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Negotiating, Women Can Do It Too! PowerPoint Presentation
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Negotiating, Women Can Do It Too!

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Negotiating, Women Can Do It Too!
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Negotiating, Women Can Do It Too!

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  1. Negotiating, Women Can Do It Too! Jacklyn Morrison

  2. Types of Negotiations • Purchasing • Children • Job offers/promotions • Employee work schedules • Conflict resolution

  3. ThreeStrategies • Survey the Situation and Prepare • Get Off to a Good Start • Move the Negotiation to Closure

  4. Strategy #1Survey the Situation and Prepare Prep Skills

  5. Prep Skills… • Survey the situation • What do you want from the negotiation • What you think the other person wants • Your dress – Look in the mirror and ask, “If I was on the other side what would I see?” • What do you want to give and get • What are your assets? • Base points when setting a job asking price: • Your current salary • The company’s initial offer • The least you are willing to accept • Your estimate of the most the company is willing to pay • Your initial salary request

  6. Prep Skills Cont’d • Base Job Negotiations on Specific Achievements • How do you add value to the company • Jobs goals and standards you have met • Expansion of job duties • Contributed to profit or decreased expenses • Accomplishments, dependability, commitment • How do you do this? • Refer back to your calendar and to-do list to refresh your memory • Review your “I Love Me” file where you have notes from supervisors, clients etc. • Put together some figures of your financial achievements

  7. Prep Skills Cont’d • Assess what they want to give and get • What is the company’s true interest • What do they really want and why • Asses your underlying interests • Does the position fit my short/long term goals • How does it fit my personal life/personal development goals • Will the position lead directly to a higher position • Will the job offer experience that makes me more valuable • Will I be able to make bigger or more decisions • Will it allow me to learn crucial skills

  8. Prep Skills Cont’d • Assess the best alternatives to making the deal • If you can’t make a deal what are the alternatives • What is your least amount that you are willing to accept

  9. Prep Skills Cont’d • Predict the Bargaining Zone • What are the men making in this industry • What competing firms are willing to pay • The top figure management is willing to pay • The lowest figure you will accept • Perks, benefits, stocks, etc • Create a self-image • Apply for another job at least once a year • You boost our self esteem if you get a job offer • Word may get around to upper management • Use of other offers during negotiations • If turned down, you can come back with new job offer tactic

  10. Strategy #2Get Off to a Good Start Starter Skills

  11. Starter Skills… • Prepare good openers • Your first few sentences are usually throwaways • Address the person with power • Use key words: • What for an aggressive person: “This is what I propose to do for you • How for a detailed person: “This is how I am going to get it done • Who for a social person: “Here’s who will benefit from this • Why for an analytical or nice-guy type: “Here’s why this needs to happen

  12. Starter Skills cont’d • Ask questions to fill information gaps • The more information you have the more negotiating power you have • Get all the issues on the table first • Avoid early agreements, discuss all the issues up front and then create your package

  13. Strategy #3 Move the Negotiation to Closure

  14. Negotiation Skills… • Ask yourself key questions • Have I fully thought about the decision of the other party? • Am I assuming that what is good for me is bad for the other party, or vice versa? • Am I placing too much confidence in my own judgment?

  15. Negotiation Skills cont’d • Create a package deal • Put together offers • Salaries, benefits, perks, job responsibilities, etc.

  16. Negotiation Skills cont’d • Negotiate around barriers and stalemates • Recognize stalemates • The process is heading backwards • The other side switches negotiation styles • The other side becomes extreme or makes unreasonable demands • What do you do • Call for a break to incorporate new information and reformulate your strategy

  17. Negotiation Skills cont’d • Job promotion request barriers • Weak job performance area • Find evidence of progress for your weak area • Stress on your strong points • Don’t cry • Avoid anger, blame or accusation

  18. Negotiation Skills cont’d • Know when and how to close a deal • Are both sides coming to an understanding • Can I see what we both need in order to do business together • Refer to your notes to finalize • Written agreement if required • Follow-up • Do everything you agreed • If you have problems following through, contact the other side and work through the problems • Be available when they need you • Maintain a positive relationship

  19. Negotiation Skills cont’d • Manage Gender Discrimination • Talk the problem over with your manager • Talk about unfairness and not discrimination • Give specific examples of unfairness • Be clear about your exact purpose-prepare before you go in • Make a list of your specific concerns-practice what you are going to say • Talk about the facts of the situation without blaming or accusing • Don’t become emotional or reflect a gripe

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