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Next Level Training. Reaching your next level. Reaching your next level. Purpose: To increase your business through monitoring your activities and evaluating what activities are getting you the desired results Goals: Must be in writing and realistic to achieve

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Next level training

Next Level Training

Reaching your next level

Reaching your next level
Reaching your next level

  • Purpose: To increase your business through monitoring your activities and evaluating what activities are getting you the desired results

  • Goals: Must be in writing and realistic to achieve

  • Fears: When we make a choice that is not in line with our purpose we experience Fear, sometimes it’s subtle but at other times it can be totally overwhelming. As a result of having a clear mission you may be tested and face many obstacles, also you may have to face some of your deepest fears, but you will be doing so with the clarity of mind that comes from knowing what you want and why.

Your next level
Your Next Level

  • Traits of a Successful Person

    No one is guaranteed success by dabbling in business and investments. In order to be rich and successful, a person needs to have certain traits. Traits that will aid you in your quest to accumulating more wealth in your life .Here are some of the traits that will help you along the way.

Your next level1
Your Next level

  • Trait 1: Be down-to-earth and realistic. You need to judge the situation you are in and the goals that you set for yourself. You don't want to be too negative that you forgo any realistic dreams of yours. Neither do you want to be too ambitious and start thinking of inventions that defy any form of logic. It all bores down to key decision making. Every time before making any form of decision, take a minute or two to think whether it is realistic.

Your next level2
Your Next Level

  • Trait 2: Action speaks louder than words. Only by taking action can we convert our dreams and ideas into reality. But having said that, an action carried out without a specific plan will churn out more negatives than positives .Instead of sitting back and waiting for situations to unfold by itself, it is better to get up and start working towards the goals that you set for yourself. You have to plan well and be prepared to make changes to your plan each time you are met with any obstacles. Slowly but surely, you will edge closer to your desired results.

Your next level3
Your Next Level

  • Trait 3: Doing the things that you love. Be Passionate! If you thoroughly enjoy what you are doing, then work becomes play. If you are seriously passionate about what you are doing, you will find that extra boost of energy to complete any task on hand. You can go on and on for hours non-stop just by doing the things that you love. You practically live, breathe and sleep thinking about it. If you are someone who finds no interest in the job that you are doing, naturally you will feel bored and hope that time passes by faster so you can escape the torture. The same goes for starting a business. Before venturing out to do something on your own, it is wise to first start off with things that you show passion for doing. This will increase your chances of doing well in the area and your passion will direct you towards your own success.

Your next level4
Your Next Level

  • Trait 4: Having confidence in yourself . Having confidence in yourself and the things you do is very important. If you don't show confidence, you will tend to lose out in many aspects. Be it in business, selling or demonstrating your ideas. By being confident yourself, you will also give confidence to the people around you. You will be setting an outstanding example for them to follow and this will affect their work performance in a positive way. +Besides being confident in yourself, you should also surround yourself with people who are confident in their ability and presentation. They will in return push you to try harder and give you that extra motivation to do better.

Your next level5
Your Next Level

  • Trait 5: Be gracious and don't take things personally. Each time we are met with a rejection or an unfriendly remark, we should always try not to take it too personally. For every no will lead you closer to a yes. You just have to keep trying and to not give up. The more successful you become, the more exposed you are to criticisms. Each time you are met with an adversity or bad news, pick yourself up and carry on with life. There are still so many things worth fighting for.

Your next level6
Your Next Level

Essential Life concepts:

1. You have the potential for greatness. Do not settle for good.

2. The good is the enemy of the best. It is good to get organized and set goals. But it is best to make phone calls, knock on doors, call FSBOs, expireds, etc

Your next level7
Your Next Level

3. Do not allow people you don’t even know to dictate who you will become.

4. If you want something you never had, you have to start doing something you have never done.

5. Don’t allow an excuse to keep you from greatness.

Your next level8
Your Next Level

6. Your success is impossible when you find enough excuses!

The first step
The First Step

Setting Your Goals See Handout

Have a Business PlanSee Handout

Have a Detailed Action PlanNo need to spend lots of time on this

Remember The More Time We spend Planning The Less We Accomplish

Know your market1
Know Your Market

  • Do you know your product?

  • Do you come across as an expert?

  • Do you show confidence?

  • What makes you stand apart from your comeptition?

  • Are you familiar with the current prices in the area and new listings?

Challenging markets call for
Challenging Markets Call For

Thinking Outside Of the Box

Where is your business coming from
Where is your business coming from?

Sources Of Business

Past Clients

Other Sources

Open Houses

Your Farm Area


Former Workers






Your E-Newsletter

What can you do to increase your business
What Can you do to increase your business?

Open Discussion

How do you spend your day?

Is what you are doing effective and productive? (Netting results)?

f.s.b.o.’s,expired,farming,s.o.i.,door knocking, what else can I do?

Try teaming up with an associate and work off of each others strengths and weaknesses!

Network-Network-Network!This could be as simple as visiting garage sales in the area.

The next level
The Next Level

Have you ever Tried something you where afraid to do?

Your results might amaze you!

The next level1
The Next Level

Your next step-What Now?

Review your daily and weekly activities to see if they fit into your plan and will lead to more business. Evaluate what you have been doing and make necessary changes!

Create new avenues for more business. Start to think outside of the box and Create opportunities!

Set a goal each day to get an appointment!

And the most important thing to remember is…..

Have Fun!

The next level2
The Next Level

Homework for next week:

1.)Complete business plan and personal action plan

2.) Complete Goals worksheet

3.)Come up with one new idea for getting business to share with the group

4.) Show up next week!

Next meeting will be Thursday July 31st 10am Troon Office