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  2. RAMPING UP REFERRALS In 2007, 19 percent of the U.S. population moved, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That means that roughly one out of every five people you know will move this year. It’s this constantly shifting population that makes referrals—both local and long-distance—such a valuable source of business. Remember that every time there is a transaction there are always two sides. In other words when someone is selling they will be buying. And usually when someone is buying they will be selling. Always ask if they need help on the sale or new purchase when working with buyers and sellers.

  3. RAMPING UP REFERRALS Ten Ways to Build Up Your Referrals 1. Choose one or two “unspecial” holidays—Groundhog Day, for example—and send out greeting cards to your farm list. Everyone sends cards at Christmas; yours will stand out. Don’t forget that we have electronic cards on ready to be used! 2. Create a Key Contacts list for relocation clients, that includes numbers for local utilities, the school board, several dry cleaners, favorite kids hangouts, a grocery or two, and local restaurants. Personalize the list with comments about each establishment from you and other clients. You could easily place this on your azmoves branded website for quick reference! 3. Leave a business card with your tip at a restaurant. 4. Let clients and customers know you really want their referrals. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Ask for the order!!!

  4. RAMPING UP REFERRALS 5. Ask your dry cleaner or other small vendors that everyone uses regularly to hand out your business cards as a service to new customers. 6. Visit homebuyers three to six months after the sale with a small gift to keep yourself fresh in their minds. 7. Hold an annual customer appreciation event for everyone that has given you a referral in the last year. 8. Sponsor a charity fundraiser (such as a raffle or a rummage sale) and ask your past clients to come.

  5. RAMPING UP REFERRALS 9. Form alliances with churches in your area so that they will refer new parishioners to you. 10. Keep good notes. Remembering the names of clients’ children and pets when you call after six months helps create instant rapport. What Ideas can you share that have worked for you in the past? Open Discussion

  6. RAMPING UP REFERRALS Internet Referral Checklist 1. Respond promptly via e-mail, at least within 24 hours. Consider adding an automatic responder to your Web site e-mail address that will send a “thanks for contacting us” note as soon as a query is received. (Be sure you have Leadrouter programmed into your phone!) 2. Be prepared to provide requested information via e-mail. Create PDF files of your promotional brochures and have digital pictures of current listings. 3. Be a resource for your area; after all, it’s hard to tell where an Internet query comes from. Have basic information on your area—demographics, climate, major employers, major cultural and recreational facilities— ready to e-mail on request, if you don’t have the links to these sources of information on your Web site.

  7. RAMPING UP REFERRALS 4. Be willing to let your inquirers remain anonymous, no matter how frustrating that may be, advises Michael Russer,’s “Mr. Internet” columnist. Restate all your contact information in each response you make, but don’t refuse to help them if they seem reluctant to reciprocate. You may have to maintain an “electronic” relationship for awhile. 5. If you find the inquirer is outside your market area, ask permission to forward the request to a salesperson in the appropriate location. Remember we have locations throughout the US and in over 65 countries! Our relocation department is a great resource!

  8. RAMPING UP REFERRALS OTHER IDEAS TO BUILD YOUR REFERRAL BASE! Recruit CheerleadersBuild a team of supporters for your business — friends, family members, and colleagues who routinely talk up your business to their friends and acquaintances. Make sure that they know enough about your qualifications and capabilities to make an accurate and convincing case to others. Don’t try this at home!

  9. RAMPING UP REFERRALS Capitalize on your current and past clients Always ask your past clients for referrals. They are one of your best sources as they know how good you are at what you do. Each year send them a letter asking them for one referral in the coming year! Become a Knowledge SourceTake advantage of opportunities to show what you know by offering free presentations or articles on timely issues to business, professional, and community organizations and publications. Make sure that your presentation/article is relevant to listeners' interests, not a thinly veiled commercial for your business. The positive angles letter is a great tool to utilize.

  10. RAMPING UP REFERRALS Be Exceptional!There's no better source for a positive referral than a happy customer. And remember that the quality of your service says as much about you as the quality of your work Network, Network, Network Get involved with professional associations related to your industry or field. You'll get to know experts and colleagues in your specific market. And, they may know of immediate or potential opportunities for your business. Other good networking opportunities include local or regional business associations, Chambers of Commerce and non-profits aligned with your field.

  11. RAMPING UP REFERRALS Keep in Touch ! Don't wait for customers to call you. Contact them from time to time to see how things are going, personally and professionally; what issues or trends they're dealing with; and perhaps alert them to an event, article, or Web site that may be of interest. Also consider issuing a newsletter to current and prospective clients with relevant news, tips, and other information that can help their business, or simply brighten their day. How do you keep in touch? Open Discussion

  12. RAMPING UP REFERRALS DID YOU KNOW When you send out direct mail you will receive at best a 1% to 2% return. If you phone follow-up behind it, you will receive at least an 8% to 10% return!

  13. RAMPING UP REFERRALS Conclusion You should make referrals an integral part of your business plan each year. Always ask your buyers if they need help selling their home especially from outside the state. Be sure to utilize the e-mail and newsletter templates on to keep in touch with your past clients as they should be one of your greatest resources for referrals! Fact: Most established agents get 85% of their business from past clients and referrals. To properly build your business knowing how to work referrals is not an option but a necessity!