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Process Breakdown Analysis and Improvement PowerPoint Presentation
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Process Breakdown Analysis and Improvement

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Process Breakdown Analysis and Improvement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Process Breakdown Analysis and Improvement. Kate Zetler, CORE. CORE DSA A Snapshot. 155 Hospitals 5 Transplant Centers 13 Trauma Centers (Levels1 &2 ) 1 Free-Standing Pediatric Hospital. Process Breakdowns 1 st -3 rd Quarter. First Three Quarters by the numbers…. Ruh-Roh !.

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Process Breakdown Analysis and Improvement

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core dsa a snapshot
CORE DSAA Snapshot
  • 155 Hospitals
  • 5 Transplant Centers
  • 13 Trauma Centers (Levels1 &2 )
  • 1 Free-Standing Pediatric Hospital
4 th quarter action plan
4th Quarter Action Plan

AGENDA: To reduce Process Breakdowns (timeliness of referrals*) by 60% before year end 2012.

Action Steps:

- Responsibility will be of the individual PSLs


- September 1 – December 31, an analysis and interventions


- Modified and uniform presentations to deliver to hospital staff in-services

- Implementation of regular use of clinical trigger cards to be distributed when rounding, in-services, any education opportunities.

-Immediate follow-up (within 24hrs) with key contacts at hospitals when an “Untimely Referral” is made.

- Dashboard used to reinforce Process Measures at individual hospitals

- Straight-forward definitions of a “Process Breakdown”

- Follow up with attending physician within 24 hours of donor case

- Increase of PSL availability on the units to develop relationships.

specific area for improvement effective request
Specific Area for ImprovementEffective Request
  • Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
    • Large level one trauma center, only free standing children’s hospital in the region.
    • Current issues with early mention to families from previous designated requestors and other CCMs
    • Escalated in 2012, resulting in poor conversion rate through the 3rd quarter (52.3%Effective Request)
    • Something had to be done
seed statements effective request
Seed Statements & Effective Request
  • A way for the physicians to become involved…
    • We wanted the CCMs to be involved in the approach, but not before a huddle process and discussion of the options
    • CCMs wanted to be able to give the family a “Heads up” that another discussion was coming
  • Part of the issue between this hospital and CORE was the feeling that CORE was trying to “take care away” from the medical team.
what we did
What we did…
  • Multiple meetings between Director of Professional Services and professional service liaison with “repeat offenders”
  • Met after every early mention
  • Discussed the use of “Seed Statements” difficult situations
  • Some acknowledgement by the hospital that early mention hurt the donation conversation.
bold requests in action
Bold Requests in Action!

Bold Requests from Children’s Hospital DAG

1. Need for more consistent communication/ more inclusive huddle between OPC and CHP staff.

  • “Star Contact” Initiated
    • Nursing Supervisor to be contacted as soon as the OPC arrived on- site
    • Nursing Supervisor responsible for gathering Huddle Team and meeting in a “safe place” to discuss donation steps
bold requests in action1
Bold Requests in Action!

Bold Requests from Children’s DAG

2. CHP recognized that virtually none of our OPC staff ever worked in pediatrics, less than half were nurses.

  • CHP offered a “Welcome to Pediatrics” course for OPC staff to attend to learn about the difference between care of adults and pediatrics
  • CHP staff felt that we finally “heard them out”, OPC staff had a better understanding of the pediatrics healthcare team
dsa results
DSA Results…

33% Decrease

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

moving forward
Moving Forward
  • How can the hospital’s own this?
  • How do we shift donation to a “hospital led program”?
community of practice council
Community of Practice Council
  • New to the HD Department
    • Weekly Pull Call
  • New Ideas from the 2-29 meeting
    • Clinical Trigger Cards for specific units (MICU vs. CICU vs. TICU)
    • System Wide interventions and DAG
    • Process Breakdown Audit Tool