torino meeting 9 10 march 2006 n.
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Torino Meeting – 9-10 March 2006. WP3 Demo. Application Logic. Server. Client (Mobile). Browser. Multi-Modal Plug-in. Application Server. TCP XML. Embedded Voice Server. TTS. Data Base. IP over Wi-Fi or GPRS/ UMTS. Audio Resource Manager.

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mobile platform architecture

Application Logic







Application Server


Embedded Voice Server




IP over





Audio Resource Manager

Application Data


PDA / Tablet PC

Workstation / portable PC

Hiwire Mobile Platform

Mobile Platform Architecture

Markup Language



The application is web oriented. It is coded with HTML templates plus SALT tags for voice interaction and Java Server Pages (or Servlet) for dynamically filling the HTML templates by accessing the Application data

Server and Client are connected to an IP LAN/WAN through a Wi-Fi connection or equivalent one

The mobile platform is made up by a Server, implemented on a workstation or a portable PC, and a Client, implemented on a PDA o Tablet PC.

The browser is located on the PDA, and hosts a Multi-media plug-in to operate the vocal interactions

The SALT tags are expanded in Java Scripts, and HTML pages + Java scripts pages are exchanged between the Web Server and the Browser

The application data can be located on the server or be available through the internet

The browser interacts on a TCP protocol using XML with the Embedded Voice Server

On the server there is the Application Server (a Web Server), that is used to implement the application logic

Embedded Voice Server is a wrapper for Loquendo ASR and TTS that interacts with the Multimedia plug-in and with the Audio Resource Manager

demo limitations wrt full architecture
Demo Limitations (wrt full architecture)
  • This demo shows the application interaction, like some active pages were expanded and delivered from the server side
    • offline demo: the demo works also where no network coverage is provided
    • voice-enabled HTML pages local to the PDA
    • data are not saved to a server (no connection to a web server)
    • audio files are saved locally
    • recognition grammars are compiled off-line and deployed locally on the PDA as Recognition Objects
multimodal features
OutputMultimodal Features






  • Interaction modes available at the same time
  • Vocal/visual output completing each other or redundant according to application design
  • We keep interaction simple (noisy conditions), application complexity potentially very high
interaction features
Interaction Features
  • Push-to-talk: recognition is triggered when a hardware button on the PDA is pressed
  • Interaction can take place without touching the screen, fields in form filling are proposed in sequence.
  • corrections or changes in the sequence by touch-pen: voice and touch are connected by focus on the form fields
  • dialogue flow should take into account that user could interact by voice only, by touch pen only or any mixture of the two. We are still experimenting on G+V User Interface
next to come features september project review


Report: Access


John Smith

PIN Code


Next-to-come Features (September Project Review)
  • Use of a headset with noise cancellation microphone: a simple noise subtraction circuit can do some basic audio filtering
  • The operator name can be associated to a PIN code, thus creating an initial authentication page to access the application.
  • On-the-fly grammar compilation: as foreseen by project schedule, the Embedded ASR will be integrated with the grammar compiler tool. This will let application dynamics to enter the recognition grammars too.
recognition grammars
Recognition grammars
  • <maintenance>=(Checking | Replacement | Reparation | Removal);
  • <part>=( (right | left) wing | (right | left) aileron | (right | left) flap | (right | left) spoiler | (right | left) engine | landing gear | horizontal stabilizer | vertical fin | elevator | rudder);
  • <type>= ("Falcon nine hundred E X":"Falcon 900 EX" | "T B M seven hundred":"TBM 700" | "Airbus three twenty":"Airbus 320" | "Boeing seven seventy seven":"Boeing 777" | "Fokker one hundred":"Fokker 100" | "C R J one hundred":"CRJ 100" | "A T R forty two":"ATR 42" | "Cessna one hundred eighty two":"Cessna 182" | "Citation Jet":"Citation Jet" | "Boeing seven forty seven":"Boeing 747")