT RANGE & PRICING Hand-Blown Crystal Heart Decanter with 30 ml pour bottle, funnel & pipette $135.00 Suggested Retail Selling Price (excluding consultation fee) Silver writing instrument with secret 5 ml atomizer and pipette $25.00 Suggested Retail Selling Price

    42. PRODUCT RANGE & PRICING “Design Your Own Fragrance” Kit comes in Fresh, Floral and Oriental Contains 20 ml Purse Spray, 6 x 5ml blends, 6 blotters, 2 pipettes, 1 step-by step instructional guide $110.00 each Suggested Retail Selling Price Fresh – Glorious blends of citrus, bright green tea notes accompanied by a gentle musk and dreamy happy scents. Floral – A delightful mix of nighttime jasmine led by heady florals and tender fragrances including rose and violet leaf with crisp top notes of bergamot and sage. Oriental – Taste the orient with scents of sandalwood, exotic and sensual spices, amber and balsamic notes with a hint of mandarin for brightness.

    43. PRODUCT RANGE & PRICING Candles scented with blends: Citrus #1 white Heady Floral #9 red Fruity #4 white Rose Floral #7 red Balsamic #12 white $45.00 Suggested Retail Selling Price 120 ml Satin Body Oil Spray $40.00 Suggested Retail Selling Price Gift Certificate

    44. S.W.O.T. ANALYSIS Strengths: Offers innovative, interactive, creative, informative Personalized Custom Perfume seminars and events Only brand that offers an ‘Experience’ Luxury positioning at affordable pricing Extraordinary high quality perfume blends Beautiful packaging Guests leave with their own Bespoke Perfume and Certificate of Registration Weaknesses: Sluggish economy- people not having a lot of disposable income

    45. S.W.O.T. ANALYSIS Opportunities: Take advantage of multi-opportunity selling points, e.g. Spas, Salons, Experience Companies, Event Planners, Corporations Build a team of Fragrance Ambassadors around the country Take advantage of 9.5% unemployment rate by seeking and training out-of-work professionals who have a love of Beauty and Wellness and desire their own businesses Distinguished against the plethora of celebrity, designer, commercial fragrances by offering a unique, customized initiative  Threats: Increasing number of competitive companies who recognize the opportunity of Customized Personalized Fragrance blending

    46. Division of U.S.A. Distributor of THANK YOU! We Appreciate your Review of our Program!