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Biome Box

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Biome Box
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  1. Biome Box By: Drake Wartman

  2. Thorny Devil(Carnivore) Adaptations: It’s thorny spikes warn people and animals to stay away. It’s camouflage is brown and tan to blend in with dessert and help it from animals seeing it. Also when any amount of water falls on it’s back it will run through thousands of tiny grooves to it’s mouth where it can drink.

  3. Dingo(Carnivore) • A dingo's coat can help it too Example : A dingo living in hot, tropical areas has a short single coat while a dingo living in cool to cold mountain areas has a longer and thicker coat with a double layer of fur. Dingo’s hunt in groups and that helps them because one dingo hunting would catch less food than a group hunting.Dingo’s don't bark, they howl as a way of announcing where their territory is, and this helps them because they can warn other animals that it is their land and if they cross on it they will be in trouble.

  4. Gila Monster(Omnivore) • The Gila Monsters have large bodies, and can consume large amounts of food during a small amount of time and this helps them because they can catch there food and eat it really fast before it attacks them. Gila Monsters have venom like snakes but instead they have poison glands and this helps them because Gila monsters bite hard, leaving a wound 1/2 inch deep and can get away from predators . It also has camouflage that blends in with the dessert and it helps it because it can blend in and the predators can not see it.

  5. Plants!!!!! • These Plants that live in the dessert have to be able to live without much water. Plants here also have to maximize the energy taken from photosynthesis .Some plants can survive when rain falls they sprout at that moment, bloom quickly, ripen their seed in a few days, then whither and die. Other plants depend on underground water, most plants have developed roots that grow up to 80 feet long. The plants here also survive because t has a thick waxy layer on the outside of its stems and leaves. Dew and salt gets on the leafs and helps it take in the very little water it gets.

  6. Food Chain • Seeds Dessert Lark  Lappet Faced Vulture Fat Sand Rat

  7. How People Help and Hurt the Dessert • People effect the dessert by building roads through them. They also hurt it by driving strait through the desert, destroying plants. Another thing is that people can hurt the dessert by overusing water. Also they hurt it by constructions in the dessert. • One way people help the dessert is by conserving water.

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