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ROBOT C for CORTEX if-else Statements PowerPoint Presentation
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ROBOT C for CORTEX if-else Statements

ROBOT C for CORTEX if-else Statements

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ROBOT C for CORTEX if-else Statements

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  1. ROBOTC for CORTEXif-else Statements

  2. While Loop Exercise • Example 3: Program the right motor to spin forward until the potentiometer value is greater than 2048. Then program it to spin in reverse until the potentiometer value is less than 2048. Repeat while the limit switch isn’t pressed.

  3. Solution Code

  4. Equivalent Solution Code • “until” commands are implemented as while loops in the Natural Language

  5. Equivalent Solution Code • Program Flow gets stuck in these locations. How do we avoid this?

  6. If Statements • When your robot reaches an if Statement in the program, it evaluates the condition contained between the parenthesis. • If the condition is true, any commands between the braces are run. • If the condition is false, those same commands are ignored. • Very similar to how a while loop works, but does not repeat the code!

  7. If-else statements • The if-else Statement is an expansion of the basic if Statement. • The “if” section still checks the condition and runs the appropriate commands when it evaluates to true • Using the “else” allows for specific code to be run only when the condition is false. • Either the “if” or the “else” branch is always run; no more, no less.

  8. If-else Exercise 1 • Program the greenLED to turn on if the bumperSwitch is pressed, and off if it’s released. Loop Forever. • Convert the previous program to use an if-else.

  9. Multiple If-else Statements • Be careful when using two separate if-else statements, particularly when they are used to control the same mechanism. • One branch of each if-else statement is always run, so you may create a scenario where the two sets of “fight” eachother.

  10. Multiple If-else Statements • In this example, if one of the touch sensors is pressed, the rightMotor will be turned on in one if-else statement, and immediately turned off in the other.

  11. Multiple If-else Statements • This can be corrected by embedding the second if-else within the else branch of the first, so that it only runs if the first condition is false.

  12. If-else Shorthand • An embedded if-else can also be represented as an else if:

  13. Additional Resources

  14. CMU Resources • • The ROBOTC Forum: • Post your homework and questions here! • ROBOTC PLTW Page: http:// • VEX Cortex Video Trainer • • Robotics Academy •

  15. Homework • Program the right motor to spin forward if the light sensor sees dark, and backward if the light sensors sees light, looping forever. Also convert this to an if-else. • Program the right motor to spin forward if the limit switch is pressed, else it should check if the bumper switch is pressed and spin reverse, else it should turn off when nothing is pressed. Loop forever.