Leif erickson s iceberg frenzy
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Leif Erickson's Iceberg Frenzy. Made my Kayne Goldsworthy. It is morning every day and every night will find new land, a better place. Yes ah… sir. Sir our numbers are falling! We now have less people. Don’t worry God is on our side!.

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Leif erickson s iceberg frenzy

Leif Erickson's Iceberg Frenzy

Made my Kayne Goldsworthy

Yes ah… sir a better place

Sir our numbers are falling! We now have less people

Don’t worry God is on our side!

We will make it, if my father “Eric the red" made great discoveries I can too. Now out of my sight

But if we do not make it…

Journal a better place

Ah now my journal

He’s crazy! a better place

Land ahoy

Yeah we saw that! of your life

You saw that right

Iceberg Frenzy of your life

Quick info break

Quick info break! land

Leif Ericson believed to be born In 970 AD in Iceland. On his trip he 1st went to Norway because he was a a Norwegian. In Norway Leif Ericson became Christian. He went to Greenland, he bought Bjarni Herjolfsson’s boat and set out to explore the land that Bjarni had seen to the west of Greenland, which was most likely coastal Canada. And I am deeply sorry, Vikings did not have horns. And he might of met Jacques Cartier on the way. Now back to the story!

They went left right left right
They went left, right, left, right… land

Left, right, left, right, wait…left, right

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh land

Yes we made it

Not for long

And they made it
And they made it! land

I need a beer

We made it

Yes son

Boo ya

Snow angel