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IGEL Technology

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IGEL Technology. March, 2012. Company & Technical Product USPs. Generic and Company USPs Company and Process Vertical Focus Service & Support Channel USPs. Technical USPs Linux Windows Remote Management Universal Desktop Converter Software Security. s. IGEL Technical USP.

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IGEL Technology

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igel technology

IGEL Technology

March, 2012

Company & Technical Product USPs


Genericand Company USPs

  • Company andProcess
  • Vertical Focus
  • Service & Support
  • Channel USPs

Technical USPs

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Remote Management
  • Universal Desktop Converter Software
  • Security
igel linux usps 1
IGEL Linux USPs 1
  • Custom partitions in Linux for integration of customer specific individual applications
  • Access to over 15 different back end infrastructures
    • Competitors have to use full Windows to achieve this VOIP and extended Media codecs ready
    • No recorded hacker attack in over 10 years
    • Unique ability to install Flash updates and Media Codecsinside a secure OS
    • Add Linux devices to Domains over the network
  • Simple customizing and change of background wallpapersand start screens
igel linux usps 2
IGEL Linux USPs 2
  • Microsoft RDS Remote App support in Linux
  • Microsoft RemoteFXsupport in Linux
  • SPICE Client forRed Hat and Open Source Virtualization Solutions (fullend-to-end Linux based VDI solution)
  • Most comprehensive VDI integration
igel windows embedded standard
IGEL Windows Embedded Standard
  • Partial Updates – Noneedto send thewhole 750+ MB firmwareoverthenetwork. Just update clients.
  • Linux managementclientunderneaththe Windows OS enables Windows Management beyond all othersandsurpasses Framework type managementsuites
  • Add devicestoActive Directory withoutvisitingthedevice
ums remote management 1
UMS Remote Management 1
  • Managing 100% ofhardwareandsoftwaresettings
    • Out ofsessionshadowing
    • Asset managementincluded, enablingcompliance
    • Auto deploymentandautobuild (profiles) meantruezerotouchdeployment
    • Support of Access Control Lists toenable IT departmentstogiverestrictedrightstolowerusers / outsourced IT teams / end userreportingfunctions
    • Updates arefreeofcharge
ums remote management 2
UMS Remote Management 2
  • Buddy Update – forbranchofficesonlyonedeviceisupdated via the WAN. Itthenservesas an update serverforitslocalcolleagues in the LAN
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Failsafefirmwareupdates – neverreturn a device just becausethe update was interrupted
  • Certificatebasedandencryptedcommunication
  • Firmware CRC checksfordevicerecovery
universal desktop converter udc software 1
Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) Software 1
  • Smooth andcostefficientmigrationofexisting PC andthirdpartyThin Client hardwareto SBC and VDI environments
  • Allowingunifiedmanagementof IGEL TCs, converted PCs andthirdparty TCs
  • Availablefromeven 1 licence, comparedtoWysestartingat 500 licences
  • Postponeshardwareinvestments; frees IT budgets
universal desktop converter udc software 2
Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) Software 2
  • Create a homogenousThin Client installationbyusingthe same codebaseacross IGEL hardwareand non-IGEL hardware (from HP, Fujitsu, Dell, Acer, Wyse, Samsung and PCs)
  • The UDC providesand upgrade pathforold IGEL hardware
  • UDC softwarecanbedeployed in a non-destructiveway (i.e. nochangestothe PC at all due toinstallation on a USB stick)
security features
Security Features
  • Broadestrangeofsecurityfeatures (industry‘sbest Smartcard support, eTokenandbiometricauthenticationsupport,…)
  • Delegated User Setup (usefulforlocking down a devicebased on UMS profiles but delegatingsomeconfiguration back to end users – mouse, screensettings etc.)
  • USB Access Control (close all portsor open selectivelyforspecificdevices)
  • Secure USB (hidden anti-theft USB cabinet in thefoot stand)
other technical usps 1
Other Technical USPs 1
  • Firmware updatesfor 3 yearspostdevice EOL guaranteed
  • Quarterly firmwareupdatesfreeofcharge
  • Native clients (Cisco VPN, IBM 5250, SAP GUI, andmore) integrated in firmware
  • In projectswecancustomizethefirmwareandhardwareaccordingtocustomerrequirements (e.g. softwareclientintegration, accessories, sidepanelpaintingetc.)
other technical usps 2
Other Technical USPs 2
  • Modular products with various options,e.g WLAN  foot stands, additional serial or parallel ports, additional anti-theft USB port
  • Broadest peripheral support (printers, scanner/sane linux driver, USB drives, cameras, etc.)
  • Industry best digital dictation support (Philips, Grundig & Olympus)
generic usps
Generic USPs
  • IGEL Software and hardware comes with an outstanding set of functionalities (i.e. supported protocols, clients and local tools and applications)
  • Modular firmware sizes in 3 easy to understand feature packs) for Linux, MS Windows Embedded Standard Customers always find the right OS and the right feature pack – but only pay for what they really need
  • Upgrade paths available (decisions for a firmware pack can be revised later on)
  • Well designed, extremely reliable hardware with very stable software
  • IGEL devices come bundled with the market leading remote management tool (easy installation and setup, profile based, point &click and drag & drop)
company and processes
Company andProcesses
  • Units tested and flashed prior to dispatch = very low DoA and always the latest firmware onboard
  • Unique modular pricing concept: only pay for what you really need
  • Pure Thin Client focus – highly specialized
  • Innovative Thin Client development philosophy, e.g. first to market:- Windows Embedded Standard supports SCCM,- domain enrolment, - .Net support, VoIP, RDP 7….
  • Stable privately owned company with a long term perspective. No quarterly orientated decisions
  • Over 20 years of experience
vertical focus
Vertical Focus
  • We include industry specific requirements (e.g. for healthcare, and government we offer certified VPN clients, for retail, for finance and others we support DESKO credit card reader keyboard support and many more)
  • The key account managers focus on vertical industries and thus can consult customers based on their in depth industry knowledge
service and support
Service and Support
  • Free 5 Year Warranty for UD2, UD3 and UD5 hardware, 3 Years for UD9
  • We offer service (repairs) and highly qualified support ensuring business continuity - even after the warranty has ended
  • Free evaluation units available ensuring easy and risk free testing before purchase
  • We offer a personal face to face service
channel usps
Channel USPs
  • We are committed to 100% channel sales
  • We protect our partners (project registration)
  • We have partner account managers and key account managers who help the channel partners closing the deals by visiting and consulting customers together with them