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xkcd/773 Hat tip to Nick Silkey for bringing this one to my attention.

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xkcd/773 Hat tip to Nick Silkey for bringing this one to my attention. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on Hat tip to Nick Silkey for bringing this one to my attention. What is the “Windows Roundtable” ?. An informal gathering of people who “do Windows” at Yale to facilitate communication of common goals, problems and solutions across the Yale IT community.

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Hat tip to Nick Silkey for bringing this one to my attention.

what is the windows roundtable
What is the “Windows Roundtable” ?

An informal gathering of people who “do Windows” at Yale to facilitate communication of common goals, problems and solutions across the Yale IT community.

Usually there will be a “headline topic” as a launching point for discussion and then general (moderated) discussion on whatever topics the group wants to cover.

Ground Rules:

  • The Roundtable is a Yale-internal discussion
  • The Roundtable is a “no-powerpoint zone”
  • Participation in discussions is encouraged to both bring your questions and share your solutions.
yale windows universe update 2011

Yale Windows UniverseUpdate 2011

Ken Hoover

Manager, ITS Windows Systems Group (WINSYS)

July 8, 2011

DISCLAIMER: Some of this talk is about initiatives that are still in the pre-release stages. It is intended to give you outlines that you can use as you make plans for Windows-based services in your area of responsibility.

Except where noted, dates listed are target dates only and may change due to collisions with reality.

its windows systems group winsys
ITS Windows Systems Group (WINSYS)

WINSYS manages Windows servers in Yale’s data centers.

  • A few quick highlights and interesting statistics
  • Things that have changed in the last couple of years
  • Services that are being revamped and upgraded
  • Question Time
quick yale ad highlights
Quick Yale AD Highlights

By the numbers…

100K users

31K computers

13K groups

3500 OU’s

1300 GPO’s

Domain Controllers process 8.4 Million Kerberos AuthN’son a typical weekday (and generate 26GB of logs!)


changes in the last few years
Changes in the last few years…

Exchange introduced in Summer 2007

Processing ~500K messages per day

~11,000 mailboxes (and growing)

~6TB of email store

Quota increased from 1GB to 2GB in 2009

Active Directory taking over from MIT Kerberos

now backing CAS, for example

Sharepoint & Project server in operation

Shared SQL Servers


new enterprise license agreement
NEW: Enterprise License Agreement
  • Microsoft enterprise license agreement for all faculty and staff
  • Includes:
    • Windows Desktop OS
    • Windows Server OS (all versions)
    • Office for Windows and Mac
      • Free upgrades for those clinging to Office 2003, etc.
    • Enterprise Client licenses for Exchange, Sharepoint, and others
  • Foundational for exciting activity in the Microsoft space…
being rebooted central file service
BEING REBOOTED: Central File Service

Secure/managed file storage for users and departments

~40TB of capacity added since September 1, 2010

LOWER RATE for FY12: $1/GB/month

Available to anyone with a PTAEO we can charge

3-lock approved

New “flattened” CFS security model

Role-based access for departmental shares

Support for single-user “home” shares (finally!)

No mucking about with file/subfolder permission

Existing shares will have their structure and permissions revamped to use new operating model during 2H CY2011


changed winsys patch release cycle
CHANGED: WINSYS Patch Release Cycle

Monthly patches for servers released in four cycles

Cycle “A” – 2nd Tuesday (Rapid Response pool)

Cycle “B” – 3rd Tuesday (Development and “below”)

Cycle “C” – 4th Tuesday (Test/Pre-prod and “below”)

Cycle “D” – 1st Tuesday (Production)

Keep this cycle in mind if WINSYS runs a server for your department. Remember to test!

Applies only to WINSYS-managed machines but a good approach in any multi-environment Windows-based application.


new service lync internal comms
NEW SERVICE: “Lync” Internal Comms

Secure, encrypted IM with AD backing

Online meetings/presentations

Yes, with audio and video

Good for business purposes within Yale

Free* for faculty and staff to use

Works on non-routable Yale subnets

Works from outside too without VPN**

Integrates with Exchange, Office 2007+ and Sharepoint

Native client included with Office 2011 for Mac



* Covered by new Microsoft Enterprise agreement

** But some ISP’s block SIP so sometimes VPN is needed anyway.


new service secure ldap against ad
NEW SERVICE: Secure LDAP against AD

New Secure AD LDAP alias

Secure LDAP (ldaps://) with a Verisign certificate

Highly available through use of F5 load balancers

For applications that want to bind to the AD for any purpose

NAS devices and other appliances

LDAP-based AD browser tools

Any code that uses LDAP to talk to the AD

Web applications using AD authentication


PLEASE update your applications and NAS boxes to use this alias (test first!)

Samba clients binding to the AD should still use “”

Make sure you’re not using the defunct “windows-auth” names!

Use This



new service managed sql server
NEW SERVICE: Managed SQL Server

Centrally-hosted SQL2008 R2

Proposed cost $1k/yr per 5 DB’s / 5GB of data

APPROVED for use with 3-lock data

Servers managed by ITS DBA team and WINSYS

ODBC access, secure/encrypted connections required

On-disk encryption of databases available

You “own” your own data with SQL Management Studio

Good for:

Cost-sensitive customers who need a SQL server

Most small to medium-size databases under normal use

Not good for:

Very large databases

Databases with heavy transactional activity



planned upgrade domain controllers
PLANNED UPGRADE: Domain Controllers

Refresh hardware and upgrade to 2008R2

All DC’s will become eight-core 32GB x64 servers

Known issues with Samba versions before v3.3 which are domain-joined

Fix/workaround information available

Better yet, upgrade Samba

SYSVOL conversion

Uses DFS for replication

Transparent but needs testing

2H CY2011

Forest functional level upgrade to 2008R2 level

Winter 2011/201


exchange 2010

Robust multi-browser web interface

Mac users, rejoice!

And people running Linux on their toaster ovens…

5GB 8GB default mailbox quota

More space than 99.98% of Yale Exchange users use now

…and more than Gmail 

Currently in pilot deployment with early adopters

Target: Everyone upgraded by Sep 1


exchange 2010 details
Exchange 2010 details…
  • Adjusted Mailbox Quotas
    • 8GB Quota
      • 7.75GB – warnings
      • 8.00GB – prohibit send
      • 8.25GB – prohibit receive (mail bounces)
  • De-supported clients
    • Outlook 2000, XP
      • … and you shouldn’t use Outlook 2003 either
    • Entourage 2004
    • Entourage 2008 pre-EWS
    • Upgrade these first… or dump them entirely.
exchange 2010 owa supported browsers
Exchange 2010 OWA Supported Browsers

“Full” Interface

  • Windows XP and higher
    • IE 7+
    • Firefox 3.0.1+
    • Chrome
  • MacOS
    • Safari 3.1+
    • Firefox 3.0.1+
  • Linux
    • Firefox 3.0.1+

“Light” interface

  • Broadest compatibility
  • Accommodates visually impaired
  • Good for slow connections
  • Better than Horde 
  • Examples:
    • IE6
    • Chrome on Linux
    • Safari on Windows & iPad
    • Android web browsers
    • Opera
  • New Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
    • Lots of stuff is now “free” which used to cost extra.
    • Upgrade Office!
  • Central File Service revamped
    • New operating model with better security and auditability
    • Lower cost to users - $1/GB (includes backup)
  • New SQL2008 database service being launched
    • $1000/yr per 5 DB’s or 5GB/data, 3-lock OK
    • Platform operated by ITS DBA team and you manage your data
  • Lync being piloted
    • Secure Yale-owned IM
    • Includes online meetings/presentations
  • Exchange 2010
    • Any-web-browser-friendly
    • 8GB quota
questions discussion
Questions / Discussion
  • What do you think of this format?
  • Should this become a repeating conversation once again? How often?