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marketers agencies publishers and the battle for attention n.
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The Battle For Customer Attention PowerPoint Presentation
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The Battle For Customer Attention

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The Battle For Customer Attention
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The Battle For Customer Attention

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  1. Marketers…Agencies…Publishers…And the Battle for Attention Michael Brenner Sr. Director, Integrated Marketing, SAPCo-Founder, @BrennerMichael

  2. Me, age 3

  3. Me, 20 pounds years ago

  4. Today we are all connected

  5. What is Marketing? • “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself… • … The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” • ~ Peter F. Drucker • “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.” ~ David Packard

  6. Marketing is Hard! • Consumers are bombarded with over 2,000 marketing messages per day • More than 200 Million Americans have joined the U.S. “Do Not Call” list • 86% of people skip television ads • 44% of direct mail is never opened • 99.9X% of banner ads do not receive clicks • Less than 1% of B2B emails don’t produce a single click. • Buyers wait until they have completed 60% to 80% of their research before reaching out to vendors.

  7. Be. More. Interesting.

  8. Less like this…

  9. More like this…

  10. Or This… (“The Future of Media”) "We're seeing platform, technology, and content all converging, and it's happening quickly,“ It's exciting to me. There's an appetite for more original content than ever, and I have a company that creates content, whether it's distributed in short form, reality form, live form, or game form.“ ~CNN / Fortune 1/3/12

  11. Marketers Greatest Challenge Today: Become Publishers • Have the content our audience needs . . . • . . . distributed in the channels they use. • Created, Curated and Syndicated content to create conversations • For each buyer journey stage • For all “personas” that influence the buying process at each stage • For all their media channels

  12. AMEX Open Forum • “Help Small Businesses Do More Business” • All original content • articles, blogs, research, surveys, contests • Community / connections • Find an expert • White labeled services • SEO, Creative, (new) BusinessApps • Heavily branded / CTA “Apply For A Card” • Personalization • 1M visitors per months • “Largest source of new card members”

  13. “Content Strategy” Meets Buyers Where They Are

  14. Marketers Challenge: Catching Up to Mobile Consumers

  15. Marketers Need Content Audiences Want

  16. Publishers Challenge: Monetizing Content 728x90 Logo plus sponsored text 300x250

  17. Problem: Many of our media tactics were producing ZERO business results. Why: Activity-based plans designed to show business leaders we were supporting every area of the business. Often executed reactively or to simply spend available budget. Action: Always-on, centralized, agency-led, online media plan to enable inbound response on publisher sites. ROI vs. tactically-focused. Relentlessly optimized. Result: $1 spent produced $4 in sales Marketers Challenge: Drive Business Results Share the risk / reward

  18. Susan Popper, SVP – SAP Marketing Communications Q: How can publishers, agencies and marketers can work better together? A: “We need strategic “big” ideas that blend paid/earned/owned. Our greatest challenge as marketers is staying fresh and a fragmented environment sothe right people can see you at the right time!”

  19. “Social networking is a means to an end. You need to understand what the end is.” ~ Paul Adams, Google: The Real Life Social Network

  20. (Random) Closing Thoughts – Make it about them! We live in a mobile-enabled, socially connected, real-time world. We all have entrusted our friends, business colleagues, photos, music, various musings and resumes to the cloud. Our businesses cannot respond fast enough. • We need to become publishers • We need content…distributed to our audience… • . . . that balances their needs to be informed, educated and entertained • We need your help to deliver value to our customers!

  21. Thank you for YOUR attention! Marketing Blog: B2BMarketingInsider.comSocial News Twitter: @brennermichael