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Registration 2014-15 Class of 2017. Presentation: 1/30/14. OR. +. =. r Registrar’s Website. Agenda Steps to Registration. Review Graduation Requirements Registration Form Transcript Review Academic Classes Elective Choices Choose Pathway Parent Signature Hand in to advisor.

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Presentation: 1/30/14




r Registrar’s Website

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Steps to Registration

  • Review Graduation Requirements

  • Registration Form

  • Transcript Review

  • Academic Classes

  • Elective Choices

  • Choose Pathway

  • Parent Signature

  • Hand in to advisor

Need to know questions to ask
Need to Know/Questions to Ask:

  • Advisement/Registration ~ what classes do I

    sign up for?-academic, elective

  • Who makes academic recommendations? -current teachers

  • What do I do if I failed a requirement?Take again

  • How do I know which class comes next?Sample 4 yr plan

  • Do I need a foreign language? When should I start it?

    • Start now if going to a 4 year college

  • Should I go to GICA? – there maybe courses there just for you!

  • What is a Pathway? An area of focus. 3 or 4 courses in a sequence

    These are the questions that will get answered!

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Step 1:


This is in your registration folder







*AP gets

Extra quality


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These academic courses go straight across in sequence depending on your level. Find the class you are in now, move straight across to the next column and that is more than likely the class you will take next year.

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Registration Form

Sticker with information: if no sticker, fill in.

Add your cell & email!!

Circle the grade level you will be in Next year!....hopefully 10!

Notice how the academic courses go across the row…

(in your folder)

This is page 1

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Academic Choices:

You need to obtain teacher recommendations for all core Academic courses, as well as any additional AP classes. (between now and Monday-)

How do I know what AP classes I can take? (later slide and/or go to:)

GA Homepage.. click on

Academics …click on

Registrar ….click on

AP Program

(here you can find criteria to take them)

(Some recommendations

may already be on here

from first semester- these will have teacher initials by them.)

Teacher Recommendations Required



Soc. Stud.


AP classes/Electives

Academic Electives

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Elective Choices

You need to Select Four (4) elective courses plus 4 alternate courses ranked 1 to 4.

  • Academic Electives on page 1(front bottom) of registration form….or

  • CTAE/GICA electives on pages 2 & 3 (middle two) of registration form….or

  • Fine Arts, World Languages, and Physical electives on page 4 (back page)



All info is available on our Registrar’s Website

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CTAE Electives/Pathways: Pages 2 & 3

Underneath each course sequence it tells where course is taught: GICA or GA





Classes at GICA need to be taken two at a time. They are listed in sequence. Pick the first two on the list. Some classes will count as a fourth science requirement.

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Additional electives & Pathways:Page 4

  • Need 4 electives plus 4 alternates!

  • World Language Pathway

  • (need 2 consecutive years World Language

  • To complete a pathway and if your are going to USG school)

  • Fine Arts Pathway: Music, Band, Visual

  • Additional Requirement:

  • (Health and Personal Fitness (BOTH) are required for graduation….have you taken and passed both?*)

  • *exception is 3 credits (semesters) in ROTC

  • Talk to friends and teachers about electives…see what is out there!


Then you

need at

Least 2


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Choose a Pathway:

Write it on Page 2-top left

  • What is this? A completion of 3 or 4 courses in a

  • Specific area to help students decide on future

  • Interests toward college or careers.

  • GICA Pathway: (any pathway listed on pages 2 & 3 of registration form)

  • Fine Arts Pathway: (any pathway listed on page 4 of registration form)

  • Music Instrumental

  • Theater

  • Journalism

  • Visual Arts

  • Advanced Academic Pathway: Language Arts

  • Math Science

  • Social Studies

  • (may be completed by taking at least one AP or dual enrollment course in that area. Most college bound students will do this automatically; therefore if you don’t have a pathway decided, put Academic Pathway down for now. Will go toward Hope Rigor Requirements as well.)

  • World Language Pathway

  • (need 2 consecutive years World Language

  • To complete a pathway and if your are going to USG school/college)

Parent signature bottom of last page the back
Parent Signature!!(bottom of last page/the back)

Form into Homeroom on Feb. 3!!

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This is freshman


Did I pass everything that is required? If not, I need to take the requirement again.

Have I taken health and personal fitness?

Should I start my foreign language?

Notice your rank, GPA,

& attendance here

A = 4

B = 3

C = 2

For AP,

An A=5



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You need to push and challenge yourself to earn





Account is an excellent source of info about HOPE

Students need onlyl

of the six listed to the

left. These are built in to our grad. req.

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Get from advisor, registrar, or Ms. Belechak

AP Contract:

Must get for all AP courses you are enrolling in.

Must be turned in Feb. 3rd with

Registration form!

Must get these 3 signatures.

What ap transfers
What AP transfers?

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Get from advisor, registrar,

or Ms. Belechak


Must get for all Hon courses you are enrolling in.

Must Get all



Must be turned in Feb. 3rd with registration form!

Sample 10 th grade schedule
Sample 10th grade schedule

Sample 10 th grade schedule with gica
Sample 10th grade schedule with GICA

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  • Due to HR next week – 2/3/14 (Monday)

  • 4 academic

  • 4 electives

    4 alternate electives ranked 1 to 4

  • Pathway Selected

  • Parent Signature Turn in even without

  • Student Signature signatures!AP/Hon. Agreement

    Petition to Upgrade

  • If you need further assistance, contact your counselor, Mrs. Belechak, in the Sidney Lanier Counseling Office. Feel free to email me with any questions:

Homework for parents and students
Homework(for parents and students)

  • GPA calculation worksheet

  • Look up potential college GPA’s to get in

  • GaCollege411

  • What does my high school transcript say about me?

What gpa do you need to get into where this is what the average gpa of the freshman class had
What GPA do you need to get into where:(this is what the average GPA of the freshman class had)

  • At least a 3.0 to earn Georgia’s HOPE scholarship-get a large percentage of college paid for by keeping a “B” average! HOPE will recalculate- only your academic courses.

  • University of Georgia-3.7ish

  • Georgia Tech-3.9 weighted

  • Georgia Southern-at least a 2.0

  • Valdosta-3.08

  • Georgia College & State-3.59

  • Harvard-3.84 unweighted/4.37 weighted

  • Duke-3.79 unweighted/4.31 weighted

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Great little article from The Princeton

Review that explains the importance of your transcript.