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Distributor. Corporate Address: 529 Queens Road Charlotte, NC 28207 Warehouse Address: 1127 Tarheel Road Charlotte 28208 Po Box 6252 Charlotte, NC 28207 888-ZYCOSIL or 888-992-6745 www.southscope.net. Introducing.

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  1. Distributor Corporate Address: 529 Queens Road Charlotte, NC 28207 Warehouse Address: 1127 Tarheel Road Charlotte 28208 Po Box 6252 Charlotte, NC 28207 888-ZYCOSIL or 888-992-6745 www.southscope.net

  2. Introducing • A Water Soluble, Penetrating, Water Repellent for use on Cementitious Materials such as Brick, Concrete, Stone, Tile, Grout, Mortar and Plaster • Provides 20 plus year protection • Eco Friendly and easy to use • Better value compared to alternative technologies • Sold in concentrated form / just add water and apply • International Patents Issued 2009

  3. Zydex Industries

  4. InspirationBehind Zycosil -Natures Nano Technology

  5. Ideal Waterproofing Long Life* 20+ years (*abrasion, UV resistant) Easy to Apply Affordable Eco friendly

  6. Failures of Existing Waterproofing Film Former Products • Short Life Span • Abrasion • UV Breakdown • High Cost • Difficult Application • Toxic Chemicals – High VOC Content • Flammability - Safety Solvent/Silane Products $

  7. How Water Enters a Building Rain Water Seeps into a building Through Pores & Micro-cracks Salt/ Acid rain ~ 1 - 2 nm Substrate pore size 5 - 2000 nm

  8. How Water Enters a Building Rain Fall(Roof Top) Condensation in Capillary (Due to wide temperature Fluctuations & High relative humidity) Structural Defects(Micro Cracks) Capillary Action(Ground Water)

  9. How Water Penetrates DeBonded Joints Tile, Brick or Concrete Block Mortar joint Rain Micro cracks allow water to pass through

  10. Failures of Existing Waterproofing Products “Film Formers” • Blocks Breathability • Life of Only 2-5 Years UV and Abrasion Destruction of the Film coating Pores Water repellant Film coating Pores channels

  11. Aesthetic Damage I) Internally - Efflorescence - Paint Peel Off/ Blisters II) Externally - Fungus - Mold (Mildew) - Dirt Pick Up

  12. Structural Damage From Water Seepage • Alkaline Silica Reaction (ASR)-occurs when water enters the highly alkaline environment of concrete. The result is the formation of a gel that expands creating force that subsequently creates cracks in concrete • Freeze & Thaw – the expansion of water in concrete during freeze cycle creates force and the contraction during thaw creates voids. The results are cracked concrete • Carbonation - carbon dioxide in the ambient air penetrates the concrete and reacts with hydroxides in cement. The reaction changes the ph within concrete. High ph corrodes steel reinforcement in concrete • Sulphate Attack – Degredation of portland cement due to the exposure of sulphate salts that are present in soils, groundwater, and fertilizers, etc.

  13. Structural Damage From Water Seepage Corrosion, Alkaline Silica Reaction, Freezing & Thawing, Premature Aging, Carbonation, Sulphate Attack The presence of water is the common component in all of these processes.

  14. Uniqueness of Zycosil Zycosil Concrete Pore Other Penetrants Blended Coatings Silicone Resins Acrylic Resins Epoxy Resins Typical Concrete Nanometer scale 0 5 50 100 500 700 1000

  15. Uniqueness of Zycosil • Acrylic • Silicones • Waxes • Urethane • Epoxy • Silane • Silane / Siloxane • ZYCOSIL Category Particle size 500-700 100-500 50-100 500-800 700-1000 3-6 50-100 nm nm nm nm nm nm nm Film Formers • Acrylic • Silicones • Waxes • Urethane • Epoxy • Silane • Silane / Siloxane • ZYCOSIL Solvent based Penetrants Water Soluble Penetrants 4-6 nm Zycosil

  16. Uniqueness of Zycosil Zycosil works by changing surface properties of the substrate Pore size 5 - 2000 nm WATER DROPLET ZYCOSIL Stone Pores 5-200 nm Brick Pores 100-2000 nm Plaster Pores 50-3000 nm Concrete Pores 10--200 nm

  17. Uniqueness of Zycosil • Conventional solvent based Silane & Silane/Siloxane mixtures contains flammable volatile organic solvents which are released into the environment • Zycosilis applied in a substantially diluted form (10 to 20 times in water) releasing significantly less amount of Volatile Organics • 2 gm Vs 10 gm per Ft2 coverage • Zycosilmeets the toughest VOC standards

  18. Comparative Performance

  19. Comparative Performance

  20. Penetration & Breathability Penetration of Zycosil into brick Penetration of Zycosil into Concrete High Penetration and Breathability Translate into a Long Service Life

  21. Zycosil Limitations • Cannot be applied on acrylic paint • Cannot seal major cracks • Once diluted, it’s best used within 48 hrs • Will not allow re-plastering and fixation of tiles, stones, granites etc.

  22. Solutions to Zycosil Limitations • Use Zycoprime on a Zycosil treated surface, prior to Cladding of Tiles, Granites etc. • Acrylic paint must be removed prior to application of Zycosil

  23. Affordability General Estimates ApplicationCosts - Diluted Zycosil is comparable in price to most film formers. (Most film formers only provide 1 - 3 year performance) ApplicationCosts - Diluted Zycosil is roughly 30% to 50% lower than most Solvent / Silane based products. (Most Solvent products offer maximum 5-10 year warranties)

  24. Field Testing with Rilem Tubes Zycosil Treated Untreated

  25. Waterproof Test • WATER ABSORPTION RATE (RILEM) TEST • The Rilem tube was affixed on the substrate surface. Water was filled up to 5ml mark. Rate of water absorption was measured. The hydraulic pressure generated on the surface was equivalent to 87 mph wind driven rain. Reduction in water absorption rate • Brick • Concrete • Plaster • Cement Sheet • Sand stone • Over 98 % • Over 99 % • Over 99 % • Over 99 % • Over 99 %

  26. Waterproofing Test ACCELERATED WEATHERING Weathering Cycle: UV exposure according to ASTM G-154 (21 hours), followed by rain showers (1 hour) and drying at 110 oC (2 hours). The samples, Concrete blocks, Bricks, Plaster, Sand stone, and Cement Sheet have undergone over 90 cycles. All the Samples retained over 98 % of water repellency, after 90 cycles

  27. Waterproofing Test • Water Absorption of Concrete ASTM D6499 : 99 (2006) - Adopted • Six sample blocks of 40 grade concrete were treated with a mixture of 1 part Zycosil and 10 parts water. Each block was allowed to dry for 24 hours before testing. • Test Procedure: • Treated and untreated samples were submerged water. • After 24 hours, samples were removed, measured and documented for absorption. • Samples were re submerged for an additional 24 hour period. • Samples were removed and measured once again according to ASTM D6499 : 99 (2006) requirements. Results after 24 hours: • Untreated blocks absorbed 2.48% water • Treated samples absorbed 0.19% water Results after 48 hours: • Untreated blocks absorbed 2.95% water • Treated samples absorbed 0.21% water

  28. Waterproofing Test Zycosil Treated Untreated Untreated Zycosil Treated Water soaked Towel Watersoaked towel After 30 min After 30 days Capillary Rise Can be prevented with Zycosil

  29. Industrial Applications • Cooling Towers • Waste Water Treatment Facilities • Cement Concrete Pipes • Cementitious Surfaces • Bridges • Concrete Crossties • Cement Sheets • Tunnels • Marine Piers • Dock Pylons • Ship Yards • Parking Garages

  30. Applications • Prevention of Capillary Rise • Treatment of Crawl Spaces • Foundation treatment • Brick, Tile & Grout • Walkways, Driveways and parking decks • Basement Walls & Floors • Pre Fabricated Walls • Sub Grade / Exterior Walls • Roofing Tiles

  31. Recent Projects Concrete Sidewalk

  32. Recent Projects Commercial Buildings Basements Tile Roofing Housing

  33. Recent Projects Marriott Hotel Renovation Project Zona Rosa District, Mexico City May 2007

  34. Recent Projects Parking Garages Office Buildings Government Buildings Historical Sites

  35. THANK YOU! Corporate Address: 529 Queens Road Charlotte, NC 28207 Warehouse Address: 1127 Tarheel Road Charlotte 28208 Po Box 6252 Charlotte, NC 28207 888-ZYCOSIL or 888-992-6745 www.southscope.net

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