syst mes microway inc 193 bloomfield outremont montreal n.
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Systèmes Microway Inc. 193 Bloomfield, Outremont, Montreal PowerPoint Presentation
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Systèmes Microway Inc. 193 Bloomfield, Outremont, Montreal

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Systèmes Microway Inc. 193 Bloomfield, Outremont, Montreal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Systèmes Microway Inc. 193 Bloomfield, Outremont, Montreal. DRAFT MHP PRESENTATION. November 24, 2003. MHP External V&V Consortium Proposal. Building a team to provide External V&V and real-time simulation-based testing for the Maritime Helicopter Project (MHP).

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Presentation Transcript
mhp external v v consortium proposal

MHP External V&V Consortium Proposal

Building a team to provide External V&V and real-time simulation-based testing for the Maritime Helicopter Project (MHP)

examples of v v contracts on large projects
Examples of V&V contracts on large projects
  • Governments encourage Independent V&V on major projects
  • Value-added External V&V improve product safety, quality and save money
external v v consortium offering
External V&V Consortium Offering
  • Services for Maritime Helicopter Project
    • External Validation and Verification (External V&V)
    • Real-time simulation-based testing
      • Model-based engineering design
      • Aircraft-in-the-loop testing
    • Aerodynamics, wind engineering (ship-helicopter interactions) and in-flight-icing modeling and verification
  • Products for Maritime Helicopter Project
    • Avionics test-benches based on high-fidelity real-time simulation
    • Real-time simulation software for COTS systems
how external v v can help win contract
How External V&V can help win contract
  • Help meet DND Canadian content objectives
    • Canadian content with high technical competency
    • Builds Canadian expertise for future projects (MHP, F18, and Aurora upgrades, Strategic Heavy Lifter project)
  • Reassure DND on system integrity
    • 100% arms-length external V&V auditor – no conflict of interest
    • Provide safety and technical assurance (as an external accounting audit provides financial confidence)
  • Lower bid price
    • Bidder can propose his own choice of auditing depth that would lower the V&V cost compared to full-fledged IV&V
    • Consortium’s advanced simulation technologies have a proven record of lowering cost and speeding development and certification
  • Improve client satisfaction
    • Enhanced safety assurance
    • Virtual prototyping optimizes design to meet DND requirements
    • Faster development and certification help meet delivery milestones
unique value added offer
Unique value-added offer

Value Added




Provide confidence to the DND on system integrity

Competent V&V Organization audits quality of work done by prime contractor and subcontractors



Reduce the high cost of conventional IV&V

HW and SW-in-the-loop model-based engineering testing using unique simulation technologies and services



Shorten delivery period for SW development, Speed up certification

Inspection and software in the loop model-based design (approach pioneered with Embraer, comparing the results of actual controller with the simulation results)

Microway, Opal-RT


Improve flight and landing safety

Aerodynamics, wind, icing analysis

Microway, NTI, Opal-RT


Increase satisfaction with final product

  • Participation in design reviews
  • System optimization based on high-fidelity dynamic simulation and virtual prototyping

Microway, Opal-RT


Build Canadian expertise for use in future projects

  • PRIME retains IP of External V&V, test methodologies and sim models
  • Consortium maintains and extends Canadian expertise

External V&V Consortium

conventional iv v organization
Conventional IV&V organization
  • Technically and managerially independent of both DND and the helicopter supplier
  • Carries out independent analysis and testing
    • Uses its own V&V facilities and tools
    • Covers any gaps in the helicopter supplier’s V&V and critical development processes
    • With this additional vigilance, the IV&V organization provides confidence to DND on the safety, integrity and performance of the software and of the system
  • Typically very expensive
    • For certain U.S. ballistic-missile procurements, the cost of IV&V has equaled or exceeded the total software development cost
    • Intellectual Property (IP) belongs to IV&V organization and must be re-licensed or rebuilt for future projects
value added external v v approach
Value-added External V&V approach
  • Still independent technically and managerially from the DND and the helicopter supplier’s V&V activities
  • Proposes a different approach to External V&V:
    • Audits supplier's V&V philosophy, organizational structure, plans, procedures, facilities and tools to assess adequacy
    • External V&V Discrepancy Reports identify improvements to supplier’s V&V, ensuring that necessary safety-test procedures are developed and executed and that issues are made visible to DND
    • Enhances supplier’s V&V with unique simulation methodologies, especially for avionics (upgraded often during the helicopter life cycle), feeds back simulation-test-bench to engineering cycle
    • Otherwise uses DND or university-owned facilities, i.e. McGill, UTIAS
  • Results as compared with conventional IV&V organization:
    • Improved safety
    • Reduced cost and faster delivery realized on first project
    • Increased savings on future projects
    • Optimized performance and to improve safety and user satisfaction
unique simulation methodologies
Unique simulation methodologies
  • Opal-RT: Real-time and non-real-time simulation models
    • Desktop Simulation: Engineering analysis, design
    • Engineering Simulator: Ground Based Simulator checks aircraft handling qualities, failure cases and hazard level
    • Iron Bird closed-loop simulation: Tests the real hardware against the simulation (including Acceptance tests for avionic system release)
    • Aircraft-in-the-loop simulation: Cut time and cost and increase safety
  • Newmerical Technologies International:
    • Aerodynamic performance and thermodynamic analysis
    • CFD-based Icing analysis and air wake effects for landing and take-off from ships
mhp external v v consortium
MHP External V&V Consortium


External V&V Consortium



Real-Time Simulation Experts


V&V Experts


Aerodynamics, Wind, Icing Analysis Experts

INFO-KIT Technologies

e.Learning training

UTIAS ( U. of T. Inst. for Aerospace Studies Virtual Reality Experts

consortium experience
Consortium experience
  • Proven ability to perform to military standards:
    • Airborne products certification
    • Data modeling, object-oriented design, systems engineering
    • IV&V, simulation, testing
    • DO-178 B and DO 254 (used in civil and military aviation)
    • Specification writing, program management
  • Provides unique technologies:
    • Cost-effective use of COTS hardware to accelerate engineering-test cycle using model-based methodology
    • Faster, more accurate modeling using most advanced COTS mathematics software
    • Rapid development, troubleshooting, verification and validation of aerodynamic, electromechanical, hydraulic systems, and their respective controllers for certification:
introducing microway
Introducing Microway
  • Aerospace and avionics expertise
    • Safety and IV&V for the International Space Station: Canadian Space Agency (1996-1999) IV&V and S&PA sub-contractor
    • Airworthiness Delegation: Airborne Equipment Certification BAE Systems and CMC Electronics (1999-2001)
    • 2002-2003 DO-178B, DO 248 & DO254 level A for the EMC 50 FADEC Operating System and Controller for aircraft Engines for GPECS of Goodrich
  • Development and management of complex real-time software systems using state-of-the-art SW and HW
    • Software Capability Maturity Model,
    • Change management,
    • TQM, JIT, Total System Intervention,
    • Software quality
introducing opal rt
Introducing Opal-RT

World leader in distributed and parallel computation on off-the-shelf PC-based platforms, Opal-RT supplies a unique technology that empowers real-time solutions for simulation, control, testing and related applications:

  • Parallel digital simulator systems
    • General purpose parallel real-time simulators
    • Aviation-specific simulators, block set and SW tools
  • Aerospace engineering services
    • System modeling
    • Flight Controls Analysis
    • Fly-by-wire Control Laws Design
    • Handling Qualities Analysis
    • Failure Hazard Analysis
opal rt simulators
Opal-RT Simulators
  • Electrical Engineering Simulator
    • A Real-Time Simulator of power systems found in aircraft and other vehicles such as trains, ships, and off-highway and hybrid-electric vehicles.
  • RT-LAB Rapid Prototyping Controller & Software Integrator
    • A modular real-time algorithm prototyping system based on industry standard bus architectures and network interfaces.
    • Provides a pre-configured PC-based target for rapid prototyping, hardware-in-the-loop, real-time performance or the power of parallel processing.
  • RT-LAB Test Flight
    • An inexpensive "aircraft-in-a-box" simulator for testing avionics, hardware components and control code.
  • RT-LAB UAV Engineering Simulator
    • Takes your UAV concepts from model to operating in a real-time HLA federated simulation, smoothly and painlessly.
partial list of opal rt customers
Partial List of Opal-RT Customers
  • Department of National Defense Canada
  • DSO National Labs (Singapore Armed Forces),
  • Embraer (Brazilian aircraft manufacturer for commercial and defense markets)
  • Marintek (Norwegian Maritime Technology Institute, specializing in naval systems)
  • Mechtronix Systems (flight-training devices)
  • United Defense
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada
  • Manarino (aerospace control HIL test system)
  • CS Communication (Gas turbine control HIL system)

More than 110 customersin automotive, electrical systems, research center and universities

introducing nti
Introducing NTI

Newmerical Technologies Inc. provides expertise and technology in the following areas:

  • Aerodynamics
    • Aerodynamic performance
    • Thermodynamics of all systems
  • Icing
    • Rain, snow and ice effects on helicopter
    • Performance at sea, in rain and ice storms
    • Review of certification requirements, if any
  • Database for simulators
    • Real-time simulatorCFD-based databases for flight and for icing
    • Real-time simulatorCFD-based databases for air wake effects for landing and take-off from ships
nti customers aerospace icing
NTI Customers: Aerospace + Icing

Merlo, Kanofsky & Brinkmeier, Ltd.

introducing info kit technologies
Introducing INFO-KIT Technologies

INFO-KIT Technologies provides services and technology in the following areas :

  • Authoring tool (Tactic!)
    • Easy content development software
    • SCORM and AICC compliant
  • Learning Management System \ Learning Content Management System (eduZone)
    • Courses creation
    • Training management
    • Skills management
    • Competency management
  • eLearning simulator (3DSEV)
    • 3D simulator Web-based
    • Linked with eduZone
info kit technologies customers
INFO-KIT Technologies Customers:
  • Department of National Defense Canada (Tactic!)
  • Hydro-Québec (Tactic!)
  • Centrale nucléaire de Gentilly (eduZone)
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada (Tactic!)
  • École Nationale des pompiers du Québec (eduZone and Tactic!)
  • GE Hydro (Tactic! + courses dev.)
  • Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys (eduZone + 3D + courses dev.)
  • Integrated Performance Solution (eduZone)
  • Major projects require significant V&V expenditure
  • Value added External V&V
    • improve safety,
    • improve product quality
    • save time and money
  • The proposed External V&V consortium offers
    • Unique 100% Canadian solution
    • Unique advanced simulation technologies applied to External V&V