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Lead 21. Unit 1 Week 2 Day 1. Spelling List. t ape 6. bike n ame 7. fine plate 8 . smile grade 9 . have r ide 10 . nice. Word Work- Phonics. Long i spelled i , i\_e , igh , ie , y k ite time five night kind lie try wild bike tie sky might

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lead 21

Lead 21

Unit 1 Week 2 Day 1

spelling list
Spelling List

tape 6. bike

name 7. fine

plate 8. smile

grade 9. have

ride 10. nice

word work phonics
Word Work- Phonics

Long i spelled i, i_e, igh, ie, y

kite time five night kind

lie try wild bike tie

sky might

Silent letters gn, mb, kn, wr

know climb sign know write

numb gnat knot wrap


Clive will climb the ladder to tie a sign.

Why did Kate write this line about the knight?

discuss the theme
Discuss the Theme

Theme Question: What do my different roles say about me?

You have important roles at school. What is a role you have here?

One role we all have is being a friend. How can you be a good friend at school?

High-Frequency word: all, around, could, many, more, nearly, put, some, there


community- a group of people living together in one place

Example: All kinds of people live in my community.

explore- to look for and try out

Example: We can explore walking trails with our


High-Frequency words:

all, around, could, many, more, nearly, put, some, there

Decodable Reader # 7: Night Sights

Fluency: “The New Kid”

Practice Companion p. 16

activate prior knowledge
Activate Prior Knowledge

Who are good helpers around our school? How do they help us?

Let’s think about people who help out in our neighborhoods. How do they help?

Now let’s think about places that are close to our home. We can see different types of workers everywhere we go. How do good workers help you and other people?

writing prewrite
Writing: Prewrite

Do you know the first step in the writing process?

What do you do during that step?

Things to Think About:

Why am I writing? (purpose)

Who will read my writing? (audience)

What topics do I find interesting and want to write about?

What information do I need about my topic?

How and where can I gather ideas about my topic?

How should I organize these ideas?

center work
Center Work

Decodable Reader #7: Night Sights

Fluency- Practice Book p. 16 play, “The New Kid”

Practice Book-p. 15, 17, 19

Phonics Book-p. 6